Leading cause of deaths in Dominica resulted from CNCD’s

first_img Share Share LocalNews Leading cause of deaths in Dominica resulted from CNCD’s by: – September 12, 2011 Tweet 196 Views   no discussionscenter_img Share Sharing is caring! National Epidemiologist Dr. Paul Ricketts speaking at the National Summit last week.National Epidemiologist Dr. Paul Ricketts has indicated that the leading causes of death in Dominica during the period 2005 to 2009 resulted from Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases.Speaking at a national summit recently held in Dominica, Dr. Ricketts explained that the statistics identifies stroke, diabetes and cancer as the main causes of death.“The leading causes of deaths between 2005 to 2009 were stroke, diabetes, heart disease; heart attacks more specifically, prostate cancer, hypertensive diseases, respiratory infection, pulmonary disease, lower respiratory disease, heart failure and cancer of the digestive organs. So you can see most of the causes of death in our population are related to the CNCD’s; stoke or cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer,” he said.The Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases Behavioral Risk Factor or STEPS Survey was conducted as part of a situational analysis of CNCD’s and revealed that fifty-two percent of deaths in Dominica resulted from CNCD’s.“Fifty-two percent of deaths in Dominica resulted from CNCD’s; most of these diseases can be attributed to common preventable risk factors including tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and the harmful use of alcohol.”Dr. Ricketts admonished that we need to pay closer attention to health as the ‘health of a nation is the wealth of a nation.’“If we do not pay attention to the issue of health there will be no wealth because in the first instance our people in the working age will not be able to produce and even if you produce you have to use those resources to treat the illness that you have. So we need to focus on wellness, retaining our health as a strategy going forward.”The survey also revealed that Cardiovascular Diseases (stroke, coronary (ischemic), heart disease and hypertension) resulted in 333 deaths, Diabetes mellitus resulted in 228 deaths, Ischemic heart disease in 206 deaths, Malignant neoplasm of prostate in 176 deaths, hypertensive diseases in 165 deaths, Acute respiratory infection in 137 deaths, Pulmonary heart disease, diseases of pulmonary circulation and other forms of heart disease in 120 deaths, chronic lower respiratory diseases in 96 deaths, heart failure in 84 deaths and malignant neoplasm of digestive organs and peritoneum, except stomach and colon in 66 deaths.Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit addressing the National Summit last week.In related news, Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit who also addressed the national summit last week says although the ‘Red Clinic’ has saved the lives of many Dominicans suffering with CNCD’s, there is need for a sustainable approach towards treatment of the diseases.“I have seen with the help of God of course the so called ‘Red Clinic’ having saved the lives of many Dominicans but there has to be a sustainable approach towards treating those who are affected with CNCD’s. Too many of our people have to go to Barbados to get post-surgery treatment and if they cannot find the resources, they stay home and die,” he said.According to the Prime Minister, the decision by his government to offer free access to medical care for citizens above age sixty was based on the fact that too many people are dying of these diseases as they cannot afford the treatment.“Some people have criticized the government for introducing the free access to medical care for those who are 60 years and older but that was one of the motivations of the government; to introduce free medical care because in my walking around in Dominica there were many people who were afraid to go to the hospital because they were owing a few dollars and they were afraid to that somebody would say to them we cannot admit you because you are owing us and you have not paid us.”The Prime Minister further warned that if the epidemic of CNCD’s are not treated seriously and urgently, it will cause a more devastating effect on the economy than Hurricane David or the decline of the Banana Industry.“I am saying to Dominicans that if we do not treat this matter seriously; and I believe that we are attempting to do it, but I do not get the sense that the Dominican population is sufficiently seized with the seriousness of the matter and the implications for the future of Dominica. This is going to be; if we do not treat it properly, worst than Hurricane David and it is going to be worse than the negative impact of the demise of the Banana Industry on our economy.”Dominica Vibes Newslast_img

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