first_imgMEETING MATTHEW MANTLE (part 3 of 3)Professional home-based in-running punter Matthew (Matt) Mantle continues to explain how he makes a living betting from home. He explains how he juggles the stresses of his profession and working often seven days a week with a young family. He talks staking, he also tells of how he’s helped mentor people in the past but that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing and his final advice if you fancy giving it a go. MEETING MATTHEW MANTLE (part 2 of 3)We revisit Matthew (Matt) Mantle who elaborates on how he makes a living betting in running from home. He explains that everything is important in a race and that your pre-race conception has to be reevaluated as soon as a race is off. Is the pre-race market important does it know what is coming? His interface software of choice but how he used the ‘fingers and thumb’ method for years before he discovered what he’d been missing. Matthew Mantle is a professional in-running punter. He doesn’t work from a box on the racecourse or in a super fast trading room but from a cottage in remote and rural Devon. He has made it pay from a position that most people would imagine impossible, at home. It isn’t. Matthew explains how he beats the in-running book day in and day out with tips for those who might want to emulate him.MEETING MATTHEW MANTLE (part 1 of 3)last_img

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