Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Announce All-Inclusive Mexican Destination Event

first_imgOn the heels of CID Entertainment being acquired by PrimeSport, the elite travel and VIP company has announced another all-inclusive event at the Barceló Maya resort in Rivera Maya, Mexico. Adding to the already-existing roster of Phish, LCD Soundsystem, Luke Bryan, and Mad Decent destination festivals at the Barceló, this newly-announced four-night event will feature Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds.The beloved acoustic duo will perform three sets throughout the event, which will take place February 23-25, 2017. Dave Matthews Band recently capped off their 25th anniversary tour and announced that they would be taking at least one year off the road, so this announcement must come as a welcome surprise for all DMB fans.More details about the newly-announced event can be found here.last_img read more

The August Issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors is Live!

first_imgThe August issue is live! Pick up your copy or read online today to check out our annual swimming hole round up, learn about the upcoming ‘Great American Eclipse’, plan for the year ahead with our 2018 Bucket List Adventure guide and much more!Quick HitsWater women plan Green River Takeover • 112 attached runners complete a marathon • A.T. hikers protest pipeline • America’s fittest citiesThe DirtWatch the Southeast’s first total solar eclipse in centuries • Virginia towns transform abandoned coal mines into outdoor oasesThe GoodsMultisport must-haves—Joe Moerschbaecher’s favorite adventure gear.Trail MixJimmy Herring unveils new band • Allman tribute Hard Working Americans heads southSouthern Adventure Bucket ListGear up for 2018 and beyond with this year-long calendar of over 100 must-do adventures in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Athletes and experts from across the region provide their favorite picks.Earn Your SplashSave the roadside dips for the tourists and avoid the crowds with these 10 hike-in swimming holes that make you work for your play.Your 1 Million AcresThe Pisgah-Nantahala National Forest belongs to you, and this year, you will decide its future. A new forest plan could bring together hikers and hunters, timber and recreation, rural and urban, locals and newcomers. So far, however, the contentious planning process has only deepened the chasms.last_img read more

To Counter External Threats, Admiral Faller Stresses Need for Partnerships, Security Cooperation Before Senate Armed Services Committee

first_imgBy Dialogo February 04, 2020 U.S. Navy Admiral Craig S. Faller, commander of U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), spoke before the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee on January 30, 2020, to provide lawmakers an assessment of SOUTHCOM’s concerns and initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean.Stressing that the Western Hemisphere is a shared home, Adm. Faller highlighted the connections the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean share.  “In my first year in command, I have had the opportunity to visit our partners and see firsthand the opportunities and challenges that directly impact the security of our hemisphere,” Adm. Faller said.“I have come to describe the challenges as a vicious circle of threats that deliberately erodes stability and security in the region,”,Adm. Faller added, referring to countries with weak democracies which are plagued by poor governance and porous legal frameworks. Adm. Faller also remarked that, “this situation is exacerbated by a propensity toward corruption, which in turn leads to the spread of transnational criminal and violent extremist organizations along with external state actors — most notably China, Russia, and Iran — that exploit these countries at the expense of U.S. and partner nation security.”“This vicious circle continues to negatively impact our homeland, most acutely in the form of illegal immigration and illicit drug flows, but also in other, more harmful ways. Due to high levels of insecurity and corruption, democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean is shifting in a negative direction, providing further openings for China and Russia to increase their influence,” Adm. Faller added.Russian misinformationSenator Mike Rounds of North Dakota spoke of Russia’s presence in the region and asked about the disinformation campaigns Moscow continues to conduct. “The disinformation campaign that Russia has been on is truly about — in all instances — painting the United States in an inaccurate light,” Adm. Faller said.Venezuelan migrants wait to get a refugee application at the Binational Border Attention Center at the Peruvian border post in Tumbes, on June 14, 2019. (Photo: Cris Bouroncle / AFP)Adm. Faller provided the example of an occasion when Russia reported that he was on the border of Venezuela preparing to lead an invasion. In another instance, Russian disinformation campaigns attempted to sow discord by fabricating statements that Adm. Faller had said, which were contrary to what U.S. Vice President Mike Pence had previously stated. “Their largest effort by volume — in social media — is in Spanish and you have to ask: What’s the national interest of Russia of that disinformation here in this region,” Faller added.Crisis in VenezuelaRegarding the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro remains in power and is being propped up largely due to the help of China, Russia, and most notably Cuba, Adm. Faller said in his opening remarks.At the recent Defense Writers Group conference in Washington D.C. in October 2019, Adm. Faller said that “while Russia has hundreds of people in Venezuela, Cuba has thousands.” In fact, he told the writers, “100 percent of the Venezuelan ‘palace guards’ protecting Maduro are Cuban.”“What’s happening in Venezuela is a tragedy. The illegitimate Maduro regime is using food as a weapon,” he went on to say during his opening remarks before the Senate. “The human suffering in this once thriving democracy has driven five million people to flee to neighboring countries like Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, who are now having to provide health care, education, and other basic services to those millions of migrants.”While sanctions continue to be placed on Maduro’s regime, the remainder of the world and the United States look forward to the day when Venezuela reclaims its rightful place as a prosperous and democratic member of the community, Adm. Faller concluded.Growing presence of ChinaAdm. Faller also expressed concern over the presence of China in Latin America, which is “trying to achieve a positional advantage right here in the region,” through large infrastructure investments, multiple port deals, and a technological and cyber security structure. “The best way to outcompete China is through partnerships,” Adm. Faller said. “Our partners want to work with us. They want the advantage of the United States: education, training, exercises and military equipment — which is the best in the world, and it’s up to us to deliver.”last_img read more

Proposed board actions

first_img Proposed board actions March 15, 2005 Regular News Proposed board actionscenter_img Pursuant to Standing Board Policy 1.60, the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar hereby publishes this notice of intent to consider or take final action at its April 8 meeting on the following items. These matters are additionally governed by Rule 1-12.1, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, where applicable. Most amendments to the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar that are finally acted upon by the board must still be formally presented to the Supreme Court, with further notice and opportunity to be heard, before they are officially approved and become effective. To receive a full copy of the text of any of these proposed amendments call (850) 561-5751 — reference any requested proposal by its title or item number and date of this publication. RULES REGULATING THE FLORIDA BAR Chapter 3 Rules of Discipline Subdivision 3-5 Types of Discipline 1. Rule 3-5.1 Generally Summary: Within subdivision (b)(3), adds language to clarify that a respondent is responsible for the $1,250 administrative fee if guilty of minor misconduct. 2. Rule 3-5.2 Emergency Suspension and Probation Summary: Revises subdivision (a) and creates new subdivision (b), to allow for separate criteria for petitions for emergency suspension or for interim probation; amends rule title and subtitles accordingly and reformats remainder of existing rule as necessary to accommodate these proposed changes; within former subdivision (d) – new (e) – deletes requirement that bar must proceed to trial within 60 days of any emergency order. Subdivision 3-7 Procedures 3. Rule 3-7.5 Procedures Before the Board of Governors ­Summary: Within subdivision (a), clarifies that a request by a designated reviewer for grievance committee reconsideration or referral to the disciplinary review committee shall be submitted to bar counsel; defines “in writing” for purposes of this subdivision; clarifies how bar counsel processes requests for reconsideration, to include notice to respondent and complainant; confirms that procedures in rule 3-7.4 apply to reconsiderations, and that the bar – as a party in disciplinary matters – has no authority to adjudicate rights; other edits attempt to clarify current verbiage or reformat remainder of existing rule to accommodate these proposed changes. 4. Rule 3-7.16 Limitation on Time to Bring Complaint Summary: Within subdivision (a), adds provision stating that a reopened disciplinary investigation shall not be time barred by this rule if the investigation is reopened within 1 year of the date on which the matter was closed, except that reopened investigations based on deferrals shall not be barred if reopened within 1 year of the conclusion of the proceeding on which the deferral is based; amends subdivision title to additionally reference reopened cases; amends subdivision (b), to extend its exception from time limitations to the reopening of any matter alleging theft or conviction of a felony criminal offense; amends subdivision (c), to extend its tolling provisions to the reopening of any matter where fraud, concealment or misrepresentation is shown to have prevented discovery of the matter. Chapter 4 Rules of Professional Conduct Subchapter 4-1 Client-Lawyer Relationship 5. Rule 4-1.5 Fees for Legal Services Summary: Creates new subdivision (i) – “Arbitration Clauses” – that would add language permitting lawyers to contract with clients to resolve any fee dispute that may arise, through mandatory arbitration; prohibits such arrangements unless the lawyer first advises the affected person in writing of the opportunities of independent representation; sets forth required language for any such attorney-client agreement; proposed as companion to suggested amendments in rule 4-1.8(h). 6. Rule 4-1.8 Conflict of Interest: Prohibited and Other Transactions Summary: Within subdivision (h), adds new language that would permit lawyers to contract with clients to resolve any fee dispute that may arise, through mandatory arbitration; prohibits such arrangements unless the lawyer first advises the affected person in writing of the opportunities of independent representation; sets forth required language for any such attorney-client agreement; proposed as companion to suggested amendments creating new rule 4-1.5(i). Chapter 6 Legal Specialization and Education Programs Subchapter 6-1 Generally 7. Rule 6-1.2 Public Notice Summary: Updates explanation of board certification, for public notice in telephone directory Yellow Pages. Subdivision 6-4 Standards for Certification of a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer 8. Rule 6-4.1 Generally Summary: Incorporates professionalism reference in preamble as to purpose of board certification. 9. Rule 6-4.3 Minimum Standards Summary: Substantial editorial rewrite of rule, with some substantive edits as noted; within subdivision (a), adds competence to substantial involvement criteria; in subdivision (a)(1), increases the active participation practice time from 30 to 50 percent; in subdivision (a)(2), specifies that each of the 15 minimum cases must involve substantial legal or factual issues; identifies matters unacceptable for the 15-case requirement; defines a “day” as at least 6 hours for purposes of this rule; and includes an allowance of 3 substitutions, including evidentiary hearings or preliminary injunctions lasting at least 1 day and involving substantial legal or factual issues – provided that matters submitted as substitutions are adversarial and binding on the parties, with “binding” meaning that parties must honor the court’s decision unless overturned pursuant to law; in subdivision (a)(3)(b), specifies that peer review must be sufficient to confirm competence, ethics, and professionalism; otherwise clarifies throughout that “courts of general jurisdiction” mean circuit courts, federal district courts, or courts of similar jurisdiction in other states. 10. Rule 6-4.4 Recertification Summary: Substantial editorial rewrite of rule with some substantive edits as noted; within subdivision (a), adds competence to substantial involvement criteria and increases active participation practice time from 30 to 50 percent; within subdivision (b)(1), reduces from 3 to 2 the number of contested trials for recertification; specifies that at least 1 trial must be a jury trial and handled by the applicant as lead counsel; references unacceptable trial matters for recertification, from rule 6-4.3(a)(2); allows a creditable non-jury matter to be an evidentiary hearing or preliminary injunction, as defined in rule 6-4.3(a)(2); within subdivision (b)(2), also permits recertification with 1 jury trial as lead counsel lasting a minimum of 10 days, with each day defined as at least 6 hours, in lieu of 2 contested cases; within subdivision (c), would allow the jury trial/lead counsel requirement to be replaced by either teaching or attending an advanced trial advocacy seminar, eliminating the substitution for a non-jury trial; within subdivision (d), specifies that peer review must be sufficient to confirm competence, ethics. and professionalism; otherwise clarifies throughout that “courts of general jurisdiction” mean circuit courts, federal district courts, or courts of similar jurisdiction in other states; revises other subdivision entries as editorially necessary to accommodate these proposed changes. Chapter 10 Definitions Subchapter 10-3 Standing Committee 11. Rule 10-3.1 Generally Summary: Adds recusal provision as new subdivision (b), consistent with current practices and similar revisions proposed for rule 10-4.1 and circuit UPL committee members; adds new subdivision titles for existing text due to insertion of these proposed changes. 12. Rule 10-4.1 Generally Summary: Adds recusal provision as new subdivision (g), consistent with current practices and similar revisions proposed for rule 10-3.1 and standing UPL committee members. Chapter 14 Grievance Mediation and Fee Arbitration Subchapter 14-6 Nature and Enforcement of Award 13. Rule 14-6.1 Binding Nature (fee arbitration awards) Summary: Adds, as new subdivision (c), provisions to confirm that a member’s failure to timely pay a fee arbitration award without just cause shall result in the member being delinquent and unauthorized to practice law pursuant to rule 1-3.6; amends subchapter and rule title to reflect this new matter. Chapter 17 Authorized House Counsel Rule Subchapter 17-1 Purpose 14. Rule 17-1.3 Activities Summary: Within subdivision (b), clarifies that authorized house counsel must disclose their status as such in communications with individuals outside the corporation with which the authorized house counsel is registered and certified; provides examples of acceptable disclosure language. STANDING BOARD POLICIES 1500 Series – Lawyer Regulation Policies 15. Policy 15.10 Waiver of Disqualification as Attorney for Respondent Summary: Adds new subdivision (c), to revise current prohibitions and allow a member of a board member’s firm to represent a disciplinary respondent in limited instances – if the respondent is a member of the board member’s firm, if representation of the respondent predated the board member’s initial date of board service and refusal to allow continued representation would work a substantial hardship on the respondent, or if representation of the respondent predated the time when the board member and respondent’s counsel became members of the same firm and refusal to allow continued representation would work a substantial hardship on the respondent; adds new subdivision (h), to clarify that if a waiver is granted hereunder the affected board member shall be recused from additional Bar participation in the matter per policy 15.20 and further screened from the law firm’s files and representation; adds new subdivision (k), specifying procedures for review of and action on any request for waiver hereunder; other edits attempt to clarify current subdivision titles or reformat remainder of existing rule to accommodate these proposed changes. 16. Policy 15.20 Recusal of Board Members Summary: Consistent with proposed changes in policy 15.10, adds language within subdivision (a) to clarify that the president or presiding officer may order recusal of a board member in a disciplinary matter upon concurrence of a majority of the board; further clarifies that a recused member may not participate in any manner of discussions with any member or group of members of the board concerning the matter; adds new language stating that a recused member should not be present when the matter is being debated by the board. 17. Policy 15.90 Review and Approval of Disciplinary Cost Payment Plans Summary: Expands current policy to include procedure for review and approval of plans for member payment of diversion fees, restitution amounts, and fee arbitration awards. SECTION BYLAWS 18. Workers’ Compensation Section Bylaws Summary: Within Article III (Officers) increases the size of the executive council, from 27, to 30 members; revises executive council membership to require at least 15 claimants’ and 15 employers’/carriers’ attorneys; revises the annual terms of office for all officers, to commence on July 1 of each year rather than at the conclusion of the council’s annual meeting; within Article V (Nomination and Election of Officers and Executive Council) increases the number of council members separately nominated by both the council and membership, from 4 to 5; includes other non-substantive editorial or conforming changes throughout; within Article VI (Committees) revises names of “specialization” committee, to “board certification” committee, and “planning” committee to “long range planning” committee.last_img read more

Company widely expands botulism recall

first_img People who have any of the recalled products should throw them away, and anyone who shows symptoms and may have consumed one of the affected products should seek medical attention immediately, the FDA has said. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in an update yesterday that botulinum toxin was identified in leftover chili sauce from an unlabeled sealable bag collected from a patient’s refrigerator. Jul 20 CIDRAP News story “FDA warns of possible link between botulism and chili sauce” The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said in a statement 2 days ago that the recall was expanded after federal officials found that processing malfunctions at the plant existed longer than initially thought.  See also: The USDA said that all of the affected products that contain meat and are under its inspection services bear the establishment number “EST. 195” inside the USDA inspection seal. The recall now includes chili, beef stew, hash, corned beef hash, barbecue pork, barbecue beef, chipped beef, Brunswick stew, sausage gravy, and four types of Natural Balance dog food. More than 80 products are included in the expanded recall, which affects at least 24 different brands. A full list of recalled products can be found on the company’s Web site, www.castleberrys.com. Jul 23, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – The company that recalled its chili sauce last week after four people got sick with suspected botulism poisoning dramatically expanded the recall over the weekend to include products that contain meat, including one dog food brand. Steve Mavity, senior vice president of technical services and quality assurance for Castleberry’s, based in Augusta, Ga., said in a press release 2 days ago that the company believes it has isolated the botulism problem to underprocessing that occurred on one line of the production facility. Jul 21 USDA press release No new cases have been reported to the CDC besides the four suspected cases that were initially announced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Jul 19. They include two children from Texas and an Indiana couple. The CDC said the onset dates range from Jun 29 to Jul 9, 2007. Botulinum toxin is a nerve poison produced by Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium commonly found in soil. Botulism symptoms include double or blurred vision, droopy eyelids, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth, and muscle weakness, according to the CDC. If untreated, the illness can progress to paralysis of the limbs, trunk, and breathing muscles. Only one product is implicated in the cases of the people who were sickened: Castleberry’s hot dog chili sauce. Few details were available about the patients; however, Castleberry’s said the FDA told them two of the cases had been confirmed. Jul 22 CDC press releasehttp://www.cdc.gov/botulism/botulism.htm CIDRAP overview of botulism “We have shut down this line altogether and are recalling all products produced on it,” Mavity said in the press release.last_img read more

Connie Keller – January 12, 1953 – July 14, 2013

first_imgConnie KellerConnie L. Keller, formerly of Albuquerque NM, died Sunday, July 14, 2013 at Sumner Regional Medical Center in Wellington at the age of 60.Connie was born the daughter of Everett E. and Carol L. (Jellison) Keller on Monday, January 12, 1953 in Coldwater.Connie recently retired from the United States Postal Service where she was employed as a postal carrier for over 29 years. She was able to live in both Madison, Wisconsin and Albuquerque NM where she made many great friends over the years. Along with her friends, Connie will be missed by her family and her beloved dogs: Bailey, Maggie and Cote.Survivors include parents, Everett and Carol Keller of Protection, brother, Allen Keller and his wife Billie of Wellington, nephew, Adam Keller and his wife Jennifer of Goddard, niece, Erin Fenn and her husband Bob of Las Vegas, Nevada, niece, Allison Keller of Wellington, nephew, Evan Keller of Wellington, great-niece, Makayla Keller, great-nephews: Isaac Keller and Easton, Carter and Carson Fenn along with numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.Memorial services for Connie will be held at 11:00 a.m., Friday, July 19, 2013 in the First Baptist Church of Protection.Memorials have been established in her loving memory with Victory in the Valley, 3755 East Douglas Avenue, Wichita 67218.To share a memory or leave condolences, please visit www.dayfuneralhome.info.Arrangements are by Day Funeral Home & Crematory, Wellington.last_img read more

Emmitt Smith to NFL: Don’t devalue running backs

first_imgCHASING THE WIND—Carolina Panthers spent the evening chasing LeVeon Bell, who picked up 147 yards o the ground. (AP photo)The man who brought as much value to the position as anyone in football history, Smith is the career rushing leader with 18,355 yards. DeMarco Murray, the guy currently toting the ball for the team Smith helped win three Super Bowls, the Dallas Cowboys, isn’t faring too poorly this season. Murray has rushed for at least 100 yards in all eight games, an NFL mark, and is on pace to gain 2,000 yards on the ground.Further proof, Smith says, that the running back is an important cog, even in today’s pass-happy NFL.“That the league has drifted to becoming a quarterback-focused league, the demands for a running back have been neutralized a bit,” Smith says. “Everyone wants to get that quarterback.“But there are not that many Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Mannings or Tom Bradys or Philip Rivers. It’s been proven through time that to have success in the NFL, you have to have that balance.“Look at the teams who have won Super Bowls recently. Seattle last year could run the ball. Pittsburgh, Baltimore. Even San Francisco when you go back, could run the ball. And we could run it. You have to have that running game to win championships.”Smith believes Murray can crack the 2,000-yard barrier, but only if he and everyone around him can stay healthy. That’s already in question with quarterback Tony Romo nursing a back problem.Smith plans to attend the Super Bowl and has hopes the Cowboys will get there for the first time since he helped them win the 1995 NFL title. First, he’ll be attending the college football championship at the Cowboys’ home stadium, which he calls “Jerry’s World.”As part of a contest sponsored by Keurig (www.Tailgate.Keurig.com), fans can win a trip to the game to spend time with Smith – and not just brewing coffee.“It’s a chance for me to engage with the fans up close and personal,” Smith says. “We can talk football and anything else they want to talk about.”___LYSTEDT LAW: The Brain Injury Alliance of Washington will celebrate this weekend the passage of youth sports concussion laws in all 50 states.The NFL and USA Football, the governing body for the sport, have played roles in helping get the Lystedt Law passed throughout the nation. Commissioner Roger Goodell will accept the organization’s 2014 Leadership Award on behalf of the NFL at a gala in Seattle.Such laws were inspired by Zack Lystedt. In 2006, Lystedt suffered a brain injury following his return to a middle school football game after sustaining a concussion. Zackery, his family and a broad range of medical, business and community partners lobbied the Washington state legislature for a law to better protect young athletes in all sports.In 2010, Goodell sent letters to the governors of 44 states that did not have concussion laws urging them to pass something similar to the Lystedt Law. The NFL advocated for the laws until every state had one.That has happened.“The passage of the Lystedt Law in all 50 states is an important step for all young athletes and their parents,” says Goodell, whose teenage twin daughters have played soccer and lacrosse. “The Lystedts and the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington should rightfully be proud of all that they did to make the nationwide passage a reality. We are honored to support their work to protect all young players, no matter what sport they play.“We will continue to focus on making our game better and safer and setting the right example on health and safety in sports.”VACATION OR SUIT UP?: The New York Giants cost cornerback Mike Harris a vacation.A member of the Lions practice squad, Harris was on his way to the airport for a flight home during Detroit’s bye week when he got a call that the Giants had signed him on Tuesday.Vacation over.Harris changed his plans and planes, went to New Jersey and practiced with the team on Thursday for its game against the Indianapolis Colts on Monday night.Harris, who spent the 2012-13 seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars and made seven starts in 31 games, is ready to play.“You have to be ready,” Harris said. “You never know when your number is going to be called.”In Harris’ case, you also never know where you are going to be when your phone number is called, and what it might cost you.“I would rather lose the bye week rather than spend another week on the practice squad,” he said.JERSEY REPORT: As the league approaches the halfway point for all 32 teams, who has the hottest-selling jerseys?Who else but the quarterbacks?Denver’s Peyton Manning, Indianapolis’ Andrew Luck and Seattle’s Russell Wilson rank at the top according to sales at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. Four other QBs make the Top 10: Baltimore’s Joe Flacco is sixth, Carolina’s Cam Newton is eighth, New England’s Tom Brady is ninth and – even though he is a backup who rarely gets on the field – Cleveland rookie Johnny Manziel is 10th.Only one defensive player is in the Top 10, Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly at No. 5.Fifth is Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, and seventh is Bears receiver Brandon Marshall.The defending champion Seahawks top the team sales chart, followed by Denver, Carolina, Chicago and Baltimore.___AP Pro Football Writer Barry Wilner and Sports Writer Tom Canavan contributed to this story.___AP NFL website: www.pro32.ap.org and www.twitter.com/AP_NFLlast_img read more