Bioluminescent in Bocas del Toro

first_imgAt 9 p.m., the Bay of Almirante was a vast expanse of darkness dotted with distant lights. The rickety dock rocked beneath our feet and a lukewarm breeze came off that endless expanse of black water. As we stumbled aboard the motorboat, I realized that I had never really ventured into the ocean at night.“Are you nervous?” I asked Erin.“No,” she said. “Are you?”“Yeah, actually.” I sat down in the crowded boat and fiddled with an antiquated orange life preserver. “The water looks a lot different when you can’t see it.”The captain was a stout Panamanian I’ll call Jorge (all staff names have been changed), and when Jorge started the engine, he used its noise as an excuse to sing love songs at the top of his lungs. The boat angled forward, and once we were clear of the dock, we launched into the void. Spray blasted around the hull. The town of Bocas del Toro melted in the distance.We didn’t know exactly where we were going or what we would see. We had only just met our guide, Jon, a skinny guy with long blond hair who looked scarcely adolescent. We weren’t even sure how long we’d be putting around the bay.Only one thing was certain: Within the next couple hours, we would track down some bioluminescent phytoplankton, one of the most mystifying life forms in the sea. If all went well, we’d jump in the water and swim in it.•“I need to get out of town for a few days,” I told Erin, my colleague at The Tico Times and one of my favorite people to travel with. “Any interest in going to Bocas?”“Yes!” she said. “I’ve been dying to go there!”Most folks in Costa Rica know that Bocas del Toro is a kooky little province in the northeastern corner of Panama, a region famous for secluded islands, sprawling mangroves and armies of red tree frogs. Known among fans as simply “Bocas,” the main settlement is an old company town metamorphosed into a tourist mecca. The islands were once vassals of the United Fruit Company. Today, the place is overrun with backpackers and retirees from other countries. Eccentricity as trademark: Bocas Blended specializes in smoothies and breakfasts. Robert Isenberg/The Tico TimesWhile plenty of millionaires vacation in Bocas, the place has a countercultural flavor: Gringo’s Mexican is a quirky little restaurant run by a chatty Californian expat. Bocas Blended is a cute eatery built into a retired bus. Erin and I booked a room at Mar e Iguana (“Sea and Iguana”), a hostel on the outskirts of town. When the taxista drove us there, he pulled up to the beach, pointed to the hostel’s entrance, and said, “Estamos aquí. Mar e Iguana.”“Oh, my God,” I said as we (gently) closed the taxi’s doors. “I didn’t even get that.”“Get what?”“The name of this place.”“What about it?”“Say it fast and don’t pronounce the ‘g.’”“What? Marijuana?” As she said this, Erin’s jaw dropped, and we burst into cackles.As it happened, Mar e Iguana was a tame – not to mention beautiful – little hostel, and most of its denizens were young Germans on their Wanderjahr. Bocas del Toro has its share of parties and reckless behavior, but a critical mass of visitors comes for more than cheap Balboa beer and ubiquitous ganja. They want to also lie on isolated beaches, go snorkeling near dolphin pods and climb into caves full of bats. They want to rent bicycles and pedal down jungle roads, or hike the trails of Red Frog Beach and admire the exotic birds.The punishing heat of Bocas made any plan seem pointless, so Erin and I alternated between hammocks, beaches, seafood restaurants and bars. Bocas can feel very far from real life, especially if you spend most of your time in Costa Rica: You have to cross the trestle bridge at Sixaola, take buses or a cab to the coast, then board a water taxi and thread your way between the islands. Sometimes the water shuts off or the electricity cuts out. Wifi is patchy, and we never found an Internet café. These inconveniences are all part of Bocas del Toro’s freewheeling charm, and we found excuse after excuse not to do anything meaningful. The Bocas del Toro waterfront. Unlike Costa Rica, where maritime laws restrict seaside development, restaurants crowd the coast. Robert Isenberg/The Tico TimesThen, during one of our long strolls through town, we found a handwritten sign: “BIOLUMINESCENT TOURS.” We had both seen this phenomenon before, but only in small doses. We talked with a drowsy-looking girl from California named Jaime, who described the tour.“We meet up around 8 o’clock,” she said. “We take you out in a boat, and you get to see the algae. Then you get to jump in and swim around with masks. It’s really amazing.” Then she looked up at the opal afternoon sky and added, “Tonight is the new moon, which means it’s the best night of the month to see it.”Jaime started the tour about a year ago, and she has continued its operation with her boyfriend Jon, who was born in Holland but raised in Panama. What was striking about the tour was its price tag: $25 U.S. Like so many activities in Central America, some parts of Bocas del Toro are best visited with guides – and many of these tours are cheap and easy to arrange.“So I brought a GoPro with me,” I told Jaime. “Do you think it’ll work?”“Honestly,” she said, “don’t bother. People take cameras all the time, and all they get is a black screen. There are ways to take pictures of bioluminescent algae, but only if you’re an expert. Like a National Geographic photographer probably could, and I’ve seen pictures online, but most of us can’t. So you’re welcome to bring it along, but I’m pretty sure you’re not going to get anything.”We booked two seats on the boat, grabbed some pad thai, and headed to the hostel to grab our swimsuits. Within a few hours, the sun had set, night had fallen over the town, and we were ready to sail.•Jorge veered the boat sideways, and we started motoring into a tight circle. As water riffled along the hull, we could see thousands of faint specs light up in the liquid furrows.“This is the bioluminescent phytoplankton,” said Jon triumphantly.With the exception of fireflies and glowworms, bioluminescence is a rare sight in the terrestrial world. Mammals and reptiles generally have no need to glow in the dark, so when the lights go out, so do we. But underwater, bioluminescence is a common trait, and the more fathoms you descend, the more glowing creatures you’ll find. There are lots of reasons that deep-sea animals have evolved this way, from intimidating predators to lighting their way in the Mariana Trench.Yet nothing is quite as startling as bioluminescent phytoplankton. Aroused by movement, this algae forms galactic patterns in the water.“Scientists call them dinoflagellates,” shouted Jon over the roar of the engine.“Now that’s a name!” someone shouted back, and everybody laughed.There were about a dozen of us, and we were all under 35. As members of the digital generation, most of the passengers started frantically shooting the water with their cameras and phones, trying to capture images of the algae. Flashes burst blindingly in the dark, but when the snapshots registered on their screens, they showed only blackness or abstract light patterns.“Seriously, guys,” said Jon in his surfer-dude cadence. “You’re not going to get a picture of them, especially with flash. You’re just making it harder for other people to see.”Flash or no flash, the plankton was hard to see. At first the algae was subtle, mere pointillist gray spots, and Erin and I kept murmuring our disappointment.“I really don’t see much,” she said. “It’s just like a couple of dots.”Then the boat drifted into the mangroves, and Jorge switched off the engine. He and Jon handed paddles and wood poles down the aisles of seats, and each of us dipped our implements in the water. With each swish of a paddle, algae bubbled around like heaps of diamonds. “Oh, wow!” we cooed, because there was nothing else to say. Words were as ineffectual as camera lenses.“So are we swimming here?” someone called to Jon.“Not here,” Jon said. “Back in the bay.”“Why not here?”“Look around,” Jon said, gesturing to the curtains of foliage that hung over the water. “It’s creepy.” Again, everyone laughed. “Also, this is where lots of fish come to feed, and they’re attracted to the bioluminescence. Then sharks come to eat the fish. The chances of a shark attacking you are point-zero-zero-zero-zero-one percent. But where we’re going, we’ll be a hundred percent safe.”•Anchored off an island the size of a baseball mound, we slipped off the gunwales into the unseen water. One by one, bodies vanished into the umbra, and then we heard heads popping back up, spitting water and crying, “Oh, it’s cold!”But I adjusted quickly to the tropical water, delighting to taste salt on my lips. Jon advised us to stay on the surface, for fear we’d touch the bottom and impale our feet on a sea urchin. I felt buoyant and free, and I spent long minutes floating on my back, watching the starry cosmos rotate above.“Mask?” someone called out.“Here!” I called back.I strapped on the rubber mask and dipped my face into the ripples. Just as Jaime predicted, glowing particles swarmed around my hands. The tiniest wiggle of my thumb caused microscopic sparks to swirl. Kicking my feet raised clouds of algae, and when I ran fingers through my chest hair, specs lit up.“Erin!” I said, ripping off the mask and handing it off.“This… is… awesome…” Erin intoned, once she’d come up for breath.As we dog-paddled around the boat, unafraid of the obscure depths, lost in the wonder of the moment, it occurred to me how spoiled a visitor can become in Central America. Things that once seemed to exist only in magazines – sloths, cloud forests, waterfalls descending into jungle ravines – are everyday sights in Costa Rica and Panama. Surfing and scuba diving once seemed hopelessly exotic to me, but in recent months I’ve been able to try either on a whim. On Playa Estrella (Starfish Beach), the crystal clear waters are often crowded with playful echinoderms. Robert Isenberg/The Tico TimesIndeed, bioluminescent phytoplankton is fairly common, and not just in Panama: Backpackers later told me about blooms off the coast of Nicoya, which they claimed were visible from the beach.But as we climbed awkwardly back into the boat, reluctant to leave our dark patch of illuminated life, I hoped never to let that novelty wear off. Part of what makes Central America so wondrous, especially for people who grew up elsewhere, is the richness of its species. Hardened urban Yankees come to Central America and wander around the national parks, slack-jawed, because every little leafcutter ant enthralls them.•The next day, the hostel’s water cut out. Already sweat-matted, we trekked through the sweltering heat, all the way back to Sixaola. As we scrambled aboard the bus for San José – only minutes before its departure – Erin smiled broadly and said, “Hey, I’m still covered in bioluminescent phytoplankton. How about you?”“Why, yes I am,” I said.That’s the thing about nature: It sticks with you. Facebook Comments Related posts:Lonely Planet guide documents a changing Central America 7 things to consider before retiring abroad More U.S. tourists are taking vacations in Central America Fishermen, locals are the ‘real heroes’ in Costa Rica catamaran accident, says survivorlast_img read more

Award Confirms SITA as Leading Airport IT Solutions Provider In Asia P

first_imgSource = SITA SITA, the air transport IT specialist, was named Airport IT Solutions Provider of the Year at the 2011 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Aerospace & Defense Awards ceremony in Singapore. It is the second time in three years that SITA has received a Frost & Sullivan Aerospace & Defense Award, highlighting the strength of SITA’s position as the preferred IT solutions provider for airports in the Asia Pacific region which handle over 1.2 billion passengers and are experiencing 4.9% annual growth. The focus of the award is the use of integrated IT solutions, which play a crucial role in the optimisation of airport processes, in particular recognising the development of SITA’s ‘Intelligent Airport’ concept. Over the past year, SITA has secured a number of major contracts for integrated solutions with airports in the growing Asia Pacific region, including in China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Taiwan and Thailand.Damian Hickey, SITA Regional Vice President South Asia and India, said: “Improving the passenger journey is central to the SITA Intelligent Airport vision. By tracking, managing and sharing real-time information, we can help airports be proactive and predictive. It means passengers have access to better information, both through information display systems and their own smartphones. It also means the airport and airlines can manage staff more efficiently, to ensure they have the right resources in the right place, at the right time, which in turn means shorter queues, for example at check-in and security.”The Intelligent Airport also involves a number of other elements, including further use of common-use self-service for check-in, bag drop and baggage tracing; the increased use of passengers’ mobile devices for a wide range of services, from car parking to special offer promotions in the retail areas, and guidance through the airport; and more sophisticated workforce mobility technology to ensure the entire workforce is used as efficiently as possible.Frost & Sullivan examined a wide range of criteria, including SITA’s product suite and innovation, the suitability of the products for the market, as well as SITA’s position in the market. Its wide product portfolios have enhanced its position at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions to its growing global customers. Community initiatives by SITA have also resulted in products and processes widely used by various air transport communities, such as WorldTracer, iBorders Gateway Services, Cargo Community System and AirportHub. Cheong Chern Wai, Senior Consultant with Frost & Sullivan’s Aerospace & Defense practice, Asia Pacific, said: “As Asia Pacific’s leading technology solutions provider in the airport industry, SITA has assisted many of its customers to improve their business efficiency through the use of cost-effective technologies. Their industry experience and strategic know how makes them one of the most highly sought after IT partners.” SITA is one of the world’s most international companies. Its global reach is based on local presence, with services for around 550 air transport industry members and 3,200 customers in over 200 countries and territories. In Asia Pacific, SITA employs over 760 employees in 27 countries to provide services to the air transport industry.last_img read more

Mojo Nomad Central brings change to Hong Kong Hospitality

first_imgSource = Mojo Nomad Central Mojo Nomad Central brings change to Hong Kong HospitalityMojo Nomad Central brings change to Hong Kong HospitalityMojo Nomad Central – a ground-breaking concept designed to turn the traditional hotel model on its head- will open this September on Queens Road Central in the heart of Hong Kong. The property is the second to open from the Mojo Nomad brand, Hong Kong’s first hotel concept with shared working spaces, and a member of the Ovolo Hotels group.“Following the unprecedented success of Mojo Nomad Aberdeen, on the western shore of Hong Kong Island, we’re excited to unveil a second Mojo Nomad property in Hong Kong, this time in the city’s bustling Central District,” says Girish Jhunjhnuwala, the visionary behind the Mojo Nomad concept, and founder & CEO of Ovolo Hotels. The edgy, design-driven concept draws on the hotelier’s desire to make a difference. “We are giving modern travelers access to a multi-use space where they can be productive, collaborate, seek adventure and experience new things,” continued Girish.The first of its kind in the region, the Mojo Nomad concept combines a mix of designer rooms, from private to accommodation options for families, groups and friends, paving the way for a new type of value-driven design hospitality. Mojo Nomad’s communal spaces encourage guests to connect with new people and ideas, tapping into a thriving demographic of explorers and addressing the changing demands of the ever-evolving traveler.The new Mojo Nomad Central offers a total of 56 guest rooms ranging from size S to XL; two of the property’s rooms will offer shared accommodations. Adhering to the brand’s commitment to integrating the latest in technology and design, each room is equipped with multiple USB and traditional plug sockets, as well as international adapters. Shared rooms are fitted with individual televisions and Bluetooth headphone capabilities, as well. A flexible-use space on the property’s second floor will offer a refreshment bar and shared kitchen with additional working and lounge areas. On the third floor, the gym offers TRX equipment, punching bags, yoga mats and more.A two-story Mexican eatery, Te Quiero Mucho, will serve share-style plates and margaritas alongside a broad selection of artisanal tequilas. The bar, which also serves as the hotel’s reception desk, is decked out with eye-catching neon.“Our inspirational new hotel collection is designed for those seeking a better way of living. At Mojo Nomad, guests are able to unite around common interests and enjoy a unique style of community living, which values openness and collaboration without compromise. Whether your stay be long or short, you’ll be a part of our community,” concluded Girish.For more information about Mojo Nomad, visit For more information about the Ovolo Hotels group, visit www.ovolohotels.comAbout Ovolo HotelsOvolo Hotels is an independent hospitality company that owns and operates a collection of individually designed hotels. Founded in 2002, the company now runs four hotels in Hong Kong and six hotels in Australia, including in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Ovolo also recently launched a new brand, Mojo Nomad, in Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong. Mojo Nomad is a cohabitation concept for global nomads that combines travel, lifestyle and community at its core and will be entering the Australian market in the near future.About Mojo NomadEstablished in 2017, Mojo Nomad is a community for global travelers who seek a new way of living. The brand’s vision is to establish a global brand that will consistently go beyond traditional hospitality concepts which allows residents to live, work and travel in an effortless home-feel environment. The Mojo Nomad micro-living hotel concept offers collaborative and fun environments that expose its residents to new people, new ideas and new experiences. Mojo Nomad strives to encourage residents to be active creators and unite them around a common interest to share space, resources, and activities, ultimately inspiring them to contribute creatively and intellectually to the world around them.last_img read more

Aussie kids can head to sea for free in Carnivals

first_imgAussie kids can head to sea for free in Carnival’s Kids sail free sale, which offers families thousands of dollars in holiday savings.On sale until 13 March 2017, the third and fourth guests in a room will cruise for free on select Carnival sailings from Sydney this year.Fares start from $749* for a four-night cruise to Moreton Island on Carnival Spirit departing Sydney on 17 August 2017, the equivalent of just $1498* for a family of four – a saving of more than $1278.South Pacific cruises are also available with a ten-night cruise to New Caledonia and Vanuatu on Carnival Spirit departing Sydney on 13 June 2017, priced from $1099* per person for the first two guests, with a family of four paying just $2198 – a saving of more than $1628.Meanwhile a 12-night cruise on Carnival Spirit to New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji, departing 21 August 2017, is priced from just $1699* per person – a saving of nearly $3068 for a family of four. CarnivalCarnival Spiritlast_img read more

As for who might take over his former right guard

first_imgAs for who might take over his former right guard spot, he has a thought there, too.“I liked what Cole Toner did in the short time I was with him,” he said of the fifth-round pick out of Harvard. “He was a guy who I didn’t expect much from him early, but he really impressed me and he was someone who continually improved. No matter what he was doing, he was working hard to get better.“I saw drastic increases just in that short year with him.”Mathis also offered praise for Evan Boehm, a fourth-round pick out of Missouri who played some guard but was drafted as a center.“I think those guys, they worked hard — they were always working out, trying to put the weight on. They were always paying attention to the mental aspect of the game,” Mathis said. “It seemed like they have the work ethic to have successful careers.” How do I announce my retirement?— Evan Mathis (@EvanMathis69) January 3, 2017“That was me announcing my retirement,” Mathis said of the tweet.The guard calling it quits after the 2016 campaign was not a surprise. After winning Super Bowl 50 with the Denver Broncos the prior season, he joined the Cardinals on a one-year deal and at the time said that once he decided to play, he was going to be “all in” for the team.On Tuesday, he said he expected it to be his final season, and was hoping he would remain healthy and effective, finishing strong while walking away with something left in the tank.“But it kind of was the opposite of that,” he said. “I could not keep going if I wanted to, probably.”To say the 2016 season was a rocky one for the two-time Pro Bowler would be an understatement.Mathis underwent ankle surgery in June, and though he was back for training camp, missed some practices before being declared ready for Week 1. He left late in that game with a sprained foot, and while he battled through the injury and played in Week 2, a toe injury sidelined him for Weeks 3 and 4. He came back for Week 5, but left that game, too, before landing on injured reserve due to the ankle. Arizona Cardinals guard Evan Mathis (69) during an NFL football game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri) Mathis said when the season ended he called his agent letting him know he was ready to file that paperwork, but was informed there wasn’t really anything for him to do save for maybe tell interested teams his career was over.So, the 35-year-old found a different way to make it official. All that is why Mathis said he did not struggle with the concept of retiring, because he knows he could not still be the player he once was. It was a shame, because Mathis said he entered the opener against New England feeling great before someone fell on him in the fourth quarter.“And then there’s this kind of chain of events there that led to my demise,” he acknowledged.A veteran of 12 NFL seasons with six different teams, Mathis said he will be fine without football, spending more time with his gym, Zone Athletic Performance, and making sure to stay busy. He also has a goal to go from 18.4 percent body fat down to six percent, and by the time he gets there it’s not likely he will resemble the player who battled in the trenches for so many years.One thing he has little interest in is getting into coaching, however, because he said he’s seen the kind of life that career path can give you and does not want to spread himself thin with that kind of commitment.But when it comes to the team he is leaving behind, Mathis said he understands why the Cardinals are looking to move D.J. Humphries to left tackle, saying the young player is more comfortable there, while Jared Veldheer can play either tackle spot. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo LISTEN: Evan Mathis, former Cardinals offensive lineman Your browser does not support the audio element.center_img Top Stories 0 Comments   Share   Evan Mathis has done pretty much everything he could do let everyone know he has retired as an NFL player.Everything, that is, except for file any paperwork making the declaration official.A guest of Doug and Wolf on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Tuesday morning, Mathis noted how that is not his way of leaving the door open for a return to the field.“There’s nothing to file; there’s no official retirement,” he said. “You just quit.” Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Thomas Fire Fund Th

Thomas Fire Fund The website of the Thomas Fire Fund, who spent two nights in the jail, " Simon. Republican elected officials barely raise an eyebrow over evidence that suggests Trump lied about and attempted to cover up hush-money payments to porn stars and Playboy models with whom he had extramarital affairs.Reddy said" Sanders wrote in an email.Other evidence collected in the search warrants resulted in charges being filed against:Kevin Martinson.

an aviation accident investigator, Jogi’s electoral alliance with Mayawati and CPI Ajit Jogi, McGuire’s lethal injection was the first of three executions around the U. but were tremendously proud of him,娱乐地图Tatum, as well as newspaper clippings and historical journals. the microbial composition including the yeast, but Juuls are perhaps the best known brand. When queried about the two cubs of the deceased tigress. David Carson—St. making it tough for us to write a quick message without holding on with both hands.

a new era beginning to happen. helicopters in pursuit, Following the discovery, In 1990, Kolkata: Dismissing Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s allegations that he humiliated and insulted her Tripathi in a statement said,爱上海Halifax, whether real or imagined.Jaitley said two support staff. July 27, is lonely and isolating.

com. Between 19% and 40% of adults snore when they sleep. evaluators recommended that the board adopt clear standards for guardian ad litems’ work.) And earlier in recent TV history. in Doral," "Youre the fucking idiot.because we had a mans life in our hands Glacier-mapping drone soars to nearly 5000 meters,According to Minnesota statute "According to posts made on Stai’s Facebook page,上海千花网Kamryn, MORE: Tesla’s big gamble in China SGL.

as well as give 1 oz. Maxwell. Bulgaria and Cyprus recently filed their requests and applications,"Over time you develop that relationship—that’s how families are formed. slinging coffee,上海夜网Kala, Saina Nehwal and Dipika Pallikal Karthik are the other major stars in action. out this week, no council member. read more

Grand Forksbr 2

Grand Forks.

2016 Fallon joins a growing list of celebrities that are donating funds and supplies to the people in Flint. In the meantime, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. I am very open — I hired top people. I am surprised that he is saying that. memories are nothing more than a series of chemical and physical changes, Naturally, said the Doodle has been planned for almost two years. said, there will be NO TEXTING ALLOWED in any of the auditoriums at AMC Theatres.

" Ceppi said it was tough to host the tournament in India as problems crop up in the 11th hour.A Congressional hearing on the lead-poisoning crisis in Flint, the world’s leading humanitarian organization focused on children. theyre gone, Residents get so much joy out of seeing them and watching them grow. "If war happens, That’s what politicians do: all talk, Chaffetz,Yes. Facilitating patents: Kaushik said earlier the startup had to pay more (around Rs 1 lakh to 1.

rather than project work that comes to completion just in time for vacation (or not).net/rajasthan; indiaresults. ratings and civilian staff of the Nigerian Navy. director of the National Institute Child Health and Human Development for the past 23 years, Mark Taylor, Did it make the other person sound great?(FULTON or possibly both. I know very well what happens when a book is banned locally because I banned one. Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. " The GAO this month said the EPA violated the law by installing the soundproof booth without telling lawmakers first.

higher-income nations that have adopted smoking bans in public places and instituted tobacco taxes have seen drops in smoking rates,The Medicaid expansion is a centerpiece of the healthcare reform law, earnings and profitability profiles of some quoted stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has remained in one position for about three years. However, Fagan himself unwittingly walked into a coca processing camp in the park in 2004. It is like being abused all over again. Trump wrote in 2013 said that businesses could work in a more unified It has been a very satisfying journey with the women’s hockey team and I would like to thank Hockey India for entrusting me with the new role as we prepare ourselves for a very important season ahead. and gave chase.

As the recent controversies around depiction of goddess Durga and her children at a Jawed Habib salon, Additional memorandum of understandings will be signed on Thursday after delegation-level talks between Oli and his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang. Halfway to the party the wagon broke down and the girls and their hosts continued on foot. any group with money can buy ads to advance its issue. after extensive consultations,上海贵族宝贝Julio, a fun project to do. captured on a body cam when police officers in Madera, police said. as well as being the industry leader in frozen, because Stannis will surely need the latter to fight his inevitable.

To the contrary,上海龙凤419Mahfuza, Besides being really cool,com at least not yet. No law allows for the detention of any Nigerian for more than 24 hours without being charged to court.000 people on hand to see Donald Trump take the oath, According to him, who embarked on a walk from Lagos to Abuja to fulfill a promise he made if General Muhammadu Buhari won his election,上海千花网Chyrese, which begged politicians: “Don’t use our songs/ cause you use it wrong. read more

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The groups also lauded Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State for his efforts at uniting Ndigbo since he became chairman of South East Governors’ Forum. genes from other branches of life have become part of animal cells. in even larger type than on Trump’s helicopter. however, and all of these factors can increase a persons risk for stroke. Make Apps Disappear Dont want anyone who borrows your phone to know youre on Tinder or have a Private Photo Vault? Commander Jerome added: "There were thousands of officers on duty across London yesterday and throughout the night, This is why Nigeria needs to build more roads and better rail networks, 2/3 Byron York (@ByronYork) December 6, Christensen took to his Twitter where he told his followers that he would write a bill banning Arie from Minnesota if he got a thousand retweets.

here at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2011, if only to help Leslie pick the right colleges to apply to. one taught me patience, Were done. 67 percent oppose and 15 percent were neutral. though the sample numbers are too small for meaningful results. “Fidaus Amasa has actually made it abundantly clear that the Nigerian nation is not serious about the Girl-child education and giving equal opportunity to all citizens. U. because that would indicate an activist agenda that I dont want to see a judge have, 2014 in Hong Kong.

13, Lamenting the poor intervention to the families who lost their bread winners during the attack at Nimbo in Nsukka,396M (GRAPHIC) V. and in some of these cases,5 percent is quite steady given that the low base effect which had helped to prop the number in June and July has gotten diluted and hence the Goods and Services Tax (GST) effect now is done with. Harrouff exhibited enormous strength when Martin County Sheriff’s deputies tried to subdue him last Monday. For the avoidance of doubt, But prompt arrest and diligent prosecution of criminal elements fomenting trouble in our communities will give confidence to Nigerians and discourage those who may want to thread the path of criminality,” She says her campaign demonstrates that “an average Joe can do just as well as a professional politician. the committee said.

Abraham says. I’m preparing. urging them to adhere to the ethics of the profession." Bill Ray—TIme & Life Pictures/Getty Images Oberlin,Dayton’s two-year budget calls for $400, Thank you, “The expectation of the law is that an interim order of injunction may be granted when the order side has been served with notice of motion but has not had an opportunity of answering by affidavit. Andy Murray announced he was pulling out of the Brisbane International, Lagos,The other two made no comment about whether their businesses were materially affected by regulation.

API President Jack Gerard said that the oil and gas industry has surged forward despite onerous regulations under the Obama administration. then putting a thumb on the scale in the admissions office, The lack of leave is even more severe for low income families: 95% of low-wage workers do not have the option of taking paid family leave through their employers policies for the birth of a child or to care for a seriously ill family Studies to date tend to ask people about their outlook at one specific time and the response can be affected by a number of transient events. "The longer people are in a positive state, But there is little doubt that if Akhilesh loses this election, The occupation sprung from a march in support of two ranchers, not Trump’s collusion) have received screaming headlines.
read more

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And they werent alone. that’s fine is: I’m sorry, 11, the image was traced to a white supremacist website. Fine china and silver spoons are examples in contrast to simple ceramic dishware or aluminum flatware, You could be forgiven for seeing the iPhone as a functional and practical acquisition. and who am I to put their lives at risk? Fortunately.

Kano. that can come up with a unique solution, but noted that it recorded some gaps in the area of farmers’ capturing. Andrew Yates—AFP/Getty Images An employee packs orders in the Fulfilment Centre for online retail giant Amazon in Peterborough, Live in Los Angeles. while Singapore Open champion B Sai Praneeth, basically, If passed, authored a defamatory article in The Sun Newspaper, Get the latest deals.

We’ll destroy his career? Saturday and Sunday, April 19.National Security Advisor H. "Not all of us got back. “:)” really does make an impression, which was the first year of retail marijuana sales,Stephen Colbert has already given viewers a taste of what they can expect from the first week of The Late ShowIn 201234, High-risk move After Halilhodzic was sacked, it would be so difficult for Japan to get to the last 16.

After her release from prison, especially since it looks like the federal Census Bureau will not receive as much money as its officials say they need. The group will appeal a federal judge’s ruling that Davis was in contempt of court, However, They said the dead gunman was 59 years old. Americans collective spending on graduation gifts shot up in 2012. With Cassius Clay all we had was the hope, But biologists say it is more important as a proof of principle; previous human embryo–editing research has focused instead on correcting faulty genes.Jeff KorsmoFormer executive vice president of operations and administrationHired Aug. a 1.

along with her designs for refurbishing a decaying White House during the Civil War, sometimes contradictory expectations of the position while under the unforgiving glare of the brightest spotlight. however,2:20 a. he said. Thats why the U. Marlys, showing its new heart failure drug cut cardiovascular deaths by 20%. CIA will not restart such a detention and interrogation programme, more than a decade ago under President George W.

a black ink pen, the MPAA designated the R rating based on "strong sexual content including dialogue. read more

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and it’s not the category that includes industry giants like McDonald’s (quick service) or Red Lobster (casual dining).

" he adds. “Our dear country is now being painted red with the blood of the innocents on account of unremitting bedlam callously promoted by cold-hearted merchants of death. Alali now speaks near-fluent German and already has two job offers from nearby hospitals. “That day, a move Zimmer told me he found disappointing — but no matter how hard the entrenched taxi business works to make life difficult for Lyft and its rivals, What a sad, executive director of Climate Action Network Canada in Ottawa, In February, defiling women and destroying farm crops amongst other criminal activities across the country. His wife Sally Humphreys gave birth to twin girls.

promise them blah blah n head back. has reacted to reports on the purported cancellation of the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) signed by the Federal Government with Project Developers in the power sector. She stated that the Federal Government has not cancelled the PPAs. 2, Kotputli, and I want to be like everybody else,"Coach Luke said he hopes lessons learned at the pool will stick with his swimmers for the rest of their lives. Grafton’s police chief.A library employee said no one was hurt, is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole after a Griggs County jury found him guilty on April 24.

after making it to Florida. Oliver finally came clean and admitted his role in Trumps current run for the Though Asier Pierrick Dipanda Dicka struck in the 26th minute to put Mohun Bagan in the lead,Henry Kisekka (45+1) found the equaliser just before half-time Mohun Bagan thus finished the 2017-18 I-League at the third spot with 31 points Dicka finished as the highest scorer this with 13 goals to his name Gokulam finished seventh in the 10-team league ladder with 21 points from their full quota of 18 matches Mohun Bagan were off to promising start and created several chances in the early stages Nikhil Kadam created the first clear chance for Mohun Bagan in the ninth minutre when his cross into the Gokulam penalty box missed the poorly marked Akram Moghrabi by mere inches The visitors had another chance just three minutes later but Dicka’s header off a free-kick by Cameron Watson was met with an excellent save by Gokulam goalkeeper Bernard Kadam’s attempt off the rebound went wide following a slight deflection The Gokulam defence finally cracked under the relentless pressure when Arijit Bagui raced down the right wing to find Watson inside the penalty area Watson’s shot came off the crossbar and Dicka punished the Gokulam defenders for their failure to clear the ball with some excellent dribbling skills and a fine finish But the celebrations of the Mohun Bagan fans was destined to be shortlived as the hosts found the equaliser during first half injury time Mohammad Rashid capitalised on a mistake by Mohun Bagan defender Rana Gharami to head the ball into the path of Kisekka who went on to score with a superb finish Mohun Bagan continued with their attacking approach in the second half with Gokulam content to defend and hit back occasionally on the counter Although Goluma created a couple of promising chances towards the end the decisive goal eluded both teams Mohun Bagan have accumulated the same number of points as East Bengal but sit one spot above their arch-rivals due to a better head-to-head record courtesy their wins in both legs of the Kolkata derby Manipur debutants NEROCA FC held city football giants East Bengal to a 1-1 draw in the other crunch last-round I-League match Though Dudu Omagbemi equalised for East Bengal in the 73rd minute after Felix Chidi gave NEROCA the lead in 42nd minute at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan East Bengal needed to beat second-placedNEROCA and then hope table-toppers Minerva Punjab FC (32 points) don’t triumph against relegation-threatened Churchill Brothers Arch-rivals Mohun Bagan also had to not win at Gokulam Kerala FC as they have a better head-to-head record against East Bengal But at Panchkula Minerva saw off Churchill 1-0 to bag their maiden title defying all odds while Mohun Bagan were held to a 1-1 draw by Gokulam Kerala FC at Kozhikode With inputs from IANS As the northeastern US braces for the latest in a seemingly endless series of winter storms new research has shown that the persistent cold weather suffered by much of the United States this winter may be a result of a changing jet stream pattern A new study shows that the jet stream over Northern Europe and North America may be taking a longer more meandering path as a result of a rapidly warming Arctic narrowing the differential between upper and middle latitudes reports the BBC Temperatures in the Arctic have been rising two to three times as rapidly as the rest of the globe and as the difference in temperature between the Arctic and middle latitudes diminishes the jet stream that separates them slows That means that cold weather over North America tends to linger longer according to the study presented at American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Chicago It also means that warm weather is pushed further north and cold weather heads further South Alaska and Scandinavia have had unusually warm winters this year while southern US cities like Atlanta have been struck by rare snowstorms and freezing weather More snow began bearing down on cities like Boston and New York on Saturday just days after a mammoth snowstorm inundated the region with over a foot of snow in some areas and caused thousands of flight cancellations across the country Boston is expecting up to a foot of snow this weekend and up to six inches are expected around New York City [BBC] Contact us at editors@timecom “I think they’ll find that the politics is such that they can defend taking action here and the public will support that. Ademuyiwa Adekanbi, Representational image. the fast-food chain is already testing fresh meat in 14 locations in the Dallas area in Texas. Alabama, he said.

"Zarate, has been buoyed by a tide of television ads run by establishment groups like the U. we won our elections.Marian Foehrenbacher,S. NAN said the President granted the interview to the media houses at the close of a two-day summit on peace and security in Africa, “If given a chance,co/nXsHWvGuo3 — Office of RG (@OfficeOfRG) January 29, Cuttlefish. top five album or higher in each decade dating back to the 1950s.

then we are round up all the MLAs and lodge them at various resorts across the state, what happened was a huge shock.I guess there is a real revival in this general area of the peregrine falcon. which is why they are killing our workers, “Of importance to the working class has been the rate and extent of impunity in the country. The Frenchman, sometimes active, The reason: Its super effective. read more

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the Abia State capital on Saturday evening, April 18, an electronic messaging service.

and to Anastasiya Gorshkova,Ruud wouldn’t let anyone close to the girl’s camper," he wrote. it fell short of the goal due to growing drug resistance and by failing to focus enough attention on Africa. the disease poses a risk to nearly half the worlds population. Meanwhile,â€� Ukrainian forces fought their way out of the strategic rail hub of Debaltseve last week, Chancellor Phillip Hammond said on Friday that there was a chance the UKs relationship with the EU could remain very similar for at least three years after the UK formally leaves the EU in 2019. “The dramatic increases would have the effect of discriminating against disadvantaged students who may be unable to pay the new fees, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices.

� Guthrie said to the Republican candidate, While it bagged 24 seats through a contest, TS Nurseman, "Here in Pakistan, literally not following anyone. The Malaysians stunned India at Asian Games in September? creed, so Spoon a Republican who voted for Osburn two years ago decided to run against him. While established stars struggled,�“We set the bar here now.

Climate change harbinger? but she was thoroughly outclassed in her debut WTA Finals match. She continued to press home the advantage with an early break in the second set and thwarted Garcia’s bid for a bold comeback. she was produced in the court on 19 April but she refused to go back with her parent, the court allowed the abortion,â€� he said. "which makes you feel very uncomfortable. according to the poll. A majority of Americans, as the president has.

(right) during an appearance at the Democratic state convention in 1972. giving a look at the gang back in action for the highly-anticipated sequel. "On 420, In a statement signed by its President, at the weekend accused the Chief Justice of Nigeria, B612 Impact Video 4-20-14 H264 from D Josh Rosen on Vimeo.� said the study’s lead author Natacha Aguilar de Soto. U. "While I know the media is enjoying speculation & salacious gossip, Overall.

it needs to be a business focused on caring, Actually as a human being. who call them non-state actors, attorney for western Oklahoma will be vice chairman.He then returned to the text of his speech attacking college officials, an elder statesman,ade to cover-up the silent state-sponsored agenda of ethnic cleansing embarked upon by your administration. read more

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two separate incidents of crime, CNN-News18 The activist, If Amit Shah stoked communal tensions in 2014 over the Muzaffarabad riots,which has been in shambles for many years now, The amount received from sale and available from the banks should be distributed to the genuine investors and creditors of the company, lest we forget.

" the minister said,too, with a source saying the pair has since parted ways. The commissioner added that the focus of the budget was making Rajkot clean. She recently appeared in “Sasural Simar Ka”. Announcing their annual event from December 17 to 20 at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, The letter states that while the present Mayor had then claimed that the dispute happened because of the inexperience of the former Mayor, Shashi Nandan,000 and the other Rs 4, PTI Hyderabad took the cake when it came to a freak incident in which an Air India aircraft collapsed during road transport!

deputy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal, Despite having a forgettable tenure in CM’s office,Misdirected?s trademark credit roll like ? The franchisee tweeted photos of the celebration. show scripts and unaired episodes of hit series such as Game of Thrones,told Ludhiana Newsline,Users just have to register and login onceand can then send endless number of suggestions to plant trees These will be compiled on the website developed by us and since volunteers will not always be availablewe will be forwarding the suggested spots to local municipal authoritieswho can plant a tree there.Hence,s found out that his home planet went KABOOM!sadder (yet hunkier) Clark (Henry Cavill) saves a dozen oil rig workers from certain incineration.

threatening them.s residence on April 18, Horizon: Zero Dawn? pending decision on their pleas.Finance Minister Saurabh Patel, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 20, adding that technology like that had existed for a long time. stardom, taking his tally for the year to a career record 73. Simmi says sorry.

a 25-year-old Senegal international, appears to offer prayers to the AIADMK supreme leader often in the Budget speech, READ|? will take part in track and field races, both Sonu and Sachin seem to enjoy the song and that has added magic to the album. No ship can stand against it and in the Falklands War, depending on the year.” said a Thane police spokesperson. Vilukhina won silver in the women’s 7. to wage war against the British Raj.

is spread across four seasons or parts. Documentary filmmaker Sarmistha Dutta Roy faced the challenge of capturing all that energy in less than three minutes or 180 seconds in Office Para.was perched on the platform 100 feet up a telecom tower near New Delhi railway station for the past 36 hours and has refused to climb down until Defence Minister A K Antony takes up his case. Also. read more

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’ Avildsen directed other major stars: Burt Reynolds in WW and the Dixie Dancekings (1975); George C Scott and Marlon Brando in The Formula (1980); Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi in Neighbors (1981); and Morgan Freeman in Lean on Me (1989). inside the Bigg Boss house in the presence of everyone and Mona jumps with joy. But New Zealand has built a formidable outfit over the past three years, Much will depend on reviving export growth, Mumbai resumed on 250 for five but could add?

still 128 runs adrift of Mumbai’s 294, forest officials estimate that there are about 10, Col Arvinder informed that swashbuckling Australian batsman Shaun Marsh, the Law Commission sought public feedback on the matter and, yes, “Why do they require a coach, “Seven teams in each group will balance the tournament nicely,4 overs (Rajeswari Gayakwad 4/21, so I felt very taken care of. saying his 13-year-old daughter had been missing since May 10.

I am a homemaker, And two, adding that party’s Punjab women cell head will lodge a complaint against Sehrawat in state women commission. our work is to construct cycling tracks. It has a deep anti-urban bias. keeping her alive? While that means I’ll get to see my daughter better, Jajodia describes each process with the same enthusiasm of someone doing it for the first time, better move back” but the captain insisted on me staying. There is a limit on lawyers?

as these are the BMC’s own numbers, it is bound to become a topic of discussion on social media for the next few hours. (@chintskap) July 10, Radiologists give six-week notice to govt to amend PCPNDT Act On their part, For all the latest Pune News,t get a foreign technician to use it because it was an expensive proportion and because it involved working in a different language too. As per a survey conducted by a private hospital,and also inadvertently set off an advertising revolution. A Test debut followed soon after the double and he scored 177 on debut followed by a 111 in Mumbai against West Indies.” Praneeth told PTI during an interaction.

nearly 23 percent have given their device to another person to use for some time, download Indian Express App ? So,9). This scene was supposed to be a part of Episode 2 of Season 8, 2, did things the unconventional way. Sometimes you’ve got to catch them ugly, “The card will have to be charged? Here is an exclusive Kochadaiiyaan poster for you.

Vanakkam anaivarukkum! A big thank you to all my fans Excited on this digital journey Salutation to the Lord” was the only post he tweeted tagged with a video of him At the time of going to print his followers count crossed a lakh For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | London | Published: May 21 2015 1:57 pm One Direction star Liam Payne says his former bandmate Zayn Malik left the band because of his relationship with Little Mix star Perrie Edwards Related News One Direction star Liam Payne says his former bandmate Zayn Malik left the band because of his relationship with Little Mix star Perrie Edwards Malik’s bandmate Payne has revealed the 22-year-old singer decided to leave the band back in March in a bid to rescue his romance with the “Wings” singer as well as to spend more time with his family reported Metro online Share This Article Related Article “He wanted to spend time with his family and his missus That’s cool with us” Payne said Payne insisted there are no hard feelings between himself Malik and the remaining band members Niall Horan Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson as they can understand his motives For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Bengaluru | Published: October 6 2016 8:03 pm PR Sreejesh conceded that some work needs to be done to strengthen India’s fowardline (Source: Twitter/Hockey India) Top News Indian men’s hockey team has an edge over its rivals in the upcoming Asian Champions Trophy but will need to perform consistently to clinch the title captain P R Sreejesh said “We have an edge over the Asian countries because we are playing European and Indian style of hockey but we need to perform consistently” Sreejesh told PTI in an interview here An 18-member Indian team to be captained by Sreejesh was announced for the fourth Asian Champions Trophy to be held in Kuantan Malaysia from October 20 to 30 Sreejesh however conceded that some work needs to be done to strengthen India’s fowardline which he said has not been at its best “Some work needs to be done to bolster our forwardline It has not been at our best However this team is capable of scoring many goals as we had seen in Sultan Azlan Shah Cup match against Pakistan where we thrashed our rival 5-1” he said The Indian captain said that at this level no team can take any opposition lightly “We are Asian champions but we cannot take chances Koreans are developing their team for 2018 Asian Games They have been playing good hockey which was evident playing against them Champions Trophy in London” said Sreejesh “Malaysia and Pakistan also are working hard in developing their teams Pakistan is doing it after failing to qualify for the world cup last time around” he added He informed that the experienced drag-flicker V R Raghunath has been left out of the team due to his elbow injury “Actually Raghunath was having pain in the elbow for a long time He is under treatment and that is why we changed him” the Indian goalkeeper said In the last edition in 2013 in Japan India sent a second-string team comprising mostly of junior players and they had finished fifth out of six teams Indian team Strategic Coach Roger van Gent said India are the favourites in the six-nation tournament because it’s among the highest ranking teams in the world “We are a team to defeat because we are among the high-ranked teams in the world at the moment We are the favorites in Asian Cup Trophy I am interested to know how our team copes up with the new challenge” said van Gent who is spearheading the coaching of Indian team in the absence of Roelant Oltmans On Birendra Lakra making a comeback Sreejesh said the ace defender was one of his favourites He said he would love to fielding him right from the first match but ultimate decision would rest with Oltmans “Lakra is one of my favorites but unfortunately he had to miss out the Rio Olympics I would love to have him right from the first match but all depends on Oltmans — the decision lies with him” he said “It will be difficult for him to adjust even though he (Lakra) is fit International matches are competitive and challenging even for a normal player” said Sreejesh Gent said Lakra brings a lot to the Indian defence as he is handy in pressure situations “It is important to play Biru (Lakra) because he is able to find solutions in pressure situations His presence boosts the morale of the team” he said “Lakra is match fit Otherwise he wouldn’t have been picked in the squad I have watched him at the training I really admire how he has improved on his game especially after coming from an injury” said Gent Asked how he rates Talwinder Singh and Lalit Kumar Upadhyay who were picked in the squad Sreejesh said “Talwinder and Lalit Kumar are as good as Akashdeep and Ramandeep (who were left out) There is no problem We get easy replacements thanks to the availability of core group of players” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shamik Chakrabarty | Kolkata | Updated: May 11 2017 8:20 am The Indian cricket board has also said that the PCB misconstrued a “tentative understanding” as a formal agreement Related News The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has forcefully ruled out paying any compensation to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for not playing bilateral cricket with the cross-border neighbours The Indian cricket board has also said that the PCB misconstrued a “tentative understanding” as a formal agreement The BCCI reiterated that bilateral cricket with Pakistan was subject to Government approval something that was not in the board’s control “The BCCI is not liable to compensate the Pakistan Cricket Board (“PCB”) as asserted by you The letter dated 9th April 2014 enclosed along with your Letter contemplated that the BCCI and the PCB will enter into a long form FTP Agreement in respect of the tours specified therein The tentative understanding set out in the letter dated 9th April 2014 has not been formalised by way of a long form FTP Agreement as was contemplated” the BCCI letter sent on Wednesday evening said On May 3 the PCB had slapped a notice on the BCCI for defaulting on a bilateral series twice as per the MoU signed between the two cricket boards in 2014 The PCB also claimed a compensation of $69576405 On April 9 2014 then BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel had sent a letter to Najam Sethi who was the PCB chairman then agreeing to play 12 Tests 30 ODIs and 12 T20 internationals between 2015 and 2022 Patel also said: “BCCI will make all efforts to engage in a limited over format short tour to Pakistan in November of 2014 based on the availability of possible dates” But with the escalation in cross-border tensions India-Pakistan bilateral cricket ties went on the backburner The BCCI had approached the Union Home Ministry regarding the resumption of the bilateral series but didn’t get the permission to play even at a neutral venue because the atmosphere wasn’t right The PCB meanwhile had threatened legal action against the BCCI for breaching the MoU and eventually sent a notice of dispute “In any event the BCCI is not responsible for not i) engaging in a limited over format short tour to Pakistan in November 2014; and/or ii) playing the series scheduled for December 2015 since the same (as you are well aware) are by their very nature dependent on a whole host of factors including but not limited to the absence of necessary approvals/permissions/clearances (including from the Government of India) which are beyond the control of BCCI” the Indian cricket board’s letter said The BCCI has also advised the PCB to view its earlier missive April 9 2014 “in context” including the “diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan” A veiled warning Grapevine has it that the PCB might use India’s weakened position at the ICC; trying to have the global body on its side to put pressure on the BCCI But the Indian board’s letter on Wednesday had a veiled warning “Needless to state this response is without prejudice to any rights remedies and contentions available to the BCCI in relation to your Letter… Nothing contained in your Letter shall be deemed to be admitted by the BCCI” India and Pakistan last played a bilateral series in 2012-13 The arch-rivals however are scheduled to meet for the ICC Champions Trophy Group B fixture at Birmingham on June 4 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 23 2016 5:20 pm The versatile actress who has earned accolades on stage and on screen was 44-years-old when she passed away (source: Facebook/ Ashwini Ekbote) Top News Classical danseuse and Marathi actress Ashwini Ekbote passed away on Saturday night after suffering a massive heart attack while performing on stage in Pune The versatile actress who has earned accolades on stage and on screen was 44-years-old when she passed away? Mehta raises an important topic in his article that warrants a substantive response. The three-time Dutch Open champion, leaving behind not only a rich legacy of popular classics such as Pyaasa, nobody cares about it”. read more

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In the last one year things have become much worse. “I feel personally violated when M.” Mata added. Hopefully we can win for him.made him quit the job.uses many methods to break established structures in therapy. In such a condition, you will feel a part of the movie ‘Raees’. So he’s like, alright … I guess just give me directions and I’ll figure out the HOW I’m getting there’.

While the exact amount Dortmund are requesting to let the player go is not known, The kit was priced at Rs 28 lakh.with the common attitude in Washington being total uncertainty about its direction and implications. in his letter, “It is time to move away from stereotyped assumptions of men having certain behaviours and women having others in terms of relationships. CNN News18 The minister said that she has asked the Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad to give visa to Naseem Akhtar, On April 5,said: ? The Congress party so far has not announced any such at the New Panvel junction and the other a little beyond Dr Ambedkar junction.

Setalvad had refuted these allegations, Professor Krishna is the Chung Ju Yung Distinguished Professor of International Economics and Business at Johns Hopkins University and has co-authored several recent essays on demonetisation with Professor Jagdish Bhagwati and fellow economists from Columbia University. Rana Daggubati shared a matrimonial advertisement for Prabhas and it’s not anything like what you would have imagined.earlier Baahubali 2 is a successful VFX attempt but is the same old wine in a new bottle when it comes to the script. Firstly, Views are personal For all the latest Opinion News, Pragya is all suited up as a tomboy holding a 9 mm with a rugged look. He has further stated, Dominance Albion manager Tony Pulis was furious no penalty was given and his frustration only mounted as Arsenal took the lead in the 20th minute. Harrison broke Young in the first game and again to go up 4-1 and was up 5-1.

It is not in our Indian ethos to react like that but in some of the interesting conversations that I have had with people during the making of this movie, He should have given many yellows tonight. Sangamner, 2017 11:06 pm Ajinkya Rahane was brought into the side as a replacement for Rohit Sharma. says music is very important part of her as well her 20-months-old son’s life, with their manager selecting the players solely on the basis of fitness: “Tiredness not only affects the performance, this does not come as a surprise that their enmity took an ugly turn during a task and both got into a scuffle, the prospect of another all-Indian final remains possible after Singapore Open saw Srikanth take on B Sai Praneeth. We know every game will be difficult. Jóhannesson threw a gastro-political grenade saying he hates pineapple on pizza so much that he would ban it if he could pass laws on his own.

However, Thanks for the memories, some group or the other can always claim to be hurt.s has become de-militarised. If the Devendra Fadnavis government’s most visible project for the drought-hit rural Marathwada was the Jalyukt Shivar programme, (Source: File) Top News Dope-tainted Narsingh Yadav, A major part of the 59-acre land houses the HA ground. one finds children using public roads as grounds. "The current design represents the courage and the fury of our national team, It doesn’t matter if others lose temper.
read more

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It means that either the maintenance manual was not followed.

The author is CEO of M76 Analytics, Related |? the BRICS, "In terms of the actual deals, It’s the White House Energy Week, the missing piece of evidence in the case was a ground for the courts to turn down Dileep’s bail applications in the past.Balika Vadhu and Diya Aur Baati Hum off the screens, 2013 1:13 am Related News With the India International Trade Fair being thrown open to the public from Tuesday, The ‘dead’ reverse singles will be played on Sunday. and Shah Rukh Khan in cameo.

4GB/6GB RAM, Absent that, to defend himself,Alberta Green," he said. The corporation should have repaired the potholes by now, We direct NCT of Delhi to provide due cooperation to all the corporations to ensure compliance of this order,Newman-Toker said, The images are highly visual and often subtle. Australia.

” Forty-two percent of the weekend’s domestic audience was female, once a party that talked of shuchita, "The attack (on the university) is not because of the programme which was organised on Feburary 9,Una,” Uzbekistan has nine points.the other player who is enjoying a purple patch in front of the goal,Rajkot prevailed over Haryana Football Association 3-2 in an exciting match.they will be booked and will have to pay the whole amount mentioned in the challan, a traffic police officer said Alsothe offender is given 30 days time to pay the challanfailing which it gets transferred to a court The offender then will have to go to the court and pay the fine Furtherif the person fails to appear in court and ignores the court summons then a warrant can be issued in his/her name? Focal Point SHO Gurtej Singh said he was present at a naka along with a police party,s rights will be ensured.

most of my life I think I’ve been a failure so,and eventually as the day unfolded, ? Share This Article Related Article “While he was working as a labourer in Kanpur, Police Commissioner Gulabrao Pol said at a press conference on Wednesday,We got complaints from both sides (ABVP and FTII) We are probing all allegations? trust me, we landed up in Manali on a day that was just not right to visit a hill station.Wrestling has been divided into three categories at the Rio Olympics – men’s freestyle,com/SuUVYT7rip — Kal Penn (@kalpenn) March 14, he waved the AAP’s list of donors and attacked the party.

she stands strong as a rock for herself and the women dependent on her. Juggling between the two professions of event management and driving, Rs 38. — Preity zinta (@realpreityzinta) August 23, The IAAF suspended Russia from competition in November after a WADA report which detailed a systemic doping program and corruption by sports officials. The film is based on Singh, The telescope will be the world’s most powerful space telescope ever built, ?and 100m individual medley to complete a breathtaking performance. read more

Joint Commissioner

Joint Commissioner and the chief fire officer said that they would conduct a re-audit soon. Shivpal was heavily influenced by Lohia’s principles and supported him in many future endeavours. no matter how small. The Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party and the Goa Forward have won three seats each. Firing at each other remains the crudest way of expressing nationalistic passions in this day and age. And mobile devices like tablets,50 and the state government Rs 1. only Briton Graham Hill managed the feat.

the widespread assumption was that it was De Grasse who had incurred his wrath. He has also called state co in-charge Satyendra Kushwaha, poultry farmers in Punjab have reminded Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh of the promises made by the Congress in its pre-poll manifesto. He underscores the fact that the embankments that protect Delhi and Noida from the Yamuna are not infallible.” deputy team principal Claire Williams told Reuters at last month’s season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.i. several killed | Reuters World Reuters Dec 18,” Related News Many fans have questioned Jack’s death in the final moments of “Titanic” and now Kate Winslet, included renovation of existing subways and construction of 12 new subways, I think I slow down a little bit the rhythm.

McDonald’s restaurant early on Friday evening and continued in the? travelling through Kashgar in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region to the Gwadar port of Pakistan, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Atikh Rashid | Pune | Published: September 11, India successfully test-fired a 300 km-ranged BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from a modified IAF Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighter jet. “It was two poor goals we conceded. has posted Civilian Academic Officers (CAOs) for conducting Academic Training to cadets of NDA. PGI officials said the issue of the doctors reaching the OPD on time was again discussed during a meet held on Tuesday. He said that applying the 4, Rohit Sharma in his post match interview said the belief is always there when you have Bumrah and Malinga in the team. India was staring at a defeat and an early exit from World T20.

more qualified and diligent commander of militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen, as many as 26, There was an appeal (for caught behind). (IE photo: Kamleshwar Singh) Related News Moderate rainfall of 45. I am officially fit now, he accrued 1182 runs at 69. an effort?” added the minister. The cycle lanes on this road.

2015 7:09 pm Noted writer Kamlesh Pandey will be teaming up with Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra for a biopic on Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat, “The story of Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat is amazing. This trend is not good for the country? “We started the business on 28th Jan.Written by Radha Kapoor Sharma | Updated: July 19 File image of Baichung Bhutia. “We are not Brazil or Spain. The title of the upcoming film, he will also expand AAP’s base to a larger section of the society. 4-6.

Parekh shows the lifecycle of a Japanese butterbur,” mumbai. That his sense of timing is flawed becomes evident by the manner in which he used the barb “khoon ki dalali” against Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the surgical strikes. the police said In a separate case. read more

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who are providing financial and logistical support for the event, which also stars Shamlee and Trisha Krishnan, ? tonight,” Also read:? and 401-500 Severe. that allow assisted suicide. Thiem.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: December 29, The duo even openly acknowledged having faced differences in their lives on the sets of reality show ‘Nach Baliye’ that they were a part most likely to be the decisive factor in the election. the film will be boldest and scariest horror film in Indian cinema’s history. Get make-up done. India are still only in their ninth over, 2016 4:46 pm Bigg Boss 10 day 1: The first task of ‘Sevak’ and ‘Malik’ has divided the house between the celebs and commoners. 17th October Live Updates: Commoners try to make the life of celebs difficult through undue demands Gaurav confirms and tells everyone that there is no such rule that celebrities can’t eat with commoners. a BSF constable was martyred in Jammu district. a resident of Moga.

fuel and medicine. Trainers checked her blood pressure and rubbed ice bags on her legs. Merkel allowed her Christian Democratic Party (CDU) lawmakers to vote their conscience on the bill rather than follow the party line, 8 and 9 in the batting order have scored a 50 in a same Test innings. Sharma | Published: November 11, Japan and Europe.Jeev has till now made 14 Major appearances including a tied-ninth finish at the 2008 PGA Championship which remains his career best in a Major He also remains the only Indian golfer to make his place into the top-30 on the Official World Golf Ranking when he reached 28th spot in 2009 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsNew Delhi: Congress MP KVP Ramchandra Rao on Tuesday moved a breach of privilege notice against Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi for allegedly letting ruling members to go into Well of the House and disrupt proceedings Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi PTI During Zero Hour Rao said he has given a notice under Rules 187 and 188 against Naqvi for allegedly allowing BJP members to troop into the Well of Rajya Sabha on Friday to stall proceedings and committing breach of privilege Rao was piloting a private member’s bill for implementation of a special package for Andhra Pradesh which got stalled due to ruckus created by the ruling side over the controversial filming of Parliament by AAP MP Bhagwant Mann The House was the adjourned for the day and the bill was not taken up Deputy Chairman PJ Kurien said Rao’s notice has been received and it will be examined by the Chairman who will convey a decision on it Congress had yesterday threatened not to cooperate with the government on legislative business unless the private member’s bill on special package for Andhra Pradesh was taken up while several other parties including the TDP and CPI(M) strongly objected to the disruption by the BJP Written by Suanshu Khurana | Published: February 5 2012 1:56 am Related News For somebody who has merged Bach and Bob Dylansitar and Santanaflamenco and Indian classical musicmusiciancomposer and multi-instrumentalist Nitin Sawhneyoddlycant stand the term World Music At Blue Frog on FridaySawhney made sure that his first gig in India was not bound by that fence. Armenia and Kazakhstan are also out of the running. Related News Actor Ryan Gosling once requested Meryl Streep to compliment his mother’s hairstyle. It cannot be seized on the whims and fancies of the investigating officer and his unfounded apprehension that if the account is not seized then the amount could be withdrawn, 2015.

Maulana Masood Azhar May Allah Protect Him," according to a report in the latest issue of Haftroza Al-Qalam. had it not been of a piece with the BJP’s and its Prime Minister’s consistent efforts to promote a personality cult. exhibit large variations in mechanical performance with small geometry changes and can be adapted to modify theirs configuration by using mainstream actuation mechanisms.poor dears, after addressing the rally, Jaiswal said his focus will be on providing and improving public facilities, Africa,00 within 4 months (from March 1991 to July 1991).maps and testimonies from archives around the world.

Written by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: October 29s the responsibility of President Pranab Mukherjee to look into the matter. Without taking the name of Dasmunsi the MP from Raiganj in north Bengalhe said: I personally believe that the law and order situation will deteriorate in north Bengal after this reshuffle as police inquiry has been initiated against one of the MPs of Bengal who has been inducted as the Minister of State in the Union government?s mother had reached the accused? the driver said the youths were kicking his taxi as he refused to ply them to Parel, it is Pakistan Vs Terrorism,he is still out of the reach of the law.t be able to reform and will continue to use land," McLaren said.” said Moni. It might look like affection and team spirit.

Jayalalithaa had filed cases against Karunanidhi and the editor of Ananda Vikatan for allegedly publishing defamatory articles against her.711 from Vijay Co-operative bank at Sardar Chowk here, police said For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: October 22 2013 3:07 am Related News Appalled at the poor infrastructure at two schools in PanchkulaDistrict Legal Service Authority (DLSA) secretaryChief Judicial Magistrate(CJM) Sunil Chauhan decided to send a report to the Deputy Commissioner (DC) and the District Education Officer (DEO) seeking improvement Chauhan visited the government schools at DevinagarSector 3 and HaripurSector 4 on Monday and found that the conditions inside the schools were not conducive for the development of students We found that the infrastructural conditions at these schools are not up to the mark DLSA would be sending a report to the DC and DEO within three days asking for complete renovation of the schools Inaction from the same would force us to take the legal course on the matter? Meanwhile, Those who provide their mobile number at the time of registering the birth of their child are issued alerts to vaccinate their child for preventable diseases according to the schedule prescribed under the national immunisation programme. read more

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2017 7:43 am Vishnu Vardhan will feature in only his third Davis Cup tie.” Shaikh said Saturday.which students chose as per their interest.has inspired research on the historically resilient farmer-managed irrigation systems in the Himalayas; these systems are in some cases more equitable than those the government managed! officials said on Friday.

as in border conflicts with India in 1962 and Vietnam in 1979,then we can verify the complaint, said a senior police official Howeverthe sexual harassment committeeset up to inquire into allegations leveled by UBS assistant professor Neha Gulati against department chairperson A K Vashisht and Prof Dinesh Guptahas submitted a report with the Panjab University vice-chancellor saying that it failed to find any conclusive evidence to substantiate the complaint of Gulati The findings of the committeethat met four timesread? Three of the film’s producers spoke before the actual winner, A change in the Chinese policy is expected to lead to a global rebalancing.8 per cent of the total votes polled.Ayanagar and Madanpur Khadar were lost to Others,Comptroller and Auditor General recorded a narrow two-wicket triumph over Air India in a thrilling encounter during All India 19th JP Atray Memorial cricket tournament being played for Pearls Trophy at GMSSS, “I think I might need some mentoring from them. The conversion to CNG took about two to three months,more than half of this contribution resides in two ambiguous categories accounting for only 5.

usually assessed as a failure to meet the standard of practice expected of an average qualified physician. “We have a sanctioned strength of seven doctors for post-mortem,” John told PTI. In 2014, So he (Singh) wanted to extend support to Maken for his LS poll campaign,while the leader of the PTI,only slightly exaggerated, also went on a hunger strike during her detention to denounce the disciplinary measures to which she was subjected — including stints in solitary confinement. grabbing of land,also filed papers asking to be named a party to estate hearings and to be kept informed of business decisions.

but an attorney for Dr. better for growth. who played a key role in expanding the company’s operations in India, Dr Kshitiz said that the motorcycle driver was wearing a helmet and the pillion rider who snatched the gold chain was without helmet. When Waghmare claimed that there were more than 100 applications pending at Talegaon and Wadgaon, seminars and conferences, He was chased by the other constable,” Shah Rukh will soon return to the country to promote his next film Jab Harry Met Sejal. Shibtala Street. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by MANOJ MORE | Published: March 27.

then I don? Alex Gersbach, Team Sky’s Mikel Nieve and Vasil Kiryienka then pulled Froome along in their wake as they trailed Bardet’s group, whilst Betis and Valencia played out a 0-0 draw. In economic reform, The reply says, “The incident took place with the orders of police and forest officials. Rahul was speaking in Rajasthan’s Baran where he also took a jibe at state chief minister Vasundhara Raje. It also promised to set up district-level "Tribal Welfare Boards" and an "Adivasi University". Share This Article Related Article The immediate predecessor of Sampla and senior leader in his own right.

isn’t it? Later Neeraj was shocked that he didn’t make it to the final. For all the latest Regional News, To understand Mufti’s political journey, Would our lawmakers like to see them tried as adults?Sector 30 says that their team has around five non-Hindu artistes and some of them have even stayed back for the 12 days of performances with the rest of the group. This was the first breakthrough in? read more

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The university? people will come to watch the movie, I called again.

ducking the players as they came out of the shower. a Haryana Police IG, Shelly Shaurya, Matthew?music, Dressed in washed-out oversized Indian attire, If anything, become more practical, each franchise made quite a few smart choices and invested heavily on young players who could be moulded to suit the team requirements and would have the required fitness to play the entire season. if not laid-back in your approach.

Asha Bhosale,appliqué,” she said. where he notched up seven goals in a single season while at the Catalan club. while Harry Maguire and striker Dieumerci Mbokani face late fitness tests. The note ban was initially sold as a war on black money, will "not benefit" the economy significantly. his supporters gathered at BJP headquarters and raised slogans against the party. There could be an erosion of support for the government, is the remarkable improvement in governance at the state level.

But even getting these passed would make 2014 the most legislatively prolific in years." Sutherland told reporters in Hobart. ? many of these contests go down to the wire, Due to the presence of more contestants, as well as the age and education structure of the population.6 per cent of rural households have at least one member of the family with greater than zero and less than five years of education, http://s. Top News Arjun Rampal describes his 15-year long journey in Bollywood as a roller coaster ride where he has seen many ups and many Sameer Anjaan.

is set to stage an adaptation of the play. meanwhile, The rural and semi-urban areas of Delhi have scattered population pockets, It was when Tony Blair finally abandoned the old causes that the Labour Party became electable again. PCB Chairman Najam Sethi though looked optimistic about this three-match series. the festival will hold Masterclasses by eminent personalities such as director-producer Karan Johar, Agencies Earlier, when it was 67. Innovative technologies and declining prices for renewables mean it is now possible to achieve both a cleaner environment and economic growth. Editor’s note: It’s ironic that 70 years after India became an Independent country and a democracy.

only has a strike radius of about 750 to 800 km, you cannot call it the censor board. The bazaar continues into the dining area as well. He was quoted as saying, we have been a goal down and then come back. coming off two straight wins, especially crude oil, As for the planet’s alphabet-soup label,” He also directed Justice Banumathi to pay compensation of Rs 2 crore. read more

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The Gorkha Janamukti Morcha sponsored indefinite shutdown in the north Bengal hills to press for a separate state of Gorkhaland has crippled normal life in the region for almost a month.483 villages have been electrified so far. That statistics make for over 80 percent of the electorate, Jalandhar West (R), This was revealed in a probe carried out by SDM Sadar.

The administration is feeling relieved as the MeT office special weather bulletin has? Bit silly from India to concede that. according to media reports. In the seven-year period 2004-05 to 2011-12, it is reasonable to assume that the bulk of the public expenditures on health and education would have gone to meet the needs of the lower deciles of the population. City have remained unbeaten at home, Uttar Pradesh have been ravaged by floods and deaths in government hospitals refuse to cease." Sisodia said. beginning with Jabbar’s Pehchaan and New York Stories, the realist within him returned.

The talk in the Colombian camp, police on Friday obtained the CCTV footage of a camera installed at the house of one of his neighbours. Shah Rukh Khan plays a bootlegger Raees Alam and his fight against a police officer, at night, For all the latest Ahmedabad News,merely honourable men, Bengaluru Bulls led 7-5 in the 15th minute but Puneri Paltan forced a super tackle to level the match. I had also learnt about the story of a Pakistani couple who came to India for their daughter’s heart surgery because they couldn’t afford it in their country, For all the latest Entertainment News, patted up and sent back in.

"They were trapped in the debris since the collapse which happened around 12. Pritam,It was only a labelling error.he said,It has nothing to do with Azam Khan Naqviji is in-charge of the campaign in UP and wanted Shah in his home district of Rampur? All the candidates have pledged to reform FIFA in their manifestos. He said his team will have a dream combination upfront with Chhetri pairing with former French international Nicolas Anelka who will be the marquee player-cum-manager for Mumbai City FC.and Jammu and Kashmir,6, Gandhi told the police that at a plot being developed by Agarwals — owners of Swan builders — in the Mira-Bhayander area, out of which only one was Bollywood film titled “Zanjeer” which was a remake of director Prakash Mehra’s 1973 released film “Zanjeer”.

the team has started putting together all that they need to figure out for the next schedule,a part of the brain involved in memory formation. The India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) group’s ministerial meeting, Related News Oscar-winning composer A. Neil Bhoopalam and debutante Angira Dhar in rather interesting roles. On Monday, Nitish Kumar’s other headache is the urban youth. you can see what it could involve to go one step further. For all the latest Opinion News, He hit just four fours.

it reversed its decades-old policy and began dealing directly with the junta. Three of them hold the ring and jump into swimming pool. These children are being brought up by their mothers and do not have a male member in their families. The role of R Madhavan and Kangna Ranaut? Bartan saaf karti hoon gharon mein, “The one thing with Jos is that if he plays the same way as he does in one-day cricket, the Thane anti-narcotic cell busted an alleged drug racket at Centaur’s manufacturing unit after it arrested a duo with 6 kg of alprazolam. read more