Press release: New media guidance issued to all court staff

first_img Open Justice is vital to the rule of law and is achieved, in practice, by press reporting of courts and tribunals to the wider public. That depends not just on the legal framework, but the day to day practicalities of journalistic access and reporting. The NMA therefore warmly welcomed both the opportunity to work with HMCTS on this new guidance and its wider publication. A ready reference, providing common guidance, will assist court, press and public alike. We hope that it will promote further constructive co-operation, court reporting and public understanding of the work of our justice system. Guidance developed alongside media representatives published Move designed to protect and maintain principle of open justice Lucy Frazer MP to chair media roundtable next month The guidance, developed by a working group involving media representatives, is part of a wider effort to build stronger working relationships between courts and the press and maintain the principle of open justice as we increasingly digitise court services.Guidance has been split into an overall summary and more detailed jurisdictional advice, so staff can find exactly what they are looking for in a more timely and straightforward manner, making it easier for journalists to cover court proceedings and access listings.The HMCTS staff guidance has also, for the first time, been made public and will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.Susan Acland-Hood, HMCTS CEO, said: The existing working group is now being reshaped to consider how the reform programme can support and enhance media access while playing a pivotal role in maintaining and developing open justice.This includes a roundtable discussion to be chaired by Courts Minister Lucy Frazer next month, which will bring together a range of representatives from newspapers, broadcasters and online media platforms to discuss ways of enhancing court access.Notes to editorsThe HMCTS working group was made up of the following: This is an important initiative and the Society is delighted to have been able to assist in helping to reinforce these guidelines to court staff and journalists. If the public is to have faith in the justice system it must see it in action and that means ensuring journalists have access to courts and the necessary information to do their jobs. At the same time court staff need to have simple guidelines as to what is permissible. There is more to do but the work carried out so far is extremely important. Ian Murray, Executive Director of the Society of Editors commented: Ed Owen (Chair) – Director of Communications, HMCTS Kate Briden – Director of the Royal Courts of Justice Group, HMCTS Laura King – Operational Contracted Services Manager, HMCTS Alice Booth – Ministry of Justice Senior Press Officer, Courts desk Stephen Ward – Head of News and External Communications, Judicial Office Mike Dodd – Press Association Ian Murray – Society of Editors Santha Rasaiah – News Media Association Tristan Kirk – London Evening Standard John Battle – ITN Open justice is a fundamental part of our court system and impartial media reporting of the work of our courts and tribunals is an important way of maintaining public confidence. This reshaped guidance, which we are publishing for the first time, is designed to give our staff easily accessible information so they can support all those reporting on proceedings in courts across the country. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who helped put it together. We will continue to work closely with stakeholders to promote good working relationships between HMCTS and regional media. Their insight and expertise will ensure our ongoing programme of reform not only maintains but, wherever possible, enhances open justice. Santha Rasaiah, News Media Association:last_img read more

Nebraska Festival Erases Online Presence After Headliners Back Out

first_imgThis past weekend’s River City Music Festival saw two of its three headliners pull out of the festival at the last minute. Set for Saturday, June 18th, the Nebraska festival saw George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic and Keller Williams drop out at the last minute, while third headliner Matisyahu did actually perform.As reported by Brooklyn Vegan and local news network WOWT, the festival did at some point post an apology on its Facebook page, only to fully delete their website and social media presence in the wake of extreme anger shown by several disappointed fans.While the festival promoters seem to be hiding, Keller Williams, however, did release a statement on his Facebook page that pulls back the curtain on some of the reasons why this festival had so many problems, and the difficult decisions that artists face when put in tough situations like what he experienced at River City. He talks about how he “love[s] to play festivals” and how he is “grateful to get to play so many,” yet that “with this particular festival, my team and I had to follow our guts and pay attention to the red flags that the producers started to raise.”Read the full statement from Williams, below:I’m truly sorry for canceling the Nebraska festival. I feel like shit and that’s a feeling that I’m not used to feeling. I love to play festivals. I’m so grateful to get the opportunity to play so many. Over the years, my team and I have finally learned to follow our guts. The first couple bad checks we received, we got mad. Lawyers were hired and more money was spent and it ended in a head shaking lesson learned. Who wants to admit that they don’t have the money to pay you? Not me. I admire all promoters and festival producers because they take a HUGE risk for all of our good times. Also because I could never do it. Where would my world be without them? Probably in a van down by the river.So with this particular festival, my team and I had to follow our guts and pay attention to the red flags that the producers started to raise. To all the folks I inconvenienced with this decision, I’m truly sorry and hope I can make it up to you,personally…..some how. Kw.last_img read more

Bestselling author examines Jesus as historical figure

first_imgReza Aslan, internationally acclaimed writer and scholar of religions, explored the life of Jesus and the way it is viewed by modern society in a lecture titled “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth” on Tuesday as the 2014 Christian Culture Lecture at Saint Mary’s.In his lecture, based off of his New York Times best-selling book by the same name, Aslan said there are differences between the historical Jesus and Jesus the Christ. He said these distinctions demand public attention because different cultures interpret Jesus differently based on their own traits and histories.“You see, this is the thing about the Christ of faith: he is in many ways an infinitely malleable thing,” Aslan said. “He can be whatever a community that worships needs him to be and he has been for the last 2,000 years.“He can take on any ethnicity, he can absorb any history you may have. He can take on any politics you may have … this isn’t just an artistic representation; it is much more than that. This isn’t just a figure to be represented, this is a person of worship, a source of emulation. There are thousands more [representations] I could have shown you. They are attempt by various Christian communities around the world make Jesus their own.”Aslan said he wanted his book to explain to a faith-based audience what consequences come from believing Jesus was fully divine and fully human.“Part of the reason I wrote this book is because I wanted to say in particular to a faith-based audience that there is a consequence to this belief,” Aslan said. “That whatever else Jesus was, God incarnate, whether he was the Messiah, the Son of God, whatever else he was, he was also a man.“There is a consequence to that because if he was also a man, then he was product of his time and place,” he said. “If he was also a man, then he was addressing very specific social ills. If he was also a man, he was addressing very specific religious and political powers. If he was also a man, he was also whatever else he was, deeply influenced by the world he lived.“And so it was the knowledge of that world which makes him extraordinary. Thinking of him in his humanity doesn’t take away what is special about him; it makes him even more special.”Aslan said the “bare bones” of Jesus’ story as a human being is what sets him apart from the rest of mankind.“You are talking about a poor — and when I say poor I mean poorest of the poor — a poor, marginal, uneducated, very likely illiterate Jewish peasant from the backwoods of Galilee, who nowadays would be referred to as a country bum,” Aslan said. “Who despite all of that, through the power of his teachings, the power of his charisma, managed to launch a movement on behalf of the poor and the weak, the marginalized, the dispossessed, women especially — a movement which was seen as such a threat to the largest empire the world had ever known, that he was hunted down like a criminal, arrested, tortured and executed for sedition.“I don’t know about you, but that is the most interesting man in the world to me. If I just told you that — don’t call him Jesus; call him Fred if you want — if I just told you this story about this guy, wouldn’t you want to know who that guy is? To me, it’s the humanity of Jesus that makes him extraordinary.”Aslan said distinguishing the difference between spiritual truth and historical fact when reading sacred scripture is crucial because in the ancient world the Gospel writers were not concerned with allowing the Gospels to be factual and historically accurate.“It is a very difficult thing for us in the modern world to understand because we read the Gospels like we are reading the history of Napoleon and that is not what we are reading,” Aslan said. “Sacred history is not history, and I truly and honestly believe — and this is true of all scripture whether you are talking about a Hebrew Bible, the Quran or the Gospel — I truly believe we would have a more peaceful civilization, that we ourselves would be more spiritually fulfilled, which is to stop focusing so hard on the facts of your scripture and focus on the truth of your scripture.” Tags: Christian Culture Lecture, Jesus, Reza Aslan, saint mary’s, SMClast_img read more

Fiscal Fitness 2004

first_imgNot a utility billCredit card solicitations can take on an abusive nature in anumber of ways. Some come in your mailbox and look like a utilitybill. They’re marked with the word “INVOICE” across the top. Butvery small print at the bottom reads, “This is a solicitation.”Sometimes people set up shop in high-traffic areas on collegecampuses or shopping malls and hawk credit cards. With most ofthese, people sign up for a credit card and end up with very highinterest rates and unusual fees and charges.Some solicitations advertise a low interest rate and high creditlimit. However, few people will actually qualify for this rate orthe high credit limit.Does paying more than $200 in fees for a credit card with a $19credit limit sound like a good deal to you? Some “prepay” creditcards actually offer “deals” like this.As more people suffer from damaged credit, some credit cardcompanies and banks are becoming more creative with ways to makea profit from their despair.People with damaged credit who would otherwise be unable to get acredit card can now prove their willingness to pay through theuse of a prepay card. At least, that’s the idea behind thesecards.In actuality, the prepay cards come with sometimeshard-to-understand setup fees, application fees, acceptance fees,annualfees and monthly fees.If a consumer with poor credit has $300 to put toward a prepaycredit card, he may have only $20 left to spend after paying allthe fees. By Michael RupuredUniversity of GeorgiaAs with most business deals, there are good and bad credit cardoffers for today’s consumers. Just be sure you don’t sign up fora credit card just because you want the free alarm clock. Thatfree clock could cost way more than you’d think.Credit card solicitations are aimed at many different groups ofpeople. Many are legitimate and just what you’re looking for.Unfortunately, some that are targeted to people with bad creditaren’t very good deals. Victims may focus on a free gift ratherthan the credit terms.These solicitations may target college students and people withcredit problems, but everyone is vulnerable. Shop aroundMany consumers may not understand that there are better optionsout there. By simply shopping around, they could find a card thatgives them a true line of credit, rather than a prepaid card.If your goal is to reestablish your credit, a secured card isprobably your best choice. The fees and interest rates tend to belower on some secured cards than on the unsecured cards that aretargeted to the damaged-credit consumer.Remember, no matter what card you choose, the idea is to build abetter credit history. Stick to small purchases you can afford topay off each month.As with all business transactions, don’t make a hasty decision.Shop around and always read the fine print. And remember that thebest deals probably aren’t the ones that come to you. They’re theones you have to seek out.last_img read more

Trail Mix – Roanoke

first_imgSometimes you just have to get away.That was what the members of Nashville based Americana band Roanoke did when they set about recording their newest record, Where I Roam, which drops today.The band headed to a cabin in northern Michigan, finding inspiration in the silence and solace that comes from getting away from the ebb and flow of the Music City.By any measure, it was a smart move. The collection of songs that became Where I Roam are lovely, highlighting the band’s tight harmonies – vocalists Joey Beesley and Travis Dupuis blend beautifully together – and songwriting prowess.I had the pleasure of hearing from guitarist/vocalist Travis Dupuis about recording the new record, where the band will be roaming next, and the inspiration that comes from immersing oneself in rural Michigan to make a record.BRO – Best part of being isolated in a cabin in Michigan to write a record?TD –  For me, the best part was the fact that I grew up there. Much of my childhood was spent in northern Michigan in the woods, so I had a lot of memories and nostalgic feelings to draw from. Apart from that, it was great to get away from the hustle and bustle of Nashville for a bit. As a band, we are always together, touring, practicing, and playing shows, so it can be difficult to get everyone in one place and in a creative, stress-free environment. It was the first time we had done anything like that, so inspiration just seemed to pour out of us. We took some time during the days to have a little fun, like riding four wheelers through the trails and having family dinners in the evenings, so it was just a relaxing, eye-opening experience that really brought us together as a band, and I think that comes through in the music.BRO – Was there a special spot you found at the cabin that just felt right for writing?TD – The whole place was great for writing. The cabin was my uncle’s hunting lodge, so it is pretty bare bones. We had all of our equipment set up in the upstairs loft, which was great for arranging and jamming. During the day, we would split off or pair off. Some of us would sit on the back porch in the morning, listening to the birds’ chirp, while others might take a walk down the trails and find some inspiration in the trees. We found some really beautiful open fields while riding on the trails and we sat around the fire at night. There was no shortage of peaceful, beautiful spots to find inspiration.BRO – What music did you all listen to while you were in the cabin?TD – We listened to Tyler Chiders’ Purgatory quite a lot. I still hear those songs and it always takes me back to the cabin. We also listened to a ton of Bon Iver, Fleetwood Mac, Gregory Alan Isakov, Jason Isbell, and some Bill Evans and Miles Davis in the morning.BRO – We are featuring “Silent Films” on this month’s Trail Mix. What’s the story behind the song?TD – During the day, much of our time was spent writing, and in the evenings we would come together and jam any new material anyone had come up with earlier. One evening we went up to the loft and Kyle, our drummer, played us a song and we all really loved it. Joey started singing it, I added some harmonies, and we worked out an arrangement and knew we had something really special. The song is about how fragile falling in love can be, especially in the presence of others. We recently released a music video for it which features clips of my grandparents in the 70s traveling and falling in love, which so perfectly embodies the idea behind both the song and Where I Roam.BRO – Considering the record title, where would you like to roam to next?TD – We will be all over this summer and fall, from Michigan to Virginia and places in between. We love to bring our music on the road, and there are so many places we can’t wait to explore. We would love to go west very soon and eventually make it out of the United States and over the United Kingdom. Traveling and seeing new places is a large part of our sound, and I am very excited to see how it inspires our unwritten songs.Roanoke doesn’t have to roam far this weekend, as they will be celebrating the release of the new record with a show in their hometown of Nashville. After that, the road will take them to the Midwest, with shows in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan in early July before returning to the Southeast later in the month.For more information on the band, the new record, or when Roanoke will be on stage near you, please surf over to their website.Be sure to check out this month’s Trail Mix, where you can take a listen to “Silent Films,” along with brand new tunes from the likes of Hawktail, T. Hardy Morris, and Cicada Rhythm.last_img read more

Lagos First Lady endorses Lagos Women Run 2019

first_imgRelatedPosts Lagos CP declares war on cultists, traffic offenders Sanwo-Olu: We’re committed to fulfilling promises to Lagosians Nigeria records new COVID-19 infections, more deaths as figures rise to 57,242 The First Lady of Lagos State, Dr. Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, has endorsed the 2019 edition of the Lagos Women Run, the only 10km run strictly for women in the whole of West Africa. The endorsement was made at the Government House, Alausa at the weekend when the General Coordinator of the Run, Tayo Popoola, paid a courtesy visit to the office of the First Lady alongside her team of experts. Sanwo-Olu was elated with the visit that coincided with the 100 days celebration of the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, in office. She expressed her delight on the theme of the Run: “Running for Wellness and Fitness,” which she said conforms perfectly with a section of her mission for governance as the First Lady of Lagos. She noted: “With wellness and fitness for women in Lagos State, a lot of positive achievements will be made by women and strange ailments will also be far away from the women’s folks in the state and Nigeria as a whole.” The First Lady, who promised to participate in the 10km Run, has also accepted to officially flag off the Run from the Start Point at the Tafawa Balewa Square on November 9, 2019 at 7am. The Lagos Women Run will start at the Tarawa Balewa Square and move through Broad Street, CSS Bookshop, Central Bank of Nigeria, Tinubu Square, Apogbon, Eko Bridge, the coal thermal station and the National Theatre via the National Stadium with the finish line at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere. The Lagos First Lady commended the initiative of the Lagos Women Run on their innovative choice of the route for the 10km Run, especially as the route showcased 15 of the various historical monuments in Lagos State. She said: “It’s just an excellent idea that as the runners race through the Lagos Women Run 10km route, they will as well enjoy the sights of the monuments. “This is a very good innovation.” Sanwo-Olu disclosed that she would participate in the Run alongside the wife of the Deputy Governor of the state, Oluremi Hamzat. She urged women in Lagos to register en masse to participate and compete in the 2019 Lagos Women Run. Popoola expressed the delight of her team members at the LWR for the warm reception during the visit. She noted that the Lagos First Lady demonstrated full understanding of some of the benefits of the Lagos Women Run 2019, as a medical doctor, which centres on wellness and fitness. Popoola applauded Sanwo-Olu’s magnanimity in accepting to give her full support to the Run and also participate despite the short notice. She noted that with 60 days to the 2019 edition of the Run, the LWR secretariat has recorded unprecedented number of entries, which far surpassed the number of participants in last year’s edition. She promised that this year’s Lagos 10km Women Run will record more successes than ever before.Tags: Ibijoke Sanwo-OluLagos StateLagos Women Run 2019last_img read more

O’Neill: No contact for Ireland job

first_img It is, however, understood the Ulsterman is open to an approach, while former Ireland manager Mick McCarthy, currently in charge at Ipswich, has not distanced himself from speculation linking him to the vacancy. Whoever the new Ireland manager is, he could face a baptism of fire in Germany. Football Association of Ireland chief executive John Delaney has admitted that, in an ideal world, he would like to have Trapattoni’s replacement in place in time for next month’s World Cup qualifiers against Group C leaders Germany – who won 6-1 at the Aviva Stadium in October last year – and Kazakhstan. Delaney told Sky Sports News: “Ideally it would be nice to have a manager in place for the games in October, but that’s not a must because it’s 12 months until we play our first European qualifiers in September. “It’s important that we get the right man in so we qualify for France 2016.” Ireland’s hopes of reaching the World Cup finals in Brazil are virtually over with a six-point gap behind second-placed Sweden with two games remaining. Norwich boss Chris Hughton and Leeds counterpart Brian McDermott, who were both mentioned – along with O’Neill, McCarthy and Roy Keane – by Delaney as prospective candidates in a radio interview on Wednesday, have ruled themselves out. The Keane camp was remaining tight-lipped on Thursday, and Delaney would not be drawn on his chances of being appointed after his infamous departure from Saipan before the 2002 World Cup finals. Former Sunderland and Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neill says he has not been contacted over the vacant management role with Ireland. Delaney said: “It would be an interesting appointment, but it’s probably inappropriate for me to comment on individuals because if I start talking about one being ruled in or ruled out, that wouldn’t be correct for me. “We are going to get a new manager and that manager’s objectives will be to get us to the European Championship in 2016. “Football, as we all know, tends to surprise us, but I wouldn’t read anything in to someone being a favourite or not being a favourite.” Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert believes O’Neill is an ideal candidate. He said: “There’s no doubt about it, he could do the job standing on his head. No problem. “I’ve always said he’s a fantastic manager and it would be up to him whether he’d want to go into international football or go back to club football. I don’t know but whoever takes him has got a great manager.” The 61-year-old Northern Irishman, who represented his country 64 times as a midfielder, has been out of work since leaving the Black Cats in March and became the overwhelming bookmakers’ favourite to replace Giovanni Trapattoni as Ireland boss when the Italian was sacked on Wednesday. But when speaking to Sir Clive Woodward on BBC Radio Five Live on Thursday evening, O’Neill gave the link short shrift, saying: “I have had no contact whatsoever from anyone at the Irish FA at this moment and there’s not much more I can say about it.” Press Associationlast_img read more

Cops Rescue Kidnapped Woman from Van Converted into a Cage

first_imgA Los Angeles man is behind bars after police said he kidnapped a woman and kept her in the back of his van which he had converted into a cage.The frightening rescue took place in Alabama and was captured on police body-cam Sunday.The victim suffered more than 30 blows to the head with a tire iron, police said. She is recovering at home.The suspect was identified as Sean Sanders, a homeless man from L.A. with an extensive and violent criminal record, according to police.Police said Sanders had tried to drag the victim into the woods when a witness heard her screams. Sanders then forced the woman into the van and fled. Thankfully, the good Samaritan followed behind and called police.“I didn’t have all the facts. The only thing I did know was that I wasn’t going to let him leave without the police checking it out,” said witness Jay Bostic.Authorities cornered Sanders, but he refused to give up, holding the victim at knife-point in the back of the van. Police eventually Tased Sanders as they pulled the woman to safety.Police report that the back of the vehicle was converted into a cage with wire and blankets covering the windows, and the doors were chained shut.Sanders is behind bars and facing a list of felony charges.last_img read more

Another heart-break for Federer in bid for 21st grand slam title

first_imgBy Amy TenneryNEW YORK. USA (Reuters) – Fresh from a heart-breaking loss at the All-England Tennis Club, the abrupt end to Roger Federer’s U.S. Open on Tuesday raised questions whether the 38-year-old can deliver on a record-extending 21st Grand Slam title.Federer had hoped to shake off the agony of his most recent Wimbledon final, where the top prize slipped through his fingers and into the arms of frequent rival Novak Djokovic after he failed to convert two championship points.But unseeded Grigor Dimitrov thwarted the effort in Flushing Meadows in a five-set marathon, leaving a puzzled crowd to wonder if the Swiss will ever again hoist a Grand Slam trophy.“I don’t have the crystal ball. Do you?”, quipped the third seed, after a reporter asked if he expected to win another Grand Slam title at his age. “We never know. I hope so, of course. I think still it’s been a positive season. Disappointing now, but I’ll get back up, I’ll be all right.”He batted down suggestions that his Wimbledon performance this year played a role in his surprise U.S. Open upset.“I didn’t think of it. If you move on, it’s a thing of the past. I do remember playing good semis there, so it wasn’t bad. If I think of that, I’m, like, really happy,” he said.For Federer, nothing is out of the question – and not without precedent: The oldest man to win the U.S. Open title was Bill Larned, who was 38 years, 8 months and 3 days old when he triumphed. Of course, that was in 1911.And past precedent is likely little comfort for Federer, who laid out for reporters an aggressive schedule of future competition.“Laver Cup, Shanghai, Basel, maybe Paris, London. That’s the schedule for now. I don’t know if the team have other ideas or not,” said Federer. “I’m happy to get a bit of a break now, go back to practice, reassess and attack from there.”In four months, he’ll renew his effort to add to his Grand Slam coffers at the Australian Open, where he collected his last title in 2018. “(I have) got to take the losses. They’re part of the game,” said Federer. “Looking forward to family time and all that stuff, so… Life’s all right.”last_img read more

Final Four seniors prepare for ultimate — and final — test

first_imgINDIANAPOLIS — As a senior, Nick Rodgers of Butler has scored six of the team’s 2,374 points. He has made one start for the Bulldogs and averages 1.2 minutes per game.And although this walk-on guard from Noblesville, Ind., has grabbed no rebounds this year and hasn’t attempted a free throw, Bulldogs starter Ronald Nored said Rodgers is just as much a part of the team’s historic Final Four run as anyone else.“He comes into practice every day, and he busts it,” Nored said. “He wants to win this. He wants to give us the best look as if he were a Michigan State player.”Whether it’s Rodgers helping his team in practice or senior West Virginia guard Da’Sean Butler leading his team in assists, steals, minutes and points, senior leadership is prominent in the Final Four.“It helps tremendously just to have someone that’s out there and knows what they’re doing and is an extension of your coach,” Butler said. “I’ve come along with the system this year. From the beginning of the year, I kind of made an emphasis for myself to be a leader for this team and be consistent. I think I’ve done it very well.”Raymar Morgan, a senior forward for Michigan State, will finish his career with 1,600 points and 750 rebounds, his coach, Tom Izzo, said.Izzo compared Morgan to “a good piece of apple pie.”“You crave a little bit more all the time,” Izzo said. “He’s a good student, he’s a great kid … The guy has been asked to do so many things that it’s almost unfair.”One of Duke’s senior leaders, guard Jon Scheyer, watched his team develop from its first-round NCAA Tournament exit in his freshman year to a championship contender in his last year of eligibility.“I was just really disappointed and just really hurt,” Scheyer said of the hardships early in his collegiate career. “Being at this point and being able to look back, I don’t know if I’d be here without those moments.”Despite his experiences and all he has overcome to get to the big stage in Indianapolis this year, Scheyer said being in the Final Four should feel just as special for every one of his teammates – including underclassmen.“Hopefully, they have the same attitude that they feel like this is their last opportunity, too, even though it might not be,” he said. “There’s no guarantees anybody’s getting back here. Even if I wasn’t a senior, I’d act like it.”Just as there are no guarantees in the early rounds of the NCAA Tournament, seniors face uncertainty as they prepare for their final minutes as Bulldogs, Spartans, Mountaineers or Blue Devils.Undoubtedly, some will face devastation – others, glory. But another uncertainty – the uncertainty of the future after college basketball – hasn’t occured to some until recently.“I haven’t really thought about it,” Butler said. “Honestly, you just have to play. It sucks, obviously, but I get the opportunity to move on and do other things in my life in terms of basketball, hopefully.”Regardless of the outcome, Rodgers will never again have a chance to step on the floor during a game in Hinkle Fieldhouse. All that’s left now is to make the most of 40 minutes Saturday against Michigan State.“They really want to win this, and they’re having fun doing it,” Nored said. “They’re going to go out on the highest note they can.”Butler termed this season, in which he earned third-team All-American honors, as a “pretty decent” year for him. He doesn’t know what is to come. All he can do now is take a brief look back on the good he has done for his team and then turn back toward the upcoming matchup against Duke on Saturday.“Not many people have done the things I’ve done for the school,” he said. “This right here will be memorable for me. I’ll probably remember this moment forever.”A team of Indiana University journalists is reporting for the Final Four Student News Bureau, a project between IU’s National Sports Journalism Center and the NCAA at the men’s tournament in Indianapolis.last_img read more