Galaxy Nexus to drop on Black Friday

first_imgThe Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been one of the hottest topic of conversation amongst the Android faithful ever since its announcement in Japan last month. Being the first commercially available handset that will run Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android, it is no surprise that fans of the little green droid have been clamoring to hear a release date so they can get their hands on the “frozen treat”. The answer may not have been the one they were looking for as the possible day of release strikes fear in the heart of sane consumers the country over. The Galaxy Nexus could drop on Black Friday, adding to the frenzy that already exists to acquire the device.In an image leaked from a Verizon marketing piece, the Galaxy Nexus is listed as part of the Samsung “holiday portfolio”, which presumably launches on Black Friday according to the image in question. There already is a lot of debate that it could launch on the Saturday after Black Friday, but if a you were a marketing expert for a large mobile manufacturer trying to build energy for a product release, is there a better time to schedule than the traditional beginning to the holiday shopping season? While it may not be ideal for consumers who are not interested in shopping on that day that want to get the device, it makes good sense from a PR standpoint.Nothing can be said definitively in the way of an exact launch date, but it looks like Verizon may be trying to get the Galaxy Nexus out the door in time for people to put them underneath the tree this year. Look for more on this story as it develops in the coming weeks.via Droid Lifelast_img read more