No Mans Sky holds a steady 30fps unless its creating new worlds

first_imgWe’ll have more No Man’s Sky coverage coming your way soon, but initial impressions from a performance standpoint are that Hello Games has done a very solid job. And you can forgive the frame rate dips when you consider the game and PS4 are generating whole new worlds, on the fly, and without crashing! No Man’s Sky has been released this week after it got delayed from its original June 21 launch so as Hello Games could add extra polish. And it looks as though the extra wait was worth it, even if there is a 900MB day one patch to download and install. The game looks beautiful, but how does it run?Right now the game is only available on PS4, with the PC version arriving worldwide on August 12. On Sony’s machine it runs at a native 1080p and aims to achieve a solid 30fps. The ever dependable DigitalFoundry crew decided to put that to the test, and the game does deliver with once exception.No Man’s Sky is actually a relatively small game in terms of assets coming in at just under 4GB (plus the day one patch). That’s because the world is procedurally generated, meaning environments are created on the fly and without load times. No load times and a solid 30fps? I’ll take that!As the video clearly shows, the one area where the frame rate suffers badly is when you enter a new world for the first time and the game’s algorithm gets busy generating what it looks like. This is especially apparent if you try and travel quickly over this world as it forms.The good news is, it doesn’t happen very often and the player is in control of how bad it gets. If you slow travel down, stop, or do a 180-degree turn the frame rate jumps back up to 30 very quickly indeed. <>last_img read more