first_imgKELLEY COURES FACE BOOK POST of August 29 at 9:18pmSince criticism was sent my way today by a mayoral candidate for my management of DMD lets take it one at a time:Owen Block. We invested $50k federal funds into the rehab from a grant specifically intended for saving urban structures. City councilwoman Connie Robinson approved the investment as the city will make it back in property taxes in 5 years.Facade grants. City Council approved the program and the mayoral candidate posed for a photo with the recipients. Begs the word hypocritical.‘Finding money’. The funds i have had my staff searching for are federal funds left behind by the last mayors administration so we can reuse them to build affordable housing and repair low income persons homes and make improvements to parks in lower income areas. Missy Mosby and Jonathan Weaver have been big helpers to me on that front.This candidate says I am mismanaging things. Our staff located $500k left from pre 2012 which will soon be invested in new urban core housing.Thanks for recognizing the good things my DMD team is doing.in the last year we have corrected more errors, fixed more problems left from previous administrations to the point of 100% compliance with HUD for the first time in a decade. We have worked out assistance to various agencies and re established a close relationship with Habitat for Humanity and a new one, Community One.By criticizing this work she is criticizing her fellow candidates who have been involved and approved everything I have done, every dollar invested and every program created. Stop slamming my democrat friends on council while you are at it.Learn before you criticize.Kelley Coures FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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