United ‘fishing’ in the Masia: sign cadet Marc Jurado

first_imgManchester United have signed Barcelona cadet Marc Jurado. In accordance Sport, the Catalan youth squad is not going to renew and can be a part of the English group leaving 1.5 million euros to Barça for coaching rights. Jury, who performs proper again, has been one in every of the gamers who has shone the most this season in the Cadet A of Barça. The participant entered La Masía in the Prebenjamín class 9 years in the past. The facet, pure of Can Rull, he most well-liked to proceed his profession away from Can Barça, as different Barça youth squads like Fran Mérida, Jordi Alba or Cesc, though these final two ended up returning. Sport ensures that the choice was communicated this week after a number of weeks of negotiation and that it has not sat effectively inside the membership. Barça put him on the desk to be in Juvenil B, an financial determine greater than what he has acquired to this point with which he meant to affix his identify to these of Pablo Páez ‘Gavi’ and Ilias renovations which are tied. Nonetheless, Jurado will strive his luck in the purple devils with a technology higher than his personal and may have the chance, if his efficiency is sweet, of being in the United department.last_img read more

Govt hauls in CHEC over US$150M contract woes

first_img… says Chinese contractor “woefully” behind scheduleThe Public Infrastructure Ministry is unhappy with the progress being made by China Harbour EngineeringCHEC workers engaged in pile driving recently on the US$150 million CJIA Expansion ProjectLtd (CHEC) on the US$150 million Cheddi Jagan International Airport Extension Project and has since decided to haul in the contractor for a meeting to address the unsatisfactory issues.According to a statement issued by the Ministry on Wednesday, among the concerns to be addressed is the fact that CHEC is still to submit the final construction drawings of the new arrival terminal building.This complaint has been a recurring problem with the CHEC team which has time and again failed to meet deadlines in submitting critical designs for approval.The Ministry has also identified among other problems, the keeping of the agreed schedule for the completion of the project and has signalled a proposal which would see the “fast-tracking of the project via simultaneous works to the runway/new arrival terminal building and renovations of the existing terminal building.”Additional manpowerThe Ministry has proposed to CHEC that works on the new terminal be conducted in parallel with works on the existing building and runway, but said too that it is cognisant that “this proposal will require additional manpower and equipment to achieve the December 2017 deadline.”Among the other contractual concerns listed by Government with regards to the controversial Chinese contractor – CHEC – is the timely delivery of concrete onsite; the procurement schedule for equipment and the progress of the works on the generator room and fire pump station.The Ministry reported Project Manager Carmichael Thorne as saying, “We are progressing but we can do better… There are areas we can improve on and these are areas that the contractor can improve on by upping the efforts.”CHEC has since been asked to provide supporting documents detailing the designs, plans, schedules and assigned resources before the scheduled meeting.Thorne said that the CHEC’s management has already been contacted with the intent to have unsatisfactory areas rectified.Negative publicityCHEC recently found itself on the receiving end of negative local publicity after it was discovered that the Chinese company had inked an agreement with a Surinamese-based company for the supply of some 300,000 tons of stone for the CJIA project, at a price of US$7.5 million.The news was met with consternation on the part of local suppliers that have since lodged complaints with local representatives, coupled with the increase calls for Government to have the arrangement re-negotiated since preference should be given to local suppliers.Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, had also come in for intense flak after he told media operatives that Government was essentially powerless to revoke the contract since it was a private arrangement between CHEC and the Surinamese-based company.The Public Infrastructure Minister had also come out in defence of the arrangement saying that CHEC had opted for the cheaper alternative in the supply of crushed stones for the project.President of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) had also come out in support of greater protection for local content in the undertaking of such large projects.The US$150 million Project has been one of the bug-bears of the current coalition A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Administration ever since it was in Opposition.It had argued, among others, that the contract was unfavourable to Guyana and was in fact borne in corruption.After taking office in May last year, it almost immediately halted and renegotiated the project, after which it was restarted with a December 2017 completion date.last_img read more

Region 7 officials put in hot seat over drug purchases

first_img– assure PAC expired drugs not being distributedThe Region Seven Administration was, during Monday’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meeting, put under the microscope over the fact that with millions spent on drugs, the region could not provide satisfactory answers pertaining to their purchases.Regional Executive Officer Rodrick Edinboro and Regional Health Officer Dr Edward Segala, appearing before the PAC, were questioned on several red flags that were raised in the Auditor General’s 2016 Report.Region Seven officials appearing before the PAC on MondayAccording to the report, “the sum of $64.496 million was budgeted for the procurement of drugs and medical supplies under the Health Services Programme for 2016. According to the Appropriation Account, the sum of $50 million was expended as at 31 December 2016.“This amount was transferred by way of inter-departmental warrant (IDW) 2504/2016 on 25th May 2016, to the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) (to) procure drugs and medical supplies for the region. According to the financial return sent from the MoPH, the sum of $46.899 million was expended, and unspent balance, $3.101 million, was credited to the Appropriation Account.”“The report noted that despite drugs and medical supplies being received by the Regional Administration, the cost was not stated on the documentation that accompanied the deliveries. As a result, the Audit Office could not determine whether the full value was received for the sum warranted to the MoPH.”That was in 2016. When the regional officials were asked whether they had received value for the monies spent on drugs, a value still could not be provided.PAC member Juan Edghill berated the regional officials for their inability to account for monies spent on these drugs. There were instances when drugs were procured directly.Questioned, the REO noted that drugs were procured an on emergency basis, but when the Regional Health Officer explained that there are shortages of emergency drugs, Opposition Parliamentarian Nigel Dharamlall questioned the chronic disease medication shortage when billions are spent on drug procurement each year.Segala explained that because of Region Seven’s geographic location, it is difficult. Says they service more than Region Seven.Expired drugsThe report also noted that audit checks had revealed there were, in the regional administration’s possession, 23 types of expired drugs which are still to be destroyed. But since there was no value stated on the documents for the items, a total cost of all drugs destroyed could not be ascertained.Edghill raised concerns over whether expired drugs were being distributed to hinterland residents. According to Segala, however, the expired drugs were not being distributed. Segala also noted that the drugs have been destroyed, but all is still not well with the system.“The system is a challenging one. For example, at the level of a hospital, where you have a pharmacist…it is much easier to notice and to tell whether a particular medication is going to expire within a certain timeframe,” he explained.“The challenge, though, would come from the far-flung areas; in our case Upper Mazaruni and Middle Mazaruni, where there is no pharmacist…so supervision can be quite challenging,” he noted.last_img read more

“Self-defence” should be included in schools’ curriculum – psychologist

first_imgWith domestic violence becoming widespread across the country, especially violence against women and girls peaking in recent years, a psychologist who recently earned a Masters in Science and in counselling psychology has noted that she believes self-defence should be taught in schools across the country.This was shared by Raiza Khan during an exclusive interview with Guyana Times on Tuesday.Psychologist Raiza KhanAccording to the psychologist who has been in the field for close to two years, there is a need for self-defence to be taught, as its benefits can be multi-fold.Khan explained, “Often times a lot of the Government organisations and a lot of the schools, what we would encourage them to do is as much psycho-social training and psycho-social programmes, something as simple as developing your sense of identity… I think that what needs to be understood is that self-defence can be helpful in terms of developing empowerment and healthy and active children just like the same reasons you would offer physical education and dance classes and track and field”.She noted that while the Government may already have provisions for classes which may include physical health and wellbeing, what is urgent to be addressed is how children own up to uncomfortable situations which they may not necessarily be brave enough to talk about, although being encouraged to do so.In fact, the psychologist pointed out that the classes which may very well help a child when they age, is really not intended to help fight violence with violence but rather to engage youths on understanding that you can be prepared for an assault since self-defence techniques are not only used when a person’s boyfriend or girlfriend hits them.Important to note is that these classes, she pointed out, can also help to fight crime as many times persons are attacked and are unable to defend themselves.Khan argued, “Self-defence is not only used against your domestic violence partner but we do have crime and women are pick-pockets and men are pick-pockets and young children are attacked on the streets, so it would more be for self-development and being able to protect yourselves from other circumstances not to be used in the case of (only) violence against women”.She alluded to the fact that there needs to be a more holistic approach to understand where violence comes from and what the other party actually sees in the other person while trying to be possessive and how to deal with insecurities.According to her, just as other life skills are being taught in schools such as Home Economics, classes should also be developed geared towards tackling peer pressure, depression and even mental health, as well as dealing with anxiety.“We talk about diabetes, we talk about other forms of medical conditions but we are not talking about mental health in schools,” she posited.The Education Ministry is presently in the process of drafting a new curriculum for schools.The new curriculum is intended to benefit nursery, primary and secondary levels up to Grade Nine, as classes from there on utilise the Caribbean curriculum to prepare for the Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC).According to a Senior Public Relations Officer of the Education Ministry, Brushell Blackman the new curriculum will include a number of broad areas, which he acknowledged the Ministry previously overlooked.The new syllabus, will among other things, seek to include oil education he posited.Blackman added the Ministry promised not to drag their feet on the paperwork, as they are fully aware of its importance and vitality at this time.Chief Education Officer Marcel Hutson also pointed out how critical it is for the curriculum to be updated, while saying, “This process cannot be a long and drawn out process. I know curriculum writing take time, but it cannot be forever. We don’t have all the time in the world”.last_img read more

Former AG to challenge criminal charge in High Court

first_imgLaw books vendettaFormer Attorney General Anil Nandlall has signalled his intention to move to the High Court to challenge the criminal charge of larceny by bailee, with which he was slapped on Thursday in connection with 14 law books that he has in his possession.Released on his own recognisance after appearing before Georgetown Magistrate Fabayo Azore, Nandlall was defiant as he reacted to his arrest and indictment. Taking to social media in a release on Thursday, he said the lower courts should have given way to the High Court.Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall leaving the magistrate’s court on Thursday flanked by supportersCalling the charge “frivolous and incredulous”, Nandlall said Article 153 of the Constitution of Guyana provides for criminal matters to be deferred until any civil matters related to the fundamental rights of citizens are completed.Following his being questioned about the law books by the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) on Monday, Nandlall had moved to the commercial division of the High Court, and Justice Dawn Gregory had, the very next day, granted a conservatory order restraining SOCU from taking possession of the law books.While SOCU had acquired a warrant to search for the books, Justice Gregory’s conservatory order had spelt out that “an interim Conservatory Order be and is hereby granted, preventing and/or restraining officers and/or agents from the Special Organized Crime Unit (SOCU) and/or the Guyana Police Force of the State of Guyana from seizing and/or detaining the property of the applicant.”Nandlall had this to say: “The truth is that this charge should never have been filed in light of the fact that I have instituted civil proceedings in the Constitutional Division of the High Court in relation to the ownership of these very books”. He noted that the charge should have awaited the determination of those proceedings, in accordance with Article 153 of the Constitution.“This Article provides, inter alia, that if a citizen’s fundamental rights arise in relation to criminal proceedings, those constitutional rights’ issues must be first determined by a court of competent jurisdiction before the criminal proceedings are to proceed”, Nandlall explained.He also said it is possible that his indictment would help the case of Attorney General Basil Williams, whom he hit with a $125M defamation lawsuit earlier in the month for saying that charges were impending against him (Nandlall) for the law books.According to the former AG, this will now provide his successor with the defence of justification.“Rest assured, the criminal charge will be challenged and disposed of shortly. The majesty of the law will prevail in the end. For now, I am happy that the world has seen how rapidly this Administration has descended into authoritarianism,” Nandlall declared.“Perhaps, it is fitting that I – who have written so much over the past two years about the authoritarian conduct of this Government, its constitutional violations and its manifest disregard for the rule of law — was the one that they used to showcase those very tendencies, as if to prove me right,” the former AG posited.Nandlall said that even after the charge was filed, there was confusion in relation to which magistrate he would appear before. He said persons had felt that instructions had been issued for him to be kept in police custody. He has, however, credited Prosecutor Patrice Henry and Magistrate Fabayo Azore for maintaining their professionalism.“I harbour no illusion that this will be the only charge that will be instituted against me. I anticipate that many more will come in the same political mould; not only against me, but against my political colleagues as well. From the moment we left office, this has been their (present Government’s) agenda,” Nandlall charged.He has made it clear that his spirit and determination, and that of the People’s Progressive Party, will not be broken.last_img read more

Napoli president confirms Sarri and Jorginho’s moves to Chelsea

first_imgMaurizio Sarri is to become Chelsea manager and Jorginho is to join him at Stamford Bridge, Napoli’s president Aurelio De Laurentiis has confirmed.The Blues have been heavily linked with Sarri, who was replaced as Napoli boss by Carlo Ancelotti last month, and he is now on the verge of taking over from Antonio Conte. silverware REVEALED smart causal REAL DEAL De Laurentiis also addressed Jorginho’s situation, as he officially unveiled Ancelotti as Napoli’s new coach on Wednesday.The playmaker was expected to join Manchester City but will now head to Chelsea, having decided he wants to live on London.De Laurentiis added: “Jorginho? Although we consider him to be a great player, for the sake of Ancelotti’s style of football and knowing that the interest from Chinese clubs in (Napoli midfielder Marek) Hamsik was relative, we decided to assess the bids, which originally came from City. Real Madrid ‘offer’ Isco to Chelsea in bid to ‘make room’ for Tottenham star Which teams do the best on Boxing Day in the Premier League era? Every current Premier League club’s best kit from the past decade How Chelsea could line up against Southampton – what system will Lampard play? possible xi England’s most successful clubs of the past decade, according to trophies won 2 How the Premier League table could change after the Boxing Day fixtures Sarri looks close to taking over from Antonio Conte Boxing Day fixtures: All nine Premier League games live on talkSPORT possible standings REVEALED Latest Chelsea News shining Jorginho will cost Chelsea £57.5m Premier League Team of the Season so far, including Liverpool and Leicester stars 2 tense Where Ancelotti ranks with every Premier League boss for trophies won Green reveals how he confronted Sarri after Chelsea’s 6-0 defeat at Man City gameday cracker Sarri spent three seasons in charge of Napoli but was unable to wrestle the title from Juventus, finishing fifth, second and third.Conte, meanwhile, won the Premier League title in his first season in England, but came under incessant pressure during a difficult second campaign which ended on a high with him lifting the FA Cup.De Laurentiis announced on Wednesday: “Sarri is close to being the new Chelsea manager.“My lawyers are in talks with his lawyers to finalise everything.” “I have to apologise to Khaldoon (Al Mubarak, the Manchester City chairman), because I closed a deal with him 15 days ago, but Jorginho would prefer to live in London than Manchester, I can understand that and especially if Chelsea pay him more.“My agreement with (Chelsea owner Roman) Abramovich (on Jorginho) is irrespective of whether or not Sarri ends up taking charge of the Blues.”Jorginho was seen boarding a plane to London on Wednesday morning to finalise his move to Chelsea.last_img read more

Injuries haven’t slowed interest

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBlues bury Kings early with four first-period goals “When he’s healthy, he has the ability to put up some big numbers,” Antelope Valley coach Jon Fleming said. Crenshaw’s propensity for making big plays has come in spurts. He rushed for 468 yards in one three-game stretch, highlighted by an inspired, 175-yard performance in the 22-19 Golden League victory Oct. 7 over Palmdale – a game he played with the torn calf. He was held to just 22 yards in an 21-14 loss Oct. 28 to Lancaster, his first game back after missing two games with the injury. Crenshaw has mostly wowed opponents with his athleticism. He’s the state high jump champion and projects to be an impact player as a Div. I running back or defensive back. LANCASTER – Injuries have hurt Andre Crenshaw’s numbers, but not his collegiate stock value. Although he didn’t eclipse the 1,000-yard rushing plateau until last week, Antelope Valley High’s big-play back has received scholarship offers from UCLA, Oregon State and Washington. Crenshaw, whose production was limited by an ankle injury last season and a torn calf earlier this year, rushed for 195 yards and three touchdowns in Friday’s 45-22 Southern Section Div. III first-round playoff victory over Leuzinger of Lawndale. The Antelopes (8-3) play at Dominguez of Compton in a quarterfinal Friday at 7:30 p.m. “When (college) coaches ask me, ‘What can he do?’ I tell them, ‘What do you need?’ ” Fleming said. “You watch him on film, and he can do anything.” He also has the intangibles, which Fleming said the Palmdale game illustrates. “There was a play where he had three kids on his back, and he was still turning and pumping his legs,” Fleming said. “He’s a tough kid, and that’s something you just can’t coach.” The same, but better: For a second consecutive week, Antelope Valley will see a double-wing offense. The Antelopes had difficulty adjusting to the double wing in Friday’s game, yielding 358 rushing yards against Leuzinger. “It’s almost identical, but they have the ability to open up a little more,” Fleming said of Dominguez’s version of the offense. Of concern to Antelope Valley is Dominguez quarterback Marvin Johnson, who has thrown for 950 yards and rushed for 788. Leuzinger had just one interception to show for five pass attempts. Lobos watch: Littlerock hasn’t started interviewing for its vacant head coach position, but longtime Bethel Christian coach and athletic director James Vondra, a Lobos assistant, is considered the frontrunner. Vondra said he didn’t know the administration’s timetable for replacing retiring Lin Parker, but he acknowledged he has applied for the position. “After just being here this year, I’d love to have the opportunity to work with these players who are coming back,” Vondra said. Turnovers: Antelope Valley capitalized on four turnovers in the Leuzinger game (two fumble recoveries, one interception and on-side kick recovery). They’ve recovered 37 turnovers in 11 games. Gideon Rubin, (818) 713-3607 gideon.rubin@dailynews.com 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Gold Fields unveils three BEE deals

first_imgPreferential dividend, phased out suspension “These deals are central to our commitment to make every current employee at the company an owner,” said Gold Fields CEO Nick Holland. The acquisition will be facilitated through a unique vendor financed phased participation scheme that will see the shareholding acquired at no cost to the BEECO. According to a statement this week, Gold Fields says the shares will be issued to the trust at par value of 50 cents per share. With Gold Fields shares closing at R98.35 per share on 30 July, the approximate accounting cost of the deal to shareholders would be about R1-billion. The B-class shares’ right to participate in other distributions over and above the preferred dividend will initially be suspended. The suspension will be lifted on a phased-in basis, resulting in the B-class shares having the same rights as the A-class shares, as follows: Direct South Deep holding The Thusano Trust, which will benefit over 47 000 employees, will exercise full voting rights on behalf of the employees. The share allocation to employees will be based on an employee’s length of service with Gold Fields, ranging from 100 shares for one year service to 480 shares for 20 years service. SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo material The company announced the empowerment deals after disclosing that the Department of Mineral Resources had executed the new order mining rights for its South Deep gold mine. “The shares are allocated free of charge but have to be held for 15 years. The employees will receive dividend payments during those 15 years. Based on historical dividend yields the dividend payments will total about R20-million a year,” the statement read. Broad-based BEE consortium a selected number of black business and community leaders, who will not be related parties as defined by the JSE Listings Requirements, holding a combined 36% interest; and a Broad-Based Education Trust, to facilitate and promote education, youth and skills development for the mining industry, which will hold a 54% interest in BEECO; New order mining rights a Broad-Based Community Trust, which will hold a 10% interest in the consortium. The cumulative effect of the execution, together with the previous conversions for Driefontein, Kloof and Beatrix granted in 2006, is that all of Gold Fields’ South African operations have now been granted their new order mining right. 6 August 2010 In the second transaction, BEECO will be issued with 600 000 Gold Fields shares, representing about 0.08% of shares in issue. These shares will carry no restrictions, unlike those from the final empowerment transaction. Gold Fields has announced three black economic empowerment deals that will see an employee share scheme and a broad-based BEE consortium buying discounted shares in the South African gold miner, thereby enabling it to meet its 2014 empowerment targets. Employee share option scheme As holders of the B-class shares the BEECO will be entitled to a cumulative preferential dividend of R20-million per annum for the first 10 years, R13.3-million per annum for the next five years and R6.7-million for the next five years payable out of profits of South Deep. After 20 years the preferential dividend ceases. The next two empowerment transactions involve a new-formed BEE consortium, BEECO, which will comprise the following elements: In the third transaction, the BEE consortium will subscribe for a 10% holding, in the form of B-class shares, with full voting rights directly in Gold Fields’ South Deep mine with a phased participation over 20 years. The first transaction will see the establishment of an employee share option scheme, to be housed and administered through the Thusano Share Trust, which will hold an effective 10.75% stake in GFIMSA, the holding company which controls Gold Fields’ South African assets. The BEECO must retain ownership of South Deep for 30 years which is the term of the new order mining right granted to South Deep. The South Deep licence has also been extended by the department to include a contiguous property, called Uncle Harry’s, which contains a mineral resource of about 14.5-million ounces of gold. “At the same time we are expanding opportunities for historically disadvantaged persons to benefit from the exploitation of the country’s mineral resources by promoting broad-based ownership, employment, and the advancement of social and economic welfare generally.” after 10 years, in respect of one-third of the B-class shares;after 15 years, in respect of another one-third of the B-class shares; andafter 20 years, in respect of the remaining one-third of the B-class shares.last_img read more

Bayern Munich tempts Robert Lewandowski with offer until 2021

first_imgGerman football club Bayern Munich offered its Polish striker Robert Lewandowski to extend his contract until 2021 to become the club’s highest-paid player, according to German magazine Sport Bild.Lewandowski’s potential salary will exceed that of Thomas Muller, estimated at around 14 million euros ($15.6 million) per year,reports Efe on Wednesday.The Polish player’s current contract expires in 2019, but amid interest demonstrated by other European giants to sign the goal machine, it seems that Bayern wants to cut them off as soon as possible. (Bayern Munich stage fightback, Borussia Dortmund hit six)The player’s agents hinted at the possibility of his move to Real Madrid last season and he looked open to the idea.However, the arrival of Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti at the Allianz Arena, apparently changed Lewandowski’s mind.The German magazine related that Ancelotti called up the Polish striker during the summer vacation, and confirmed to Lewandowski that he will remain his first choice when it comes to leading the attacking lines.last_img read more

Fan Violence Costs Panathinaikos

first_imgATHENS — Panathinaikos has been docked three points and fined for the fan violence that forced the referee to abort a Greek league match against Olympiacos.Panathinaikos forfeited the game and was fined 190,000 euros ($200,000). The club will also have to play its next four home matches behind closed doors.The decision follows the violence of Nov. 22, when home fans clashed with police before the game and threw flares at Olympiacos players as they walked out onto the field, injuring two people.Panathinaikos is now fifth in the Greek league standings with 19 points from 12 games. Olympiacos leads with 36 points.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img