Baftanominated BBC show reedited after falsely claiming innocent priest was behind Gunpowder

Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents, in the running for the “specialist factual” award at next weekend’s ceremony, stated that Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators met Father John Gerard, a Jesuit priest, to receive “God’s blessing” for the plot to blow up Parliament in 1605. None of this is proven. The show, made by 72 Films for BBC Two, suggested that Fr Gerard knew about the conspiracy and may even have helped devise it, all of which as a surprise to Michael Maslinski, the priest’s 10 times great-nephew.  The BBC has agreed to re-edit a Bafta-nominated documentary after implicating an innocent priest in the Gunpowder Plot. “John Gerard has been revered in my family for 400 years… To see him represented…

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