7 reasons more women should play golf

first_img“Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots-but you have to play the ball where it lies.” – Barry JonesGolf, a game that perhaps has always been viewed through a sexist glass–a men’s game, a boring, slow sport that is played usually to strike business deals, right? Wrong! Well, if anything, golf rakes in more moolah than cricket and competes in this league with tennis and football.The best is–you can start it as early or as late as in your 60s, and still beat the younger lot! Why encourage women? The right question should be, why not?1. How does burning 1500 calories sound to you?That’s right–playing active golf helps you stay fit and how! A good exercise in the morning coupled with a few right shots and you’re good to go for the whole week. Burn those calories off in one day and leisurely choose your workouts for the rest of the week, or not!2. Benefits your work environmentMeeting your colleagues over a game of golf helps you get a peek into their personalities much more than you can at work. It’s a game of integrity, where players call penalties on themselves. You would want to work with someone who takes defeat sportingly.3. It teaches you to stay calm in crucial timesThis game requires you to think strategically before making any moves. Like they say, ‘The most important shot in golf is the next one.’ A good shot after a series of bad ones can only come if you keep your cool, pause and think.advertisement4. Helps you reconnect with natureAfter those long, dreary hours at the office, shut behind doors, away from sunlight and breeze, a day outdoors seems like a treat. Golf helps you find what they call inner peace. Greens are usually away from the bustle of the city, providing you the time you need to savour Mother Nature.5. It’s a great way to make friendsYou can’t always go with a friend, and it’s obviously a group sport. Therefore, you get to play golf with new people. Every sport provides you with this opportunity, really, but not every sport allows you to have a chat under a tree or talk over miles.6. 16 or 60, we’re gameGo to a golf course and you see people of all ages playing (pretty much all the time) with the same enthusiasm. Post-retirement plans or a sabbatical, you can master the game any day, at any age.    7. A study reveals that bosses who play golf earn 17% moreGreens are that one place where you can safely and successfully merge business with pleasure and get rewarding results out of it. Crack those business deals and mint more money. You go, girl!last_img

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