Countys only licensed pot facility gears up for start of retail sales

first_imgWith a well-practiced flip of his fingers, Shane Wahl plucked baby plants from an array of small black padded circles and tenderly placed them, one by one, into individual planters.This sort of transplanting is work that Wahl has long excelled at as a hydroponic vegetable farmer, but his new gig — as head gardener for CannaMan Farms — has taken his career in an odd new direction, he said.CannaMan, so far Clark County’s only licensed marijuana production facility, is about midway to harvesting its first batch of pot plants. The process, from cutting to budding, takes 10 weeks per plant for the fast-growing varieties.But even the fastest growing plants probably won’t meet the demands of consumers once the first stores start opening this summer.“I won’t be able to meet demand,” Wahl said. “I’m going to do the best I can. I’m the smallest tier gardener. It’s sort of like a brewer brewing in his closet.”Each week, Wahl takes hundreds of clippings from his “mother” plants and places them in hydroponic containers (with those small black padded circles) to help them grow new roots.last_img

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