Le Crème Marrakech Shooting Linked to Cocaine Robbery

Rabat – Security forces have linked the Marrakech shooting in November 2017 to cocaine dealings between the Dutch mafia and the Le Crème cafe where the shooting occurred.The Le Crème owner, known by the pseudonym “Moss,” allegedly stole 200 kilograms of cocaine, worth billions of dirham, from Dutch mafia members in 2012, Al Massae reported Wednesday.The cafe owner, who owns several other Marrakech cafes and a nightclub in Rotterdam,  was reportedly the target of an extensive family operation tied to an “international drug lord.” Two Dutch nationals—known by Moroccan authorities for previous cases of international drug trafficking, kidnapping, armed robbery, and attempted homicide—carried out the shooting last November but missed their target, killing one medical student and injuring two others.Last week, ten senior officers of the royal gendarmerie across several cities (Larache, Tangiers, Tangier Med, Tetouan, Agadir, Settat, and Marrakech) were arrested for their involvement in an international criminal network linked to the shooting.The robbery suspect and drug trafficker is currently wanted by the Dutch authorities, with a EUR 25,000 reward for any information about his place of residence.

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