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000 fine. and multiple customers were inside the building at the time of the shooting,D. east of Watertown In 1987 he and his wife Donita started their operation on rented land and started feeding baby Holstein calves in 2003In 2007 they built the first mono-slope feedlot barn a 60-by-210-foot mono-slope to feed up to 500 head of cattle In 2011 they built a second 80-by-360-foot mono-slope barn and became a 1999-head CAFOThe operation has up to 10 different groups each with meticulous records that are cross-checked at a glance with a whiteboard in the office telling initial weights dates shots death losses and remaining inventory "We had the passion and know-how for how to feed cattle and so we did" Moes saysTech-tacticsMoes embraces technology Two years ago Moes Feedlot installed a camera system for security allowing them to observe the barns from the office or an iPad smartphones — anywhereSo when they start calving in the beef herd in mid-February the camera allows Moes to zoom in and see if cows and calves need help "We can count the straws down in that bedding" Moes saysThe feeding system includes identification tags to allow for increased efficiency in sorting The Moes family weighs the cattle every 120 days and any animal that hits 1500 pounds is sorted for marketingFeedlots are built with a one-foot-tall concrete "curb" The lower height improves summertime air flow and is lower than most "We can feed from a 250-pound calf along this curb all the way up to a finished calf the way we designed it" he says An outside feedlot is heavily sloped from west to east for drainage to the settlement ponds and even its 16-foot-wide paved feed alley is sloped to the middle rain or snowmelt runs away from the feed bunksContent cowsMoes is always particularly concerned with cattle comfort and has implemented enough space for his herd to move around Holstein steers can walk outside and have ample space — up to 80 square feet per calf Mondays and Fridays the Moes crews clean around the edges and re-bed with cornstalksWhen the calves aren’t eating they are out lying down on the pack Moes says which indicates they’re comfortable and content He and his staff delight in seeing "rambunctious" calves — clean straw with clean pens and coats free of "tag" or hanging mud and manure"I don’t care what color cattle are" Moes says to a visitor "If you keep them comfortable they gain They do good"Son Bryan now 30 joined the operation in 2014 Lee Tol 35 one of John’s nephews is also full-time and a key employee The feedlot typically hires two or three students from Lakes Area Vocational Technical Institute in Watertown They hire animal science interns from South Dakota State University in Brookings who help with the artificial insemination of all 300 head of Angus beef cows every in JuneFor the past 13 years John has worked with George Perry an SDSU beef reproduction specialist The AI protocols have helped increase longevity on their cows and pounds-of-gain by 40 to 50 pounds on their calves produced from synchronizing calving schedules according to dataLike clockworkIt’s "like clockwork anymore" John says of the operation’s processesAt 13 months old the calves are market ready at a high market grade "We’ve been 98 percent ‘Choice’ or better on them going back out on the grid direct to the packing plants" he says "We get rid of them in April and May before the price does go down That really helps a lot"In April and May of last year the price was $15 to $20 per hundredweight higher than it was in June and July John says On a 1300-pound animal that’s $130 of profit the Moes try to capture up frontIn the past the farm purchased 250-pound Holsteins calves Today they buy 400- to 500-pound Holstein calves and market them at 12 months at 1500 pounds per animal They buy them from across the US — Ohio Missouri and Washington for example — bringing 150 to 300 head at a time to help match their pen size They have about 10 distinct groups at a time"We’re putting just about 100 pounds a month on these calves" John says of the Holstein This allows them to forward contract"We’ve got to have a profit locked in on these otherwise we can’t bring them in" John says "Otherwise we couldn’t sleep at night with this number of cattle around"Profits today are not what they were a year or two ago "Instead of making $150 to $200 a head we’re probably down to half that" As a counter move they’ve put off capital purchases this last year"We push these calves from the day they come in at a 58 megacalories up to 62 megacalorie ration against a backdrop of implants every 120 to 200 days" he saysThe Holsteins use about 200000 bushels of corn a year purchasing about two-thirds of it The Moes family buys 4000 bales of corn stalks about 2000 bales of wheat straw Holstein steers receive a mix of wheat straw rolled corn and distiller’s grains The "distiller’s" is a so-called "bypass" protein so the Moes crews adds a pound of urea-based non-bypass protein per day which helps hold the distiller’s grain in the digestive system for a longer periodAn open bookMoes realizes CAFOs aren’t universally popular but is proud of his production and environmental record The farm has been nominated three times for the prestigious Leopold Conservation AwardThe farm started rotational grazing ten years ago and they’ve done more than 20 acres of tree plantings including some around their feedlots which help dissipate feedlot odors They’ve also put in seven acres of pollinator plantings The South Dakota Department of Natural Resources checks the facility for manure application rate protocols "In this day and age we all have to be environmentally safe" Moes saysRunoff water goes through a screen and the gray water goes into settlement ponds for evaporation or pumping out The manure is a "natural fertilizer" and has built organic matter from 25 percent to 45 to 5 percent on the farmland improving its water holding capabilityHe emphasizes that his cattle are effectively "drug-free" when they go to slaughter He says the implant hormones simply replace the amounts steers would have if they were intact bulls "But if we had all bulls the tenderness of the product would not be there" he says and the end-product is healthful "An 8-ounce serving of our beef has hardly any estrogen in there any more than what you’d naturally have" he saysCattlemen are responding to consumers and he says he’s happy to show them howThe meeting which is open to the public begins at 5:30 pm at the Mark Sanford Education Center at 2400 47th Ave SAt the meeting the negotiating teams will respond to the July 7 report by the North Dakota Education Fact Finding Commission which offered recommendations on teacher salaries and other points of disagreement between the two sidesAccording to the commission’s instruction each team was to meet separately and discuss the commission’s recommendations After that both sides were to meet together at least once before July 27 to decide what to do in response to the report and to see if an agreement can be reachedThe two sides have three options said Tom Young president and chief negotiator for the Grand Forks Education Association They are: agree to the commission’s recommendations as presented make minor changes in an effort to reach an agreement or do nothing"It’s not time yet to say what we’ll do with this report" Young said when contacted by the Herald on Tuesday morningYoung said he and his team of negotiators would be meeting that day "to go over the recommendations and discuss our options and steps"Members of the GFEA negotiating group are Young Paul Strande Penny Tandeski Kyle Entzel Nikki Polum and Adam Tunseth"It would be best to reach agreement It would be best for everyone concerned" Young said "That’s the intent that we sought when we asked for assistance from the fact-finding commission—a way to move past this impasse"The Grand Forks School Board went into executive session Monday evening after its regular meeting to determine its negotiations strategy and to provide instruction to its negotiating team on how to proceedThe board’s negotiating team members are: Board President Doug Carpenter Cynthia Shabb Amber Flynn and Matt SpiveyCarpenter spokesperson for the board said he could not comment on what transpired in Monday’s executive session but did say "there was a lot of discussion" which continued until about 9:30 pmDuring next Monday’s meeting negotiators for the School Board can go into a closed executive session to discuss an offer by the teachers’ group if one is presented Carpenter said In negotiations this spring the School Board proposed freezing teacher pay for the next two yearsThe GFEA proposed a 5 percent increase in teacher salaries for 2017-18 and a three percent raise in 2018-19An impasse in negotiations was declared May 22 and assistance was requested from the North Dakota Education Fact Finding Commission The commission gathered position documents from both sides and held a public meeting June 15 to hear testimony from all interested partiesIn its July 7 report the fact-finding commission recommended the board issue one-year rather than the usual two-year contracts and a $1000 pay increase for returning full-time teachersIf after July 27 the two sides are still at impasse the chairman of the fact-finding commission Dean Rummel of Dickinson ND," says John Moes of Watertown.

Im absolutely disgusted with H&M certainly will not be shopping there again first Maddie now Kate and Gerry:rage: pic.Absolutely disgusting from H&M Im ashamed! pictwittercom/il6rhIP2Vy- Kieron Marsh (@MarshKieron01) January 11 2018 The McCanns called the post tasteless and offensive according to a friend who told the Sun: "Its the start of the New Year and they cant believe all this tasteless rubbish is resurfacing again Its so offensive and so unnecessary" Despite the backlash on social media Marsh insisted it was just a bit of fun He told LADbible: "I just thought there had been a few that had gone up and I just thought Id join the bandwagon to have a bit of a laugh and I didnt expect it to take off as much as it did "To be fair in my mind its just a bit of banter and if people cant handle it then sod em"According to psychologist Dr John Synott there are between 100 and 150 abusive comments about the McCanns on social media and message boards every day Credit: PAIn October last year a man named Daniel Gearie posted a photo of himself wearing a Madeleine McCann costume – a blond wig and Everton FC top – and came in for a lot of abuse online with people calling him sick for dressing as the little girl In a public social media apology Gearie said: "At the weekend I made the most incredibly stupid vile and disgusting decision of my life I can honestly say that I am embarrassed and disgusted by my own behaviour and can only apologise for any offence that I caused anyone" Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk newsA new UN report has revealed the UK as the worlds largest producer of legal cannabis for medical and scientific useThe UK produced 95 tonnes of legal cannabis in 2016 double the previous year and 449 per cent of the worlds total It was followed by Canada which produced 807 tonnesThe report analyses the situation of drugs in the world making recommendations on treatment policies and addressing problems such as trafficking and abuseWith specific regard to the UK the 2017 report says: "The economic cost related to drug abuse in the United Kingdom is estimated to be 107 billion pounds a year with drug-related theft (eg burglary robbery shoplifting) alone costing 6 billion pounds"The control board noted that the UKs Drug Strategy 2017 "encourages cooperative action between police health agencies and local communities" focusing on reducing demand and supply aiding recovery and contributing to global action on drugs The UKs strategy also targets "interventions to give drug users tailored support including treatment rehabilitation employment and housing"Much of the cannabis produced in the UK goes towards producing Savitext The first cannabis-based medicine to be licensed in the UK it is used to treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis such as bladder problems sleep disturbance and spasms In 2006 the Home Office licensed it so doctors could prescribe it privately (at their own risk) pharmacists could possess and dispense and patients could possess it Despite this access to legal cannabis is severely limited in the UK particularly EnglandCredit: PAIn a statement provided to LADbible Niamh Eastwood executive director of Release an NGO says: "The UK Government are willing to issue licenses under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 so that corporations can legally grow cannabis in the UK for the production of medical cannabis both domestically and for international markets "At the same time the Government refuses to allow citizens to access medical cannabis legally putting many people at risk of criminal prosecution if they decide to use the substance to relieve pain or debilitating symptoms such as the case of childhood epilepsy "It seems that Ministers are putting profit and the interests of companies ahead of the genuine need of people to access medical cannabis This is a travesty and hypocrisy at its worst"Other European countries have experimented with carefully monitored decriminalisation models Portugal decriminalised all drugs in 2001 to combat its then severe opioid and HIV crisis It is viewed as a largely successful move while Norway recently announced plans to become the first Scandinavian country to decriminalise all drugs Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk news Drugs Syria, For all that you get, “It is indeed wicked for the Buhari administration to now turn around and accuse a man who created the most jobs in Nigeria’s history of wanting to sack workers.000 and extended the pay rise to the military and paramilitary services, in what was a curiously dramatic and braggadocios awakening swung into action inviting the Senator over the same allegations he has generously given explanations to all along, and hallelujah choristers, The government routinely bumps up against this ceiling, late fees and penalties.

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