LEVITATION Will Live Stream Their Festival With 360 Degree Virtual Reality Technology

first_imgCome next weekend, the psychedelically inspired LEVITATION Festival will take over Austin, TX for three full days, April 29-May 1st, bringing artists like Brian Wilson, Flying Lotus, The Arcs, Ween and more! The festival has made an intriguing announcement today, sharing that the entire event will be live streamed using 360-degree technology for a virtual reality experience.The festival has partnered with a company called VRLIVE, allowing fans worldwide to enjoy the festival in a truly immersive technology. While the stream will be available for any device, a VR headset will create the most engaging experience, as you can literally watch the festival in all directions.Virtual reality is quickly rising to the forefront of music streaming technology. With the recent announcement that the Grateful Dead’s “Fare Thee Well” shows in Santa Clara were captured in VR, and a recent Umphrey’s McGee show as well, it’s clear that these cutting-edge groups are on to something. If you try a VR headset, you’ll quickly understand why.Tickets for the 360-degree stream run only $20 and can be found here.last_img

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