Dutch FARC Rebel Arrives in Cuba for Colombia’s Peace Process

first_img I, too, would like to join up, to defend the rights of your country since the United States wants to invade your country as well as all of South America for its wealth in oil, gas, etc. SINCE THEIR OWN WILL BE DEPLETED IN ABOUT 40 YEARS. At this time I don’t have an email address, I will give you my email address in a few days. Dutch national Tanja Nijmeijer arrived in Havana to join the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) delegation that will start peace talks with the Colombian government this month, according to the Anncol news agency that is close to the rebel organization, on November 5. Nijmeijer was charged by the United States with kidnapping three U.S. contractors in 2003 that were liberated in a Colombian Military operation in 2008, along with Colombian-French former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt. Nijmeijer, age 34, joined the FARC about a decade ago, and was appointed one of the communist guerrillas’ spokes people during the peace negotiations with the government of President Juan Manuel Santos. To allow her entry into Cuba, the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office temporarily suspended two arrest warrants against Nijmeijer; one for rebellion charges, and the second for an extradition request. A technical committee of the Colombian government also traveled to Cuba on November 5 for a meeting with FARC representatives, prior to the peace talks scheduled to start on November 15 in the Cuban capital. Neither the Colombian government, nor the FARC had identified their delegates for the preliminary meeting on November 6. However, the heads of their negotiation teams are former Vice President Humberto de la Calle and Iván Márquez, respectively. Peace talks will be focused on a five-point agenda, including agrarian reform issues, guarantees of political participation for demobilized guerrillas, illicit drugs, disarmament, and victim reparations. The peace process started during a formal ceremony in Oslo on October 18. By Dialogo November 07, 2012last_img read more