Electric Razors Better For The EnvironmentBut Just Barely

first_imgIf you’re curious about whether or not using an electric razor vs a disposable one is better or worse for the environment, the good folks at Slate have you covered. And as it turns out, there really isn’t that much of a difference.Because while electric razors by their nature use electricity, disposable have a number of different concerns to worry about. There’s the carbon footprint of the razor as its created, shipped, and sold, as well as the hot water used while shaving. According to Slate, the difference amounts to a measly 14.9 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Or, the equivalent of having a light bulb on for less that an hour. So not a big deal.AdChoices广告What is a big deal though, is shaving in the shower. According to the report, three days of shaving in the shower wastes as much energy as an entire year of shaving at the sink.last_img read more