Guerrilla Named Peace Agent in Colombia Reveals Graves with Thirty Bodies

first_imgBy Dialogo March 19, 2009 A demobilized guerrilla, whom the Colombian government demanded be released to act ‎as “peace agent,” revealed the location in the center of the country of two mass graves ‎containing 30 bodies of victims of the FARC, a judicial source reported.‎ The two graves were located near the towns of Naranjales and San Juan de las Hermosas, ‎in the central department of Tolima, to which forensic teams will be sent to identify the ‎bodies.‎ The areas where these common graves are located were revealed to a specialized ‎inspector by Olivo Saldaña, a leader of the FARC who refused to return to the guerrillas ‎after his arrest, and who offered to provide information in exchange for his release.‎ The zone is located in a mountain region which is believed to be the refuge of Alfonso ‎Cano, who assumed command last May of the Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of ‎Colombia (FARC), according to a source.‎ Saldaña said that “it is impossible to enter by land, because of the strength of Cano’s ring ‎of security in that region,” an anonymous source reported.‎ On March 5th the Colombian government announced the release of Saldaña, whose real ‎name is Raúl Agudelo, and another guerrilla known as “Karina” (Elda Neyis Mosquera), ‎to act as “peace agents,” without specifying their role in this matter.‎ Saldaña, who was in command of the FARC troops for several years in the department of ‎Tolima, is considered a “traitor” by this group.‎last_img

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