Morocco draws UN attention on situation of children in Tindouf camps

Geneva – Morocco on Thursday drew the attention of the UN Committee for the Rights of the Child on the plight of children in Tindouf camps, southwestern Algeria.During the examination of the third and fourth periodic reports of Morocco before the committee on the rights of the child, the Minister of Solidarity, Women, Family and Social Development, Bassima Hakkaoui called on Algeria, the host country of the camps, to shoulder its responsibility under international instruments of human rights.The world is shocked everyday by the situation of innocent children in conflict areas, facing recruitment, embargo and deportation, the minister underlined. In Morocco, the military service is non-compulsory for adults and “in no case does include children,” said Hakkaoui, calling on “all people of conscience to carry out a common action to end the various tragedies caused by the involvement of children in armed conflicts.”For the minister, Morocco is committed to continue its interaction with the UN Committee for the Rights of the Child and all UN mechanisms, motivated by a strong desire to serve the cause of human Rights and discuss various related issues.

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