Marching Towards June 22nd Robert Abendroth FFWPU

first_imgMarching Towards June 22ndRobert Abendroth, FFWPU Las VegasThis past Thursday, April 25th, Sub-region 4 held a prayer breakfast in Las Vegas at the International Peace Education Center, with local church pastors. ACLC Chairman, Luonne Rouse was the Keynote Speaker. The prayer breakfast was the first of a series of prayer breakfasts that will be held in preparation for the June 22nd rally in Las Vegas that True Mother was invited to speak at.The experience was a powerful one to say the least. Building up to Dr. Rouse’s speech were testimonies, and inspiring reports from local church leaders and one government official. Dr. Rouse’s fiery speech got everyone excited for the next rally. He let the holy spirit lead him throughout. He even invited singers from the crowd to form an impromptu choir. He continued on and his fire became even hotter. He talked about Jesus, True Mother, and what it truly means to be a child of God. To conclude, he asked for the commitment of the audience to make the June 22nd rally even more powerful than the rally in Los Angeles.After the prayer breakfast ended, about 75% of the attendees stayed after to plan the next prayer breakfast.Contact Reverend Jackson if you want to be a part of this historic effort!last_img

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