Nebraska Festival Erases Online Presence After Headliners Back Out

first_imgThis past weekend’s River City Music Festival saw two of its three headliners pull out of the festival at the last minute. Set for Saturday, June 18th, the Nebraska festival saw George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic and Keller Williams drop out at the last minute, while third headliner Matisyahu did actually perform.As reported by Brooklyn Vegan and local news network WOWT, the festival did at some point post an apology on its Facebook page, only to fully delete their website and social media presence in the wake of extreme anger shown by several disappointed fans.While the festival promoters seem to be hiding, Keller Williams, however, did release a statement on his Facebook page that pulls back the curtain on some of the reasons why this festival had so many problems, and the difficult decisions that artists face when put in tough situations like what he experienced at River City. He talks about how he “love[s] to play festivals” and how he is “grateful to get to play so many,” yet that “with this particular festival, my team and I had to follow our guts and pay attention to the red flags that the producers started to raise.”Read the full statement from Williams, below:I’m truly sorry for canceling the Nebraska festival. I feel like shit and that’s a feeling that I’m not used to feeling. I love to play festivals. I’m so grateful to get the opportunity to play so many. Over the years, my team and I have finally learned to follow our guts. The first couple bad checks we received, we got mad. Lawyers were hired and more money was spent and it ended in a head shaking lesson learned. Who wants to admit that they don’t have the money to pay you? Not me. I admire all promoters and festival producers because they take a HUGE risk for all of our good times. Also because I could never do it. Where would my world be without them? Probably in a van down by the river.So with this particular festival, my team and I had to follow our guts and pay attention to the red flags that the producers started to raise. To all the folks I inconvenienced with this decision, I’m truly sorry and hope I can make it up to you,personally…..some how. Kw.last_img read more

Manager of network design launches third app

first_imgFans of college basketball who compete with friends to pick winners during March Madness each year need only look to their iPhones for an easier bracket-sharing system. Tom Klimek, manager of network design for the Office of Information Technology, launched the application “Men’s Bracket 2012 College Basketball Tournament” earlier this month. The app is his third men’s basketball March Madness bracket system for the iPad and iPhone. Klimek said the application eliminates the hassle of manually filling out, and tracking a March Madness bracket. “Instead of everybody having to fill out paper copies of a bracket and then give it to somebody to keep track of, you can just download the app, create your own pool, invite your friends and all the scoring is done automatically,” Klimek said. Klimek said both the men’s and women’s bracket applications he developed with his business partner Peter Massey have been extremely successful, breaking the top-10 paid sports applications within 24 hours of their releases. Klimek said he attributes the success of the applications to a process of constant dialogue with customers. “I think the success is due to listening to our customers,” Klimek said. “Also, we’re basketball enthusiasts ourselves, so we try to put everything in the apps that we know we would want ourselves.” Klimek said he and Massey decided not to advertise this year’s application since past promotions have shown little increase in sales. “It seems that most of our apps are found by people who are just searching for an app on their phone, instead of by people looking for a specific app after viewing an advertisement,” Klimek said. Klimek said numerous journals and consumer reports have reviewed their applications, and Microsoft even approached them to do business. “They wanted to do a men’s bracket app for the Windows 7 phone, which we felt we didn’t have the time to do,” Klimek said. “But it was still nice to be recognized by such a big company.” Klimek this year’s tournament has been a rough one though, with his championship pick of Syracuse failing to pan out. “My fourteen year-old daughter picked a much better bracket than mine,” Klimek said. “She picked Kentucky to win it all.”last_img read more


first_imgMy father grew up in Latrobe, which is about 30 minutes outside of Pittsburgh and he earned his degree from Duquesne University in Da Burgh.Growing up, I had no choice but to root for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And it wasn’t hard. In the 70’s, they were dominant. They won 4 Super Bowls. They were “the” team.My father had a collection of beer steins that commemorated each championship.  I used to look at those steins as a kid – they had all the scores of each game during the season. In my mind, I’d play the season, going game by game.But one thing always confused me.The 1979 mug. Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl that year, but one score seemed off from the back of the mug.My Dad no longer has this mug. But I found another one via my Google Machine.San Diego 35, Pittsburgh 7.How could the greatest team ever, lose a game like that? If San Diego was so good, why didn’t they win the Super Bowl?This really got under my skin. Seriously, I’m 45, and I’m still thinking about it. But it gets worse. The box score from that game shows that the Steelers were crushed.Bradshaw threw 5 picks! Franco Harris was stopped, cold. The Super Steelers were slaughtered.But fast forward to the end of the season, and they were champions.Here are a few thoughts…Even in the best of times, we’ll hit rough patches. Some really rough ones. I think the good organizations get up off the ground, dust themselves off, and start grinding again.There is no such thing as perfection. The Steelers were champs. But they lost 4 times that year. Mistakes will happen. Learn from them, move on, and start the grind again.It is best not to judge someone week by week. It is better to just long-term. There will be ups, and downs. But take a step back and see how you are progressing. That can humble you when things seem to be perfect, and gets you to keep your chin up when times are down. 15SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Anthony Demangone Anthony Demangone is executive vice president and chief operating officer at the National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU). Demangone oversees day-to-day operations and manages the association’s education, membership, … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Friday Results

first_imgIMCA ModifiedsA-Main 01 —  1. Chris Abelson, Sioux City; 2. Jimmy Gustin, Marshalltown; 3. Ryan McDaniel, Olivehurst, Calif.; 4.Johnny Whitman, De Pere, Wis; 5. Jason Wolla, Ray, N.D.; 6. Anthony Roth, Columbus, Neb.; 7. Troy Cordes, Dunkerton; 8. Joel Rust, Grundy Center; 9. Kevin Sustaire, Emory, Texas; 10. Chris Nieman, Quincy, Calif.; 11. Dustin Smith, Lake City; 12. Scott Simatovich, State Center; 13. Sean Jerovetz, Sobieski, Wis; 14. Josh Long, Little Suamico, Wis; 15. Loren Pesicka, Jr., Burt; 16. David Brown, Kellogg; 17. Scott Smith, Davenport, Neb.; 18. Chad Wernette, Sheridan, Mich.; 19. Clay Money, Penokee, Kan.; 20. Joel Bushore, Boone; 21. Myron DeYoung, Stanton, Mich.; 22. Jimmy Reeves, Hanford, Calif.; 23. Michael Albertsen, Audubon; 24. Tim Pessek, Hutchinson, Minn.; 25. Tommy Belmer, Denver; 26. Albert Wolfgram, Boone; 27. Scott Hogan, Vinton; 28. Josh Truman, Indianola; 29. Wade Cross, Phillips, Neb.; 30. Mitchell Hunt, Greenville, Mich..A-Main 02 —  1. Ricky Thornton, Jr, Harcourt; 2. Brian Irvine, Oelwein; 3. Ryan Ruter, Kanawha; 4. Cody Laney, Torrance, Calif.; 5. Corey Lagroon, Salina, Kan.; 6. Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa; 7. Dillon Pike, Waxahachie, Texas; 8. Jacob Murray, Hartford; 9. Jeff Schroyer, Elkhorn, Neb.; 10. Mike Lineberry, Fremont, Neb.; 11. Justin McCoy, Waxahachie, TX; 12. Travis Hagen, Williston, N.D.; 13. Clay Sellard, Bucklin, Kan.; 14. Drew Armstrong, Alexander, Ark.; 15. Gatlin Leytham, Ames; 16. Kevin Green, Waco, Texas; 17. Josh Ruby, Lakota; 18. Todd Shute, Des Moines; 19. Cody Leonard, Sinton, Texas; 20. Chad Ten Naple, Sioux City; 21. Curtis Cook, Conway, Ark.; 22. Richie Gustin, 3283 325th ST; 23. Kody Scholpp, Estevan, SK   S4A 2H7, ; 24. Tanner Black, Albert, Kan.; 25. J.J. Scott, Iowa City; 26. Brian Knoell, Falun, Kan.; 27. Cory Wray, Jamesport, Mo.; 28. Wayne Johnson, Minot, N.D.; 29. Matthew Meinecke, Jamaica; 30. Justin Sackett, Pierson.Heat 01 —  1. Chris Nieman, Quincy, Calif.; 2. Josh Long, Little Suamico, Wis; 3. Ben Kraus, Britt; 4. Randy Brown, Chowchilla, Calif.; 5. Racer Hulin, Laurel; 6. Cory Sample, Winnemucca, Nev.; 7. Jake Bowman, Maquoketa; 8. Rich McNeal, Towanda, Pa..Heat 02 —  1. Loren Pesicka, Jr., Burt; 2. Joel Bushore, Boone; 3. Ronn Lauritzen, Jesup; 4. Colton Osborn, Lexington, Neb.; 5. Lloyd Henderson, Bouton; 6. Russ Dickerson, Boone; 7. Mark Elliott, Webster City; 8. Chad Louk, Jefferson.Heat 03 —  1. Wade Cross, Phillips, Neb.; 2. Dustin Smith, Lake City; 3. Robert Avery, Des Moines; 4. Brandon Monson, Denison; 5. Randy Havlik, Ankeny; 6. J.T. Goodson, Little Rock, Ark.; 7. Bobby Penney, Lawson, Mo.; 8. Jeff Berens, N. Sioux City, S.D..Heat 04 —  1. Chris Abelson, Sioux City; 2. Albert Wolfgram, Boone; 3. Richard Michael, Jr., Ischua, N.Y.; 4. Cody Knecht, Whittemore; 5. R J Merchant, Sioux City; 6. Melvin Bailey, Mayetta, Kan.; 7. Garry Hall, Rochester, Minn.; 8. Curt Lund, Redwood Falls, Minn..Heat 05 —  1. Ryan McDaniel, Olivehurst, Calif.; 2. Mitchell Hunt, Greenville, Mich.; 3. Jason Schneiders, Sioux City; 4. Tony Hilgenberg, Waukee; 5. Zachary Madrid, Phoenix, Ariz.; 6. Ken Buck, Canton, Pa.; 7. Ricky Alvarado, Grand Junction, Colo.; 8. Justin Kay, Wheatland.Heat 06 —  1. Troy Cordes, Dunkerton; 2. Josh Truman, Indianola; 3. Devin Havlik, Iowa Falls; 4. Joe Docekal, Dysart; 5. Jeff Stephens, Arion; 6. Robert Davis, Searcy, Ark.; 7. Trevor Baker, Lincoln, Neb.; 8. Kurtis Pihl, Falun, Kan..Heat 07 —  1. Kevin Sustaire, Emory, Texas; 2. Myron DeYoung, Stanton, Mich.; 3. Nick Roberts, Des Moines; 4. Jay Steffens, North Platte, Neb.; 5. Mike Hathcock, Venus, Texas; 6. Tommy Fain, Abilene, Texas; 7. Cale Carder, Lake Havasu Cit, Ariz.; 8. Michael Griffin, Detroit Lakes, Minn..Heat 08 —  1. Tim Pessek, Hutchinson, Minn.; 2. David Brown, Kellogg; 3. Ethan Dotson, Bakersfield, Calif.; 4. Brandon Blochlinger, Concordia, Kan.; 5. Eric Elliott, Boone; 6. Brett Ladehoff, Marshalltown; 7. Kevin Bliese, Bath, S.D.; 8. Terry Henson, N. Little Rock, Ark..Heat 09 —  1. Sean Jerovetz, Sobieski, Wis; 2. Joel Rust, Grundy Center; 3. Tony Snyder, Readlyn; 4. William Gould, Calera, Okla.; 5. Jonathan Snyder, Ames; 6. Jason Hickingbottom, Ogden; 7. Ryan Topf, Charter Oak; 8. Matt Guillaume, Haslet, Texas.Heat 10 —  1. Scott Smith, Davenport, Neb.; 2. Tommy Belmer, Denver; 3. Danny Holt, Topeka, Kan.; 4. Mike Petersilie, Hoisington, Kan.; 5. Ty Rogers, Somerton, Ariz.; 6. Eric Tomlinson, Waco, Texas; 7. Dan Menk, Franklin, Minn.; 8. Colby Heishman, Brooklyn.Heat 11 —  1. Anthony Roth, Columbus, Neb.; 2. Jason Wolla, Ray, N.D.; 3. Angel Munoz, Lamar, Colo.; 4. Michael Maggard, Springfield, Mo.; 5. Trey Kline, Schleswig; 6. Schuyler Nahre, Indianapolis, Ind.; 7. Nick Link, Rolla, Kan.; 8. Jim Lynch, Bloomfield.Heat 12 —  1. Michael Albertsen, Audubon; 2. Scott Hogan, Vinton; 3. Clint Wendel, Mason City; 4. Brad Smith, Horseheads, N.Y.; 5. Kyle Brown, Madrid; 6. Jeremy Mills, Garner; 7. Sean Tyson, Council Bluffs; 8. Will Ward, Cobleskill, N.Y..Heat 13 —  1. Jimmy Gustin, Marshalltown; 2. Scott Simatovich, State Center; 3. Jason Snyder, Dunkerton; 4. Paul Stone, Winton, Calif.; 5. Kyle Strickler, Mooresville, N.C.; 6. Josh Gilman, Earlham; 7. Brian Calhoon, Beloit, Kan.; 8. David Pries, Medaryville, Ind..Heat 14 —  1. Jimmy Reeves, Hanford, Calif.; 2. Chad Wernette, Sheridan, Mich.; 3. Brandon Brinton, Nevada; 4. Doug Easterling, Haskell, Texas; 5. John Shoptaw, Mena, Ark.; 6. Wayne Graybeal, Springfield, Mo.; 7. Terry Berg Jr, Sioux City; 8. Anthony Simcik, Waco, Texas.Heat 15 —  1. Johnny Whitman, De Pere, Wis; 2. Clay Money, Penokee, Kan.; 3. Bob Daniels, Des Moines; 4. Robby Hines, Mena, Ark.; 5. Matt Murphy, Susanville, Calif.; 6. Tony Cox, Boone; 7. Marvin Skinner, Grand Prairie; Jesse Rogotzke, Sanborn, Minn..Heat 16 —  1. Justin McCoy, waxahachie  TX  75167, Texas; 2. Gatlin Leytham, Ames; 3. Brett Moffitt, Cedar Rapids; 4. Dakota Hayden, Wilton; 5. Dennis LaVeine, West Burlington; 6. Jay Goosmann, Merrill; 7. Shawn Bearce, Hinton; 8. Todd Wilson, Spickard, Mo..Heat 17 —  1. Kody Scholpp, Estevan, SK   S4A 2H7, ; 2. Travis Hagen, Williston, N.D.; 3. Jason Briese, Cleghorn; 4. Chase Nieman, Quincy, Calif.; 5. Brandon Hood, Mc Gregor, Texas; 6. Keith Lamphere, Monroeton, Pa.; 7. Billy Heinkel,  II, Perry; 8. Peyton Taylor, Batesville, Ark..Heat 18 —  1. Corey Lagroon, Salina, Kan.; 2. Cody Laney, Torrance, Calif.; 3. Ronnie Burkhardt, Topeka, Kan.; 4. Lance Mari, Imperial   92250, Calif.; 5. Vern Jackson, Waterloo; 6. Chad Melton, Mineral Wells, Texas; 7. Kent Croskey, Fort Dodge; 8. Darren Schatz, Williston, N.D..Heat 19 —  1. Richie Gustin, 3283 325th ST; 2. Ricky Thornton, Jr, Harcourt; 3. Josh McGaha, Abilene, Texas; 4. Craig Reetz, Dunlap; 5. A.J. Ward, Ionia, Mich.; 6. Jeffrey Larson, Lakefield, Minn.; 7. Coty Albers, Wellsburg; 8. James Reichart, Des Moines.Heat 20 —  1. Drew Armstrong, Alexander, Ark.; 2. Cory Wray, Jamesport, Mo.; 3. Josh Rogotzke, Sanborn, Minn.; 4. Chris Clark, Jackson, WY  83002, ; 5. Steven Bowers, Jr., Topeka, Kan.; 6. Jason Payton, Fort Smith, Ark.; 7. Josh Blumer, Marysville, Kan.; 8. Ryan Williams, Dallas, Texas.Heat 21 —  1. Dillon Pike, Waxahachie, Texas; 2. Wayne Johnson, Minot, N.D.; 3. Regan Tafoya, Farmington, N.M; 4. John Parmeley, Phoenix   AZ   85086, ; 5. Tim Watts, Beloit, Kan.; 6. Mitch Murphy, Susanville, Calif.; 7. Raymond McSpadden, Buda, Texas; 8. Nicholas Carpenter, Leavenworth, Kan..Heat 22 —  1. Kevin Green, Waco, Texas; 2. Cody Leonard, Sinton, Texas; 3. Jeff James, Stanton; 4. Larry Hall, Rochester, Minn.; 5. David Davis, Sweetwater, Texas; 6. Clint Hatlestad, Glencoe, Minn.; 7. Cody Gearhart, Turpin, Okla.; 8. Travis Mosley, Bearden, Ark..Heat 23 —  1. Tanner Black, Albert, Kan.; 2. Curtis Cook, Conway, Ark.; 3. Tyler Mecl, Queen Creek AZ 85142, ; 4. Adam Larson, Ames; 5. Ron Pope, Mason City; 6. Jordy Nelson, Marysville, Kan.; 7. Bob Fleshman, Merrill; 8. Mike McCarthy, Hutto, Texas.Heat 24 —  1. Brian Irvine, Oelwein; 2. Jeff Schroyer, Elkhorn, Neb.; 3. Chris Palsrok, Sibley; 4. Josh Beaulieu, Bemidji, Minn.; 5. Kaid Calhoon, Beloit, Kan.; 6. Joe Spillman, Austin, Texas; 7. Jerry Hoffman, Oronogo, Mo.; 8. Ashley Schaaf, Lincoln, Neb..Heat 25 —  1. Josh Ruby, Lakota; 2. J.J. Scott, Iowa City; 3. Scotty Bough, Nevada, Mo.; 4. Mark Norris, Searcy, Ark.; 5. Dennis Betzer, Central City; 6. Austin Kuehl, Cave Creek, Ariz.; 7. Terry Rentfro, Bettendorf; 8. Darin Leonard, Sinton, Texas.Heat 26 —  1. Ryan Ruter, Kanawha; 2. Mike Lineberry, Fremont, Neb.; 3. Ricky Stephan, S. Sioux City, Neb.; 4. Ed Thomas, Waterloo; 5. Justin O’Brien, West Union; 6. Bill Pittaway, Corpus Christi, Texas; 7. Corey Kortum, Victor, Idaho; Bruce Egeland, Marshall, Minn..Heat 27 —  1. Chad Ten Naple, Sioux City; 2. Justin Sackett, Pierson; 3. Kellen Chadwick, Oakley, Calif.; 4. Scott Olson, Blairsburg; 5. Trent Loverude, New Ulm, Minn.; 6. Scott Sessions, Milton, Fla.; 7. Clay Norris, Searcy, Ark..Heat 28 —  1. Todd Shute, Des Moines; 2. Matthew Meinecke, Jamaica; 3. Jesse Richter, Great Bend, Kan.; 4. Rex Merritt, Billings, Mo.; 5. Joe Mullins, Boulder, Colo.; 6. Henry Henderson, Sutherland, Neb.; 7. Gavin Hunyady, Fenton, Mich..Heat 29 —  1. Clay Sellard, Bucklin, Kan.; 2. Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa; 3. Dustin Andersen, Omaha, Neb.; 4. Chad Porter, Madison Lake, Minn.; 5. Harvey Vande Weerd, Alton; 6. Daniel Loggins, Sioux City; 7. Rob Vanmil, Barnesville, Minn..Heat 30 —  1. Brian Knoell, Falun, Kan.; 2. Jacob Murray, Hartford; 3. Travis Hatcher, Honey Creek; 4. Mike Jergens, Plover; 5. Robert Plath;; 6. Todd Stinehart, Waseca, Minn.; 7. Terry Fletcher, Hershey, Neb..IMCA Stock CarsA-Main 01 —  1. Mike Nichols, Harlan; 2. Chad Palmer, Renwick; 3. Lance Deal, Fort Dodge; 4. J.J. Baumli, Lathrop, Mo.; Gary Mattison, Lamberton, Minn.; 6. Travis Prochaska, Iowa Falls; 7. Brian Blessington, Breda; 8. Mike Stapleton, Denison; 9. Joe Spillman, Austin, Texas; 10. Gary Donaldson, Rayville, Mo.; 11. Chris Toot, Albert Lea, Minn.; 12. Mike Goodson, Overbrook, Okla.; 13. Ryan Harris, Hubbard, Neb.; 14. Blake Cole, Nashua; 15. Matt Speckman, Sleepy Eye, Minn.; 16. Kevin Flock, Muskogee, Okla.; 17. Tony Schlei, Union Grove, Wis; 18. Jake Ludeking, Decorah; 19. Donnie Pearson, Oskaloosa; 20. Bruce Wickman, Emmetsburg; 21. Bryan Rigsby, Topeka, Kan.; 22. Jason Christopher, Forney, Texas; 23. Brett Woznicki, Minot, N.D.; 24. Nolan Remus, Cawker City, Kan.; 25. Angel Munoz, Lamar, Colo.; 26. Nick Tubbs, Colby, Kan.; 27. Jason York, Boone; 28. Reid Keller, Webster City; 29. Kellie Schmit, Britt; 30. David Wickman, Emmetsburg.A-Main 02 —  1. Travis Barker, Sioux City; 2. Brandon Taylor, Granbury, Texas; 3. Mel Elsberry, Orange City; 4. Allen Schmidt, Holstein; 5. Michael Dancer, North Platte, Neb.; 6. Mike Hathcock, Venus, Texas; 7. Terry Pruitt, Dexter; 8. Jason Davis, Norton, Kan.; 9. Billy Wade, San Angelo, Texas; 10. Troy Woelber, Hull; 11. Jake Nelson, Williston, N.D.; Justin Nehring, Storm Lake; 13. Matthew West, Kellerton; 14. Todd Reitzler, Grinnell; 15. J.C. Howell, Eustace,Texas; 16. Chris Pruitt, Stuart; 17. Dave Plowman, Omaha, Neb.; 18. John Heinz, Green Bay, Wis; 19. Devin Smith, Lake City; 20. Brandon Conkwright, Wamego, Kan.; 21. Kevin Opheim, Mason City; 22. Kyle Vanover, Beatrice, Neb.; 23. Jason Ward, Sioux City; 24. Jeff Mueller, New London; 25. Les (Bo) Lundquist, Sioux City; 26. Shane Stutzman, Milford, Neb.; 27. Michael Albertsen, Audubon; 28. Andrew Hustead, Quincy, Ill.; 29. Casey Jones, Sioux City; 30. Jerry Leary, Little Suamico, Wis.Heat 01 —  1. Travis Prochaska, Iowa Falls; 2. Tony Schlei, Union Grove, Wis; 3. Chris Toot, Albert Lea, Minn.; 4. Justin Temeyer, Independence; 5. Trent Murphy, Jefferson; 6. Doug Unsen, Windsor, Colo.; 7. Curtis Balmer, Marshalltown; 8. Greg Keuhn, Trenton, Mo.; 9. Kevin Balmer, Garwin.Heat 02 —  1. Mike Stapleton, Denison; 2. Jason Christopher, Forney, Texas; 3. Gary Donaldson, Rayville, Mo.; 4. Austin Evens, Independence; 5. Bob Hoing, Overton, Neb.; 6. Robert Engelkes, Dike; 7. Cody Gustoff, Scranton; 8. Trent Nolan, Shawano, Wis; 9. Dave Atcher, Laurel.Heat 03 —  1. David Wickman, Emmetsburg; 2. Jake Ludeking, Decorah; 3. Reid Keller, Webster City; 4. Dylan Heilmann, Green Bay, Wis; 5. Hesston Shaw, Hennessey, Okla.; 6. Aaron Cain, Sioux City; 7. Jeff Whiting, Gothenburg, Neb.; 8. Christine Holt, Topeka, Kan.; 9. Scott Beaureard, Brandon.Heat 04 —  1. J.J. Baumli, Lathrop, Mo.; 2. Kevin Flock, Muskogee, Okla.; 3. Matt Speckman, Sleepy Eye, Minn.; 4. Chris Luloff, Independence; 5. Kyle Pfeifer, Hill City, Kan.; 6. Robert Rutherford, Norton, Kan.; 7. Rodney Richards, Madrid; 8. Jeff Tubbs, Colby, Kan.; 9. Shane Paris, Muscatine.Heat 05 —  1. Chad Palmer, Renwick; 2. Blake Cole, Nashua; 3. Nick Tubbs, Colby, Kan.; 4. Brad Whitney, Trenton, Mo.; Aaron Stolp, Milwaukee, Wis; 6. Gary Goudy, Jr., Stoughton, SK; 7. Blake Peeler, Trimble, Mo.; 8. Brad Te Grotenhuis, Orange City; 9. Heath Tulp, Britt.Heat 06 —  1. Mike Nichols, Harlan; 2. Gary Mattison, Lamberton, Minn.; 3. Jason York, Boone; 4. John Oliver, Jr., Danville; 5. Joe Brenner, Waukesha, Wis; 6. Nathan Burke, Minot, N.D.; 7. K.C. Fielding, Burleson, Texas; 8. Mike Bilyeu, Indianola; 9. Wayne Gifford, Boone.Heat 07 —  1. Joe Spillman, Austin, Texas; 2. Brett Woznicki, Minot, N.D.; 3. Nolan Remus, Cawker City, Kan.; 4. Kyle Frederick, Oconto Falls, Wis; 5. Dan Mackenthun, Hamburg, Minn.; 6. Perry Misner, Albert, Kan.; 7. Johnny Spaw, Cedar Rapids; 8. Kyle Everts, Holland.Heat 08 —  1. Kellie Schmit, Britt; 2. Mike Goodson, Overbrook, Okla.; 3. Brian Blessington, Breda; 4. Ron Pettitt, Norfolk, Neb.; 5. Marty Steinbach, Fremont, Neb.; 6. Zach Ankrum, Sioux City; 7. Larry Crocheck, Boone; 8. Matt Schauer, Arlington, Minn..Heat 09 —   1. Bruce Wickman, Emmetsburg; 2. Angel Munoz, Lamar, Colo.; 3. Ryan Harris, Hubbard, Neb.; 4. Adam Klocke, Carroll; 5. Michael Vennes, Minot, N.D.; 6. Wayne Landheer, Titonka; 7. Austin Daae, Esterun, SK; 8. Jason Schoenberger, Trenton, Mo..Heat 10 —  1. Lance Deal, Fort Dodge; 2. Bryan Rigsby, Topeka, Kan.; 3. Donnie Pearson, Oskaloosa; 4. Andy Roller, Waco, Texas; 5. Caleb Crenshaw, Fort Worth, Texas; 6. Don Vis, Marshalltown; 7. Ronnie Christopher, Forney, Texas; Jason Rogers, Selden, Kan..Heat 11 —  1. Mel Elsberry, Orange City; 2. Brandon Taylor, Granbury, Texas; 3. Michael Dancer, North Platte, Neb.; 4. B.J. Wagoner, Colby, Kan.; 5. Calvin (Buck) Swanson, Waterloo; 6. Westin Abbey, Comanche, Texas; 7. Kevin Rose, Waterloo; 8. Rudy Brunkhorst, Columbus, Neb..Heat 12 —  1. Jason Davis, Norton, Kan.; 2. Jerry Leary, Little Suamico, Wis; 3. Chris Pruitt, Stuart; 4. Weylin Bruneau, Sioux City; 5. Dave Moriarty, Jordan, Minn.; 6. Brandon Czarapata, Pulaski, Wis; 7. Shane Hammen, Newell; 8. Tyler Brauckman, Carroll.Heat 13 —  1. Matthew West, Kellerton; 2. Terry Pruitt, Dexter; 3. Shane Stutzman, Milford, Neb.; 4. Anthony Otken, Killeen, Texas; 5. Rich Pederson, Sioux City; 6. Bob Chalupa, Mc Cook, Neb.; 7. Travis Baird, Sharon, Okla.; 8. Ron Hartman, Ulysses, Kan..Heat 14 —  1. Les (Bo) Lundquist, Sioux City; 2. Andrew Hustead, Quincy, Ill.; 3. Billy Wade, San Angelo, Texas; 4. Chad  Sterling, Stockton, Kan.; 5. Dalton Lynch, Bloomfield; 6. Ondre Rexford, Montezuma, Kan.; 7. Todd Inman, Altoona; 8. Jeremy Pundt, Donnellson.Heat 15 —  1. John Heinz, Green Bay, Wis; 2. Todd Reitzler, Grinnell; 3. Mike Hathcock, Venus, Texas; 4. Bruce Plumisto, Colby, Kan.; 5. Russell Damme, Jr., Waterloo; 6. Terry Dulin, Cedar Rapids; 7. Todd Fisher, Norwalk; 8. Corey Piffer, Indianola.Heat 16 —  1. Devin Smith, Lake City; 2. Jeff Mueller, New London; 3. Dave Plowman, Omaha, Neb.; 4. Greg Taylor, Sioux City; 5. Jeremie Gibbs, Sioux City; 6. Joe O’Bryan, Mt. Enterprise, Texas; 7. Roger Verdoorn, Sibley; 8. Casey Woken, Norton, Kan..Heat 17 —  1. Justin Nehring, Storm Lake; 2. Kevin Opheim, Mason City; 3. Allen Schmidt, Holstein; 4. Dusty Van Horn, Atlantic; 5. Dana Morgan, Kearney, Neb.; 6. Mark Shipman, Grandview, Texas; 7. Michael Pepper, Lakin, Kan.; 8. Todd Gereau, Sioux City.Heat 18 —  1. Brandon Conkwright, Wamego, Kan.; 2. Jake Nelson, Williston, N.D.; 3. Troy Woelber, Hull; 4. Scotty Pippert, Elberon; 5. Mathias Lux, Hartley; 6. Lynn Panos, Calmar; 7. Jason VanSickel, Webster City; 8. Eric Zwirschitz, Antigo, Wis.Heat 19 —  1. Travis Barker, Sioux City; 2. Kyle Vanover, Beatrice, Neb.; 3. Michael Albertsen, Audubon; 4. Doug Adamy, Columbus, Neb.; 5. Tyler Pickett, Boxholm; 6. Jason Minnehan, Churdan; 7. Josh Steele, Platte City, Mo.; 8. Matthew Sorenson, Bondurandt.Heat 20 —  1. Casey Jones, Sioux City; 2. Jason Ward, Sioux City; 3. J.C. Howell, Eustace, Texas; 4. Mark Mullins, Ada, Okla.; 5. Tanner Pettitt, Norfolk, Neb.; 6. Trent Jeanes, Chariton; 7. Devin Kuehne, Reading, Minn.; 8. Paul Holschuh, Greenleaf, Wis.last_img read more

Wait extends for Serena Williams as inspired Halep wins Wimbledon

first_imgBy Martyn HermanLONDON, England (Reuters) – Serena Williams remained tantalisingly one short of a record-equalling 24 Grand Slam singles titles, as Simona Halep thrashed the off-key American in a one-sided Wimbledon final yesterday.Halep began the week halting American 15-year-old Coco Gauff’s dream run and will end it at the Champions Ball after dismantling seven-time winner Williams 6-2, 6-2 with an inspired display on Centre Court.She is Romania’s first Wimbledon singles champion. The 27-year-old set the tone by breaking the Williams serve in the opening game and raced into a 4-0 lead in front of 15 000 incredulous fans.She remained rock-solid throughout, making only three unforced errors in a remarkable display of defence mixed with clinical counter-punching. Williams simply could not respond.Even when Williams fired herself up at the start of the second set and began thumping the ball with her customary power, seventh seed Halep refused to back off. Halep weathered the squall then reeled off the last five games of what she described as the match of her life.Williams has now lost three Grand Slam finals without winning a set since returning to action last March, following the birth of daughter Olympia in September 2017.But this was the most chastening as she lasted only 56 minutes before biffing a forehand into the net – her 26th unforced error – to end the contest. It was the second shortest Wimbledon final since Martina Navratilova thrashed Andrea Jaeger in 1983, one minute longer than Petra Kvitova’s trouncing of Eugenie Bouchard five years ago.“She played out of her mind,” Williams, who had won nine of her previous 10 matches against Halep, said on court after picking up the runners-up salver for the second straight year, having run into a similarly inspired Angelique Kerber last year.“It was a little bit a deer in headlights for me. Whenever a player plays like that you just have to take your hat off.”Until yesterday the only other Romanian to reach a Wimbledon final was Ilie Nastase who finished runner-up in 1972 and 1976. Halep went one better as she added the Wimbledon crown to the French Open she won in 2018. ‘MOTHER’S DREAM’Halep said it had been her “mother’s dream” for her to hold aloft the Venus Rosewater Dish.Victory means she becomes a lifetime Wimbledon member.“I wanted this badly,” she said. “When I started the tournament, I talked to the people from the locker room that my dream is to become a member here. So today it’s real. “I’m very sure that was the best match of my life.”After losing to Kerber a year ago, then to Naomi Osaka in a stormy U.S. Open final, Williams, 37, hoped it would be third time lucky to finally move level with Australian Margaret Court on the all-time list of Grand Slam title collectors.Despite having only five tournaments under her belt this year, Williams, who won her first Wimbledon title in 2002, had looked calm and composed en route to her 11th Wimbledon final. If she thought she could put down an early marker she was mistaken as three unforced errors in the opening game handed Halep an unexpected gift of an early break.Halep grew in stature and could not miss. Williams, on the other hand, looked tight and lacked feel.There was strong support for Williams, including of the royal variety with friend Meghan Markle joining the Duchess of Cambridge in a crammed Royal Box.But it was Halep who wowed the fans, haring across the turf to whip a superb backhand on her way to a second break which she sealed with a flashing, backhand return winner.Williams served 45 aces en route to the final but it was Halep who served the first one yesterday to move 4-0 ahead. It was 13 minutes before Williams even got the scoreboard ticking. “Wake up Serena” someone yelled as Halep served for the first set at 5-2. It fell on deaf ears as a shanked forehand return ended the set after 26 minutes.Halep knew there would be a backlash and Williams raised the decibel level at the start of the second set, bent double, fists clenched and bellowing after a volleyed winner.Williams led 2-1 but Halep’s scampering was making her play an extra shot in every rally, many of which were wild ones.At 2-2 Halep scooped up a ball she had no right to reach and Williams lurched forward to blaze a backhand long. The end came quickly. Halep broke again for 5-2 and showed no nerves as she calmly held on to claim the title Williams craved.last_img read more

Minister McHugh’s love letter shows his ‘grá’ for the Irish language

first_imgDonegal Minister Joe McHugh has led the launch of a new initiative to show the love to the Irish Language for Bliain na Gaeilge.A love letter challenge and the events programme for the second half of Bliain na Gaeilge were launched this week in Oideas Gael, Gleann Cholm Cille, Donegal.The‘Litir Ghrá’ challenge encourages Irish language speakers and students in Gaeltacht summer colleges to reflect on their Irish journies. McHugh first set out to reimmerse himself in the Irish language in 2014, when was appointed as Minister of State with responsibility for Gaeltacht Affairs, but was not fluent. He went back to the classroom and soon discovered a love for the language.Donegal Bliain na Gaeilge Launch: Aodhán Mac Cormaic, Julian de Spáinn, Síomha Ní Ruairc, Aire Stáit don Ghaeilge don Ghaeltacht agus do na hOileáin Joe McHugh T.D., Pól Ó GallachóirGovernment Chief Whip and Minister of State for the Irish language, the Gaeltacht and the Islands, Joe McHugh T.D. wrote in his love letter:A chara,Thit mé i ngrá leis an Ghaeilge don chéad uair i 2014. Ní ghrá den chineál chomh luath is a leag muid súil ar a chéile a bhí ann mar gur thug sé ar ais droch-chuimhní de nár gcaidreamh roimhe sin. Rinne mé cinneadh an uair seo go ndéanfainn gach iarracht léi. Rinne mé cinneadh fosta a bheith beagáinín níos ionraice faoin am a chuaigh thart. Cosúil le B a fháil sa Ghaeilge ag gnáthleibhéal i mo Ardteist. Rinne mé cinneadh freisin nach gcuirfeadh mo iar- chaidreamh isteach ar mo chaidreamh nua. Agus thar achan rud eile, bhí mé ag iarraidh cur in iúl don domhan go raibh mé chun caidreamh buan agus fadtéarmach a bhaint amach.Mar sin, thosaigh an réiteach. Agus thosaigh rudaí ag teacht le chéile. Bhí mé ag foghlaim rudaí cosúil leis an sean-Ghaeilge ar ‘road’ ná ród. Agus gur tháinig ‘shanty towns’ ó sean-tithe agus tháinig abairtí cosúil le ‘do you dig it’ as ‘an dtuigeann tú, agus tháinig ‘smithereens’ ó smidiríní nó ‘galore’ ag teacht ó go leor.Go tobann, bhí mé tugtha leis an leagan nua seo agus don chéad uair tháinig an tuiscint go bhfuil ár dteanga i bhfad níos tabhachtaí ná uirlis cumarsáide. Ár stair atá i gceist. Ár nasc leis an t-am a chuaigh thart. Ár n-Oidhreacht. Agus an phribhléid iontach don léargas seo a bhaint amach.Mar sin, an bhfuil críoch shona anseo?Oh tá A chara,I fell in love with the Irish Language for the first time in 2014. It wasn’t love at first sight as it brought back very bad memories of a previous relationship. I decided this time I would make it work. I also decided to be a bit more open about my past. Like getting a B in pass Irish in my leaving Certificate. I also made a conscious decision that my new relationship wouldn’t be shaped by my past experiences. And most of all I wanted to tell the world that I was going to make this a lasting and long term relationship.So the ground work started. And things began to click. Learning things like the old old Irish for road is actually ród. And that Shanty towns came from Sean tithe (old houses) and phrases like ‘do you dig it’ came from ‘an dtuigeann tú (do you understand) and smithereens came from smidiríní’ or galore coming from go leor (plentiful)Suddenly I was addicted to this new set up and for the first time I started to understand that our Teanga is much more than a communication tool. It’s about our past. Our connection to our past. Ár n-Oidhreacht. Our Heritage and our legacy. And what a wonderful privilege to have experienced this insight.So, is there a happy ending here? Oh yes! JoeSpeaking at the launch, Minister McHugh said: “The Irish language has allowed me to believe in myself and believe in my county and to know and understand my county a lot more than I would have done if I hadn’t immersed myself in the language. It was the most wonderful experience ever.”Lynette Fay, Ambasadóir Bhliain na Gaeilge_ Joe McHugh, Aire Stáit don Ghaeilge don Ghaeltacht agus do na hOileáin_ Síomha Ní Ruairc, Comhordaitheoir Bhliain na GaeilgeAs well as the Minister, love letters from Eoghan McDermott, RTÉ 2fm, Lynette Fay BBC Radio Ulster, Micheál Ó Ciaraidh, TG4, were sent.Síomha Ní Ruairc, Bliain na Gaeilge Coordinator said: “Community groups from all over the world and schools in Ireland have been showing their love for An Ghaeilge through the various events they have already organised during Bliain na Gaeilge. This support will continue in the many events included in the Official Events Programme from July – December which is being launched today. “Many large groups such as Electric Picnic, the IRFU, GAA and FAI will also show their love of the language with the events and projects that they will be organising before the end of the year. For example, Raidió Rí-Rá, RTÉ 2fm and Conradh na Gaeilge will be sending a copy of the album CEOL 2018 (with songs in Irish from Wheatus, John Gibbons, The Coronas, Kodaline and many more) to every secondary school student this September. More information about Bliain na Gaeilge can be found at”There has been wide ranging participation in Bliain na Gaeilge in the first 6 months of the year, especially on social media. The official hashtag of the year #Gaeilge2018 has made 50 million impressions and the hashtag has been used in tweets in over 30 countries. These numbers are increasing steadily as the year progresses.Lynette Fay, Bliain na Gaeilge ambassador, was bean an tí at the launch today, and the speakers included the Chairman of Foras na Gaeilge, Pól Ó Gallchóir, the General Secretary of Conradh na Gaeilge, Julian de Spáinn, and the Bliain na Gaeilge Co-ordinator Síomha Ní Ruairc.Minister McHugh’s love letter shows his ‘grá’ for the Irish language was last modified: July 26th, 2018 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Bliain Na Gaeilge 2018irish languageMinister Joe McHughlast_img read more