NEO XYX Neo Geo game to be released for 500

first_imgReleasing games for dead consoles is never going to net a game developer very much money, but the love of a machine usually outweighs any financial issues where these projects are concerned.We’ve seen a few Dreamcast games released in recent years, but a new game for the Neo Geo that will launch as an MVS board kit? That’s definitely classes as a title for the old-school, hardcore gaming crowd.The game in question is called NEO XYX and it’s being developed by NG:DEV.TEAM who also released Last Hope and Fast Striker on Dreamcast and Neo-Geo, as well Gun Lord for the Neo-Geo. So the team clearly have a lot of experience working with the console.NEO XYX is a “maniac shooting game” or shmup that is being advertised as the first Neo-Geo game to use a true vertical scrolling screen. It does have both vertical and horizontal modes though according to the game page, so it’s not going to cause an issue for the typical horizontal displays of MVS cabinets.The game isn’t expected to be finished until the first quarter of next year. When it does release it will consist of 6 stages, an undefined number of game modes, and the promise of both mid and end stage bosses meaning there will be at least 12 to fight.The game is being released as a Multi Video System (MVS) board rather than an AES cartridge for the home system. MVS was Neo Geo’s arcade system which looks like an arcade cabinet, but you can switch out the boards. With that in mind you won’t be surprised to hear the price of NEO XYX is set to be around $500.To help soften the blow of that price point NG:DEV.TEAM is including a number of extras in the box. Alongside the game and the necessary kit for it to work with an MVS system, you also get a cart sticker, printed insert, 12-page full-color game manual, manual baggy, long instruction paper, marquee, cardboard box with sticker, 2 printed posters, a bonus sticker set, original soundtrack CD, and a holographic serial number sticker. You will also be able to get software updates via a USB connection.At $500 the game is only really going to be tempting to avid collectors and anyone who still runs an MVS unit gamers pay to play in an arcade. Even so, it’s nice to see such systems still receiving support in 2012, and hopefully the team will consider porting their games to other systems so more of us can play them.More at NG:DEV, via Kotakulast_img read more