What is going on with Mass Effect Andromeda

first_imgIt looks like those rumors about the fourth installment in the Mass Effect franchise being delayed until 2017 are true.An update on the official Mass Effect site confirmed the rumors that have been floating around for weeks, but assured fans that this delay would be in everyone’s best interest. Bioware states they want to “deliver everything the game can be and should be,” and after the very mixed reception Mass Effect 3 received, maybe this is the right decision.Mass Effect 3 was a near perfect game, but if you read any of the passionate “feedback” online about the ending, some felt it pretty much ruined the entire series for them. I wouldn’t go that far, but the last part of the Mass Effect 3 story did fall short of what had been building up from the moment you jumped back on to the Normandy. More than anything, Mass Effect 3 felt like it suffered from developer fatigue and crunch to get it out on time.It’s a problem many games go through, and why you end up with titles that have serious and plentiful bugs, or hours of content that should have been included at release instead shipping in DLC packs months later. If developers, or more to the point the money pushers at the top of the food chain, stopped having their teams work ridiculous hours at the end of projects and instead set realistic deadlines, we wouldn’t have games that were essentially dead on arrival. Or at the very least, we’d have fewer games that fall well short of what they could have delivered and what fans expected/deserved.That appears to be what Bioware is hoping to avoid doing all over again by pushing back the release date for Mass Effect 4.In their note, Bioware did give a few updates on Andromeda as well: it seems an open world, nay, universe system is being built up for players to explore. In previous games you could fly to planets and explore either via a probe or through a mission on the surface. But it was very locked in to place. One of the things that the team says they are working on is creating a whole new experience of exploration and “where you’ll go, how you’ll get there, and how you’ll play.” It probably wont be on the level of No Man’s Sky, but for the Mass Effect universe, getting to spend more time within the worlds they have created will be a hell of a lot of fun.So if this delay means a better gaming experience for everyone involved – from the creative team getting to tell the story they want backed up by solid gameplay – then it’s a good thing. Pushing titles back shouldn’t always be seen as a sign of problems within a company. In fact, as players we should be more accepting and less demanding of release dates being hit..last_img

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