Indigenous leaders want greater role for Manitoba in MMIW inquiry

first_imgWINNIPEG – First Nations leaders in Manitoba want a greater say in the national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.Sheila North Wilson, grand chief of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak, which represents First Nations communities across northern Manitoba, says improvements in the way the inquiry communicates with families are badly needed.The MKO and other Indigenous groups are calling for a regional sub-commission for Manitoba that would involve families and survivors.Earlier this week, chief commissioner Marion Buller said government bureaucracy is smothering the inquiry’s ability to do its work on time.She said it was frustrating the inquiry had to follow the same policies and procedures for hiring practices, contracting and technology and budgeting as all government departments.Some Indigenous leader have demanded the commissioners resign and the whole thing be restarted, which Buller has said is not going to happen.But North Wilson said the process just isn’t working.“That would be the tragedy of it — that our families feel so disengaged that they don’t participate,” she said. “This is what we’re trying to avoid. Our leaders and our families and survivors — we frequently talk about whether we want to participate or not. It’s hard to try and stay engaged when you’re not part of the process.”(CTV Winnipeg)last_img read more

AC Milan to Open Football Academy in Laayoune

Rabat – Italian giant club AC Milan continues to expand its presence in Africa. The club is set to launch a football academy in the Moroccan southern city of Laayoun.The project forms part of a partnership agreement signed with the city council over a period of three years, AC Milan revealed on Thursday.The football academy will provide football lovers in the region with a technical and educational program based on AC Milan’s training methods. The partnership between the city council and the giant club will give young people in the city the opportunity to benefit from the services of the renowned academy, particularly sessions supervised by the technical manager of the Italian club, Fabio Vicardi, reported Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).The agreement testifies to the efficiency of sports policy carried out in Laayoune. It will also cover the way for the training and development of the youth capacities through allowing them to meet internationally renowned managers and football trainers.AC Milan has a network of more than 100 affiliated clubs in Italy as well as several others in foreign countries.“Each school has the role of Educative Centre that, through football, creates and promotes different sport cultures to all children and adults involved: coaches, directors, and parents,” said the club.The club has been the home of many football stars, including Leonardo Bonucci, Nikola Kalinic, and Lucas Biglia.The club was also a home for Moroccan footballers who were part of the team, including Adel Taarabt. Hachim Mastour, a 19-year old Moroccan footballer, is currently playing for the team. read more

Central African Republic UN says Chadian soldiers responsible for deadly Bangui attack

Rupert Colville, spokesperson for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), made the announcement during a press conference today in Geneva, where he said the UN had received more detailed information on the incident following an initial investigation carried out by a human rights team on the ground. Earlier this week, the team from the Human Rights and Justice Section of the UN Integrated Peacebuilding Office in CAR (BINUCA) visited the Hopital Communautaire and the Hopital General, the two medical centres where most of the survivors were being treated. The team also visited the site where the shooting took place at a neighbourhood known as PK 12, in the north of Bangui. PK 12, as well two other neighbourhoods, PK 5 and PK 13, was earlier identified by OHCHR as the site of sporadic inter-communal clashes, as reprisal attacks between mostly Muslim ex-Séléka and Christian anti-Balaka militias have escalated steadily over the past three months. The clashes have marked the increasingly sectarian nature of the crisis, which erupted in December 2012 when Séléka rebels launched attacks against the CAR Government. Thousands of people are believed to have been killed thus far, and some 2.2 million, about half the country’s population are now in need of some form of humanitarian aid. As for the 29 March incident, Mr. Colville said that according to the information collected so far, Chadian national army soldiers in a convoy consisting of several military pick-ups entered Bangui, and went to PK 12. “Several sources told the investigating team that they believed the Chadian force had entered Bangui to extract remaining Chadians and other Muslim inhabitants, in order to save them from further attacks by anti-Balaka,” he said. As soon as the convoy reached the market area in PK 12, around 3 p.m., it reportedly opened fire on the population without any provocation, continued Mr. Colville. At the time, the market was crowded, including with many girls and women buying and selling produce. “As panic-stricken people fled in all directions, the soldiers allegedly continued firing indiscriminately.” According to information the human rights team has gathered so far, it seems the Chadian force’s action was totally disproportionate as they were shooting in a crowded market full of unarmed civilians. He said the team’s preliminary findings revealed that some 30 people were killed as a result of the shooting and over 300 were seriously injured, including children, people with disabilities, pregnant women and elderly people, “as they were less able to run for their lives.” Responding to questions about the identity of the soldiers, Mr. Colville said they were not Chadian troops participating in the African-led International Support Mission in CAR (MISCA), but regular Chadian army forces. “It seems they have gone straight back to Chad without being apprehended,” he said, cautioning that it is “a bit early” to ascribe motivation. He said the Commission of Inquiry on the ground in Bangui would obviously look into this incident, as well as others. Mr. Colville said that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has made very clear that there is a desperate need for a good-sized peacekeeping force, and has requested 10,000 troops. “There is nowhere near that number at the moment, although some European Union troops are due to arrive soon,” he said. Asked about reports that Chad will withdraw from MISCA, Alessandra Vellucci, Chief, Press and External Relations of the UN Information Service in Geneva (UNIS), said the force was an AU-led force and so any questions on that would need to go to the AU. As such, the Organization would not comment on their departure, but there were preparations for a UN presence, which depended on decisions by the Security Council. read more

Acupuncture can reduce hot flushes in menopausal women by half researchers find

first_imgNow new research suggests acupuncture could cut the number of hot flushes women experience by half.In a study published in the journal Menopause, more than 200 women who had on average at least four hot flashes or night sweats a day were divided into two groups.One group received 20 acupuncture treatments over a period of six months, while the other group received no acupuncture or any other alternative remedies.Of the 170 women who received acupuncture, nearly half (47 per cent) reported a 47 per cent in frequency of hot flushes, within eight weeks.And one in eight (12 per cent) reported an 85 per cent drop in the number they experienced. One in 25 (four per cent) claimed the ancient Chinese treatment cured them of the feverish flushes completely.Author Dr Nancy Avis, of the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in the US, said acupuncture could be a good solution for many women.Dr Avis said: “Women bothered by hot flushes and night sweats may want to give acupuncture a try as a relatively low-cost, low-risk treatment.”She added: “Women will know pretty quickly if acupuncture will work for them. Women who had a reduction in their hot flushes saw a benefit beginning after about three to four weeks of weekly treatments.” However, acupuncture may not be the answer for everyone. More than a third (37 per cent) of participants saw their hot flushes cut by under 10 per cent.Dr Avis added: “We had hoped to identify some of the characteristics of the women who benefited from acupuncture, but like so many treatments, we could not really tell ahead of time who would benefit.”Dr Mike Cummings, medical director of the British Medical Acupuncture Society, said the research might persuade sceptical women to reconsider the alternative medicine.He said: “This study is one of the first of its kind. In this, we have got some valid data for hot flushes and acupuncture.” Women could halve the number of hot flushes they endure by turning to acupuncture, suggests new research.Hot flushes, a sudden feeling of feverish heat, are the bane of women going through the menopause.While many hot flushes last for just five minutes, as intense heat rises through the body, some women can experience up to 20 a day.And as the menopause lasts for an average of four years, many resort to Hormone Replacement Therapy, or HRT, to rid themselves of hot flushes. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Women who had a reduction in their hot flushes saw a benefit beginning after about three to four weeks of weekly treatmentsDr Nancy Avislast_img read more

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S how the specs compare

first_imgApple took to the stage earlier today to announce the iPhone 5, and there will be plenty of people around the world ready to get their hands on a new smartphone on September 21. Only, many of them will be just as happy to get their hands on the now cheaper iPhone 4S. With the price drop, it may not be entirely obvious which device is the best bang for your buck. Obviously those who want the latest and greatest are happy to spend the extra money, but when you compare the two devices side by side, how do they compare?DimensionsThe iPhone line of devices has an iconic style and design all its own. The iPhone 4S is the second in a refreshed design line, which took the 3.5″ smartphone to a box like shape with glass on both sides. The .37″ thickness feels great in the palm of any hand, while only managing to be 2.31″ wide. The iPhone 5’s .3″ thick frame is noticeably thinner despite being more powerful and containing more hardware. The difference in width is negligible, so they are going to feel quite similar in the hand.DisplaySince the original iPhone, this line of smartphone has had the same screen size. When the iPhone 4 was announced, we saw a significant increase in screen quality with the Retina display, but still the same size screen. The iPhone 4S has a 3.5″ IPS display that can produce a 960 x 640 resolution image. At 330 ppi, this 4:3 display is still one of the best displays available when compared to other devices. The iPhone 5’s new larger screen breaks the iPhone mold a bit, but also ads quite a bit, too. The 4″ screen offers up a 1136 x 640 resolution display. On top of being a larger screen, the aspect ratio on this 326 ppi screen has also changed to 16:9. It has much better color saturation, and touch is integrated directly into the display making it more accurate.WirelessApple has lagged behind the rest of the smartphone world a bit when it comes to the next generation of wireless connectivity. The iPhone 4S is a 3G device, capable of connecting to HSPA+ on AT&T and CDMA on Sprint and Verizon networks. While these networks are more than capable of delivering normal content, nearly every carrier is fast at work pushing the new LTE network across the world. On top of the 3G radio in the 4S, the iPhone 5’s LTE radio will be capable of taking advantage of the significant increase in speeds offered by many global carriers.ProcessorEvery version of the iPhone has had a special processor that has been made under Apple’s supervision by other companies. The iPhone 4S features a dual-core A5 processor clocked to 800MHz. While many have seen this processor as being underclocked, the iPhone 4S is almost never found to be sluggish or lagging. The processor in the iPhone 5 is Apple’s new A6 chip, which boasts an increase in performance as well a smaller overall processor. Apple says both the CPU and GPU offers a 2x performance bump over the A5 chip, so iOS should fly along.RAMIn a world where you can’t find an Android device out there with less than 1GB of RAM, the 512mb of RAM in the iPhone 4S may seem insufficient. When you hold a 4S in your hand and use it, however, you find that 512mb is more than enough to drive this smartphone. Given the new processor in the iPhone 5, however, it only makes sense that Apple’s latest smartphone would be packing 1GB of RAM to keep up with the much faster processor. 1GB isn’t officially listed on Apple’s iPhone 5 spec sheet, but we’d be very surprised if this wasn’t the amount being used.CameraThe iPhone 4S camera is the standard to which most other smartphone cameras are compared to. The 8MP camera on the iPhone 4S is capable of taking terrific photos, as well as recording 1080p videos. The software that accompanies the iPhone camera allows users to take photos that are often mistaken for professional shots. The iPhone 5 camera is still 8MP (3264 x 2448), but the technology inside is significantly improved. The backlit sensor and five element lens on the iPhone 5 camera, being called iSight, will allow photos to be taken in low light situations with better noise reduction. There’s also a Panorama view capable of capturing 28MP images.BatteryThere’s no way to access the battery on an iPhone, so it is important that the device be able to get you through the whole day. The iPhone 4S has been able to deliver an all day experience to many users with its 1,432mAh battery, which according to Apple gets you about six hours of continuous heavy use. Apple’s latest iPhone is reportedly packing a 1440mAh battery, which promises to deliver eight hours of continuous heavy use. Especially given the LTE radio inside the iPhone 5, that is an impressive figure.StorageThere’s no removable storage offered with the iPhone line, so whatever model you get for storage you are stuck with, unless you get something like a WiDrive. The iPhone 4S is available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, with a price scale to match. The iPhone 5 mirrors this exactly on both storage levels and price ($199, $299, and $399 respectively).WeightYour phone is something that you have in your pocket all day, every day. While it seems silly to pay attention to something like weight when it comes to something so small, the difference half an ounce makes is surprising. The iPhone 4S weighs in at 4.9oz, which is lighter than many of the other phones that are out there today. Compared to the iPhone 5, which weighs in at 3.95 oz, the handset will probably only feel lighter if you happen to be holding both of them.And there you have it. Apple has released an obviously superior product with the iPhone 5, but if you are not interested in the very top of the line, the less expensive iPhone 4S is still a great phone by today’s standards. Which one will you choose?last_img read more

Sinn Féin clarifies it wont take Westminster seats after McGuinness unclear comments

first_img Short URL Share183 Tweet Email2 Nov 4th 2016, 6:40 PM 15,508 Views 56 Comments We have no intention of reviewing that position.Although the overall result of the UK referendum saw 52% vote to leave the European Union, the majority result in Northern Ireland was to remain – creating a split within the Union over whether they should leave, and a scramble for loopholes.Yesterday, London’s High Court ruled that only parliament alone, and not the sitting government, can instigate the process to extricate Britain from the EU – a decision which could slow down the whole process of Brexit.Read: We won’t be getting a bank holiday to celebrate the Easter RisingRead: Fifa charge Ireland over Easter Rising commemorative jersey Who knows where all of this is going to end up? There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that all of us face immense challenges that lie ahead. POLITICAL PARTY SINN Féin have clarified that they won’t take their seats at Westminster parliament, following comments by the North’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness that left things a little unclear.The party’s policy of abstentionism, or refusing to take their seats in parliament, has been used by Sinn Féin as a form of political protest against the British government and against the oath of allegiance to the royal family.The Belfast Telegraph reports that McGuinness declined to rule out that the party’s MPs would attend Westminster to vote against Brexit, telling a Stormont press conference:center_img Sinn Féin MPs will not be taking their seats at Westminster as they stood on an abstentionist platform and are therefore mandated not to attend. Friday 4 Nov 2016, 6:40 PM Sinn Féin clarifies it won’t take Westminster seats, after McGuinness’ unclear comments When asked if Sinn Féin would vote against Brexit in Westminster, McGuinness said “Who knows where all of this is going to end up?” McGuinness added that there was a lot of uncertainty around the future, and that Sinn Féin’s four MPs “were opposed to Brexit”.A spokesperson for Sinn Féin denied the party’s long-held policy towards Westminster would change, issuing the following statement: As the clock ticks down, get all the best Brexit news and analysis in your inbox: Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Gráinne Ní Aodhalast_img read more

Young Greek Italian becomes Melbournes Junior Lord Mayor

first_imgChloe Amalfi, a 12-year-old Australian student of Greek and Italian heritage has just become Melbourne’s Junior Lord Mayor, a title that she will carry for the next 12 months.She is the winner of the 2018 Melbourne Day Committee competition that was finalised on Monday after the judges deliberated and unanimously decided Miss Amalfi was the strongest candidate out of the seven finalists.“I’m feeling very excited and kind of overwhelmed but really looking forward to the 12 months ahead to my duties,” Chloe tells Neos Kosmos.“I will actually be seeing Lord Mayor Sally Capp next Thursday 30 August – which is Melbourne Day – and I’ll be raising the flag with her at Enterprise Park, and the best part is my class gets to come as well!”Even though the committee unanimously announced her as the winner, Chloe never thought she would win.“To be honest, I personally never thought I’d win this as the other nominees were so strong,” she admits, adding that perhaps an unexpected question and the topics she focused on was what set her apart and got her across the line.“They were asking questions that they didn’t necessarily put down in your interview sheet or the application and people said I did a really good job of that. Most candidates talked on the same topic, gave similar answers, reciting pollution, recycling, exercise. I talked more about homelessness, infrastructure projects, security and cleanliness.”Chloe’s mother, Alex Amalfi told Neos Kosmos that her daughter did not advise them before putting herself forward in the competition after it was introduced to her class by the teacher.“I didn’t even know about it,” Alex says. “I only found out after she was selected. She did her own research, looked up all those issues. She took her own initiatives there with her teacher, came home and told us she put herself forward. She was pretty relaxed with everything.”The Lord Mayor (L) with the junior winner and her mum Alex Amalfi.Lord Mayor Sally Capp (L), winner Chloe Amalfi and the other six finalists.The Lord Mayor (L) with the junior winner and her mum Alex Amalfi.Indeed, even though the teachers at Genazzano FCJ College in Kew where Chloe studies presented the competition to the entire class, she was the only one in her midst that took on the challenge.“I found the questions important and I was thinking about the future and all the things that could be done to make this beautiful city better,” she mused changing her tone to stress Melbourne’s increasing homeless population.“It’s really sad and we definitely need to fix it quick because two out of five homeless people are under the age of 25. I gave some answers on how I think we could help them, (…) provide more homeless shelters, assist them to get support from offering basic supplies to long-term solutions,” she says.“Making homeless people feel more secure, safe and included into the Melburnian community is imperative, something we need to work on with the council and engage the entire city.“My main idea was to utilise vacant buildings as temporary shelters.”Staying true to the Melbourne Day Committee core values, Chloe understands that all Melburnians need to help correct the record about the founding of Melbourne and celebrate its anniversaries.“Melbourne Day is all about celebrating Melbourne and bringing people and communities together to promote what our city has to offer,” she says.“That’s what I feel this junior role is here to represent and support.“All the candidates touched on how important multiculturalism is – perhaps even more than I did – and personally, I do feel that without all the cultures, Melbourne just wouldn’t be Melbourne.”The young Australian, not only appreciates her mixed heritage, but she tries to be as connected to it as possible.“I am half Greek, half Italian and I am very connected to both my backgrounds. Recently we went to Greece. My grandparents from my mother’s side are from Lefkada and I’ve visited twice. I’m proud of both my identities, but I find it hard to speak Greek or Italian most of the time.”While being Junior Lord Mayor for the year is something Chloe is looking forward to, being able to simply enjoy the rest of her childhood comes first.“I just want to go to school, spend time with my family, with my friends… You know, being a child and being normal!”Even though outside of school Chloe’s schedule is quite hectic as she engages in quite a few extracurricular activities, she promises to stay on top of her duties as Melbourne city’s junior boss.“I do dance twice a week; hip hop, jazz and contemporary, and on Saturdays I play netball and do sports swimming during the week, but I know I can manage being Junior Lord Mayor too!”“She’s always been a very confident and passionate child and hopefully in the future she’ll get to make more of a difference towards what she believes in,” Chloe’s mum, Alex says.“Peter Hitchener said to me on Monday that she just shines. She’s such a natural performer; I couldn’t be more proud.”Chloe with judge Peter Hitchener. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Add a Universal HeadsUp Display HUD to Your Car for Just 32

first_imgHUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display – $39.95See Deal Use your smartphone as a dash-mounted GPS? Though convenient, this setup is also dangerous. You can improve safety with the HUDWAY, now price dropped to $39.95. Plus you can save a further 15% on President’s Day and pay only $31.96 with code PREZDAY15.The HUDWAY glass heads-up display easily installs to the dash of any vehicle. Simply start up your favorite heads-up display app — such as a GPS — and lay your phone in front of the HUDWAY. You’ll enjoy a 20% larger view of the information displayed on your phone and, since the HUDWAY is see-through, your view ahead will be completely unobstructed.The convenient and safe HUDWAY is compatible with all smartphones and works with all heads-up display apps. You can find HUD apps that offer assistance with navigation, that monitor your speed, that assist in making calls and more. You’ll even receive free promo codes for top HUD apps with your purchase.The HUDWAY is normally $49.95 but, when you purchase on President’s Day and use the code PREZDAY15 at checkout, you’ll get it for the lowest price ever — just $31.96. Sonic Soak Is the Tiny Washing Machine That Goes AnywhereThis $500 SEO Tool Is Only $24 Today Stay on target Want your products featured at the Geek Deals store? Learn more about how to sell your products online!last_img read more

Gareth Bale transfer talks intensify ahead of a potential deal

first_imgMoves by Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho to strengthen his attacking options has intensified as contacts between him and Madrid Gareth Bale for a switch has reached top gear.Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly lower down the target list and could find himself out of the picture if his team-mate heads to Old Trafford, according to Daily Star. Bale hinted at a move away from Real Madrid after his match-winning display in the 3-1 Champions League win against Liverpool.Mourinho is on the hunt for a new winger and, according to Don Balon, believes Bale would suit his system.After the Champions League final, Bale sparked speculation when he said: “I feel like I deserved to start because I’ve been playing very well.Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…“I’ve playing well since Christmas and any player would want to start.“For me personally, I feel I should be playing week in and week-out and I haven’t been.“I haven’t been playing as much as I would like and I’m going to have to sit down with everybody at a big table in the summer and seriously consider what move I’m going to make next.“I feel like there’s still a lot more to give for me and that’s why I need to be playing week-in and week-out, that’s what I need.”last_img read more

Fallout from board resignations hits Farmers Market

first_img When: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sundays, March 16-Oct. 27.Where: Sixth and Esther Streets, downtown Vancouver.Next regular board meeting: 7 p.m., May 16, Hilton Vancouver Washington, 301 W. Sixth St.Website: www.vancouverfarmersmarket.comThe Vancouver Farmers Market is weathering a crisis of leadership.Directors of what may be Vancouver’s best-loved nonprofit corporation — a delightful downtown draw on weekends from spring through fall — drew more than a dozen bitter complaints from vendors at an April 25 meeting. Critics said market leadership is manipulative, unresponsive, lacks transparency and stumbles while following its own rules.“The board is extremely imbalanced and unfair because many seats have not been filled for months,” said Judy McManman, who operates Mini Doughnut Shoppe.“There are no officers listed on the website,” said Kelli Crocker of Nutz-R-Us. Crocker said she signed up to help with the market’s Food Committee last year but was never contacted, and “nothing happened.”That’s because the Food Committee was disbanded last summer. “It is a huge step backwards to not use the committees as they were intended,” Crocker said. “The board and the committees need to be whole.”“There is no line of authority,” said Velma Conte, another donut vendor, who said she spent nine years on the board. “This is too big an organization not to have elected officers.” Jordan Boldt, executive director of the Vancouver Farmers Marketlast_img read more

National HIV Testing Day

first_imgPark West Health System’s, “Hidden Garden,” program is sponsoring a Community Outreach and Health Fair on June 24th, from 11:00am to 3:00pm. The Community Outreach & Health Fair will be held at the health system’s Men and Family Health Center, located at 4151 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215. Various speakers will present information, including former Mayor Shelia Dixon, as well as other community leaders that have a vested interest in the health and well being of the Park Heights Community.last_img

This Humanoid Robot Could Replace Construction Workers

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. It’s not a question of if or when robots will join the workforce—but whose jobs they will take.Japan’s Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) developed a prototype humanoid aimed at eventually replacing human laborers.The HRP-5P bot stands 6 feet tall, with two arms, two legs, and an impressive squat.It is the latest in a growing family of androids, which began in 1998 with HRP-1, and most recently saw HRP-2 Reinforcement participate in the 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge.Over the last two decades, AIST has achieved semi-autonomous execution of tasks “such as irregular terrain walking and valve turning based on measurements,” according to a translated press release.But when tested on heavy work—such as construction of a wall of gypsum board—their robots “lacked physical ability … sufficient to simulate human motion in a complicated environment.”“Therefore, AIST decided to develop a humanoid robot HRP-5P with physical abilities capable of substituting human hard work,” the Institute said.Methodical and precise, the cyborg isn’t going to win any races. In fact, it would probably slow production to a crawl. But with uber-flexible joints and a lack of emotional attachments, it will surely be effective.Japan’s declining birthrate and aging population both point to an unstable future—one in which industries like construction will fall into “serious manual shortages,” AIST said, adding that “It is urgent to solve this problem by robot technology.”There is also the concern about people working in dangerous environments, with heavy equipment and materials—heavy enough to cause long-term damage in case of an accident.“Humanoid robots have a body structure similar to human beings,” the Institute said, adding that “it is possible” to swap people for machines “without changing the working environment.”Moving forward, engineers plan to promote HRP-5P as an autonomous research and development platform, which could one day replace people at work sites of buildings, houses, aircraft, and ships.Folks visiting this month’s World Robot Expo 2018 in Tokyo can visit AIST to catch a glimpse of the prototype humanoid.Humanoid colleagues may not be all they’re cracked up to be, though. Check out Geek’s roundup of 11 robots that are going to steal your jobs, and stay up to date on the latest cyborg news here. Robot Dog Astro Can Sit, Lie Down, and Save LivesYou Can’t Squish This Cockroach-Inspired Robot center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

Melanin from Jurassicera mollusk could lead to new tool for cancer diagnosis

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Eumelanin from the Jurassic-era fossil has a nearly identical pump-probe signature as the eumelanin from its modern counterpart, S. officinalis. The finding that eumelanin survives for millions of years opens the opportunity for pathologists to analyze the eumelanin from decades-old tissue samples of cancer patients in order to better understand the different characteristics of a melanoma that spreads versus a melanoma that does not spread. Credit: Mary Jane Simpson, et al. ©2013 American Chemical Society The researchers, Mary Jane Simpson, et al., led by Professor Warren S. Warren at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, have published their paper on their analysis of Jurassic-aged eumelanin in a recent issue of The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.”Melanoma is a particularly bad cancer if it metastasizes,” Warren told “Unfortunately, the ‘gold standard’ of conventional diagnostic techniques (essentially, excision followed by pathology) does not do a very good job of predicting which diagnosed cancers are likely to spread. So, how do you fix a bad gold standard for a bad disease?”The best answer is retrospective studies—looking at decades-old specimens from patients, where you know the outcome—and trying to find systematic differences. That is impossible with most pathology methods because the tissue degrades. Our results show that it is possible with melanin-based diagnostics, since the melanin easily survives that long.”The researchers explain that human skin has two types of melanin, eumelanin and pheomelanin. The distribution of these two types assists in the diagnosis of melanoma skin cancer. One way to identify the types of melanin and their distribution in a given sample is to use a molecular imaging technique called pump-probe microscopy. Basically, an ultrafast laser pulse is first used to “pump,” or optically excite, the molecules. Then after a short time delay, one or more follow-up pulses are emitted to “probe” the molecules. By measuring how the probe pulses are absorbed or reflected by the molecules, researchers can obtain a pump-probe signature that reveals information on the molecules’ excitation decay process. Since eumelanin and pheomelanin have different pump-probe signatures, this technique enables scientists to distinguish between them. Citation: Melanin from Jurassic-era mollusk could lead to new tool for cancer diagnosis (2013, June 3) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Here, the researchers compared the pump-probe signatures of the eumelanin from the ink sack of a Jurassic-era cephalopod (an ancient molluscan marine animal) with that of a modern cephalopod, the common cuttlefish. (Despite its name, cuttlefish are mollusks, not fish.) Although the Jurassic-era cephalopod is 162 million years older than its modern counterpart, the eumelanin pump-probe signatures of the two animals are essentially identical. This finding shows that eumelanin is extremely stable, and could potentially permit researchers to image archived tissue samples from deceased cancer patients and uncover more information than could be obtained through more traditional methods that analyze other, less stable chemicals. Squid ink from Jurassic period identical to modern squid ink, study shows Journal information: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters The researchers pointed out that they did find some variations in the eumelanin signatures from the two mollusks. However, they could trace these variations to the larger iron content in the ancient eumelanin compared with the modern sample. Eumelanin from the common cuttlefish is normally bound to a variety of transition metals such as iron, copper, and manganese, but washing the eumelanin with the solid acid EDTA removes the majority of the bound metals. When the researchers washed the ancient eumelanin with EDTA, its signature closely matched that of the modern, mostly iron-free eumelanin. Because iron affects the pump-probe signature of eumelanin, the microscopy technique could also potentially enable researchers to approximate the iron content of a sample. For example, pigmented human tissue often exhibits a wide range of pump-probe signatures, and some of the variation may be due to metal ion binding by the melanin. In the future, pathologists may use this knowledge to their advantage when investigating the molecular composition of eumelanin samples. Explore further © 2013 All rights reserved. More information: Mary Jane Simpson, et al. “Pump-Probe Microscopic Imaging of Jurassic-Aged Eumelanin.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 2013, 4, 1924-1927. DOI: 10.1021/jz4008036 Common cuttlefish. ©Jarek Tuszynski / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0 & GDFL ( —In a world where things seem to change overnight, melanin seems to stay essentially the same for more than 160 million years, a new study has found. Melanin is the biological pigment that determines an animal’s color, and is currently not very well understood. In the new study, scientists have found that a type of melanin called eumelanin from a Jurassic-era mollusk produces a signature when optically excited that is nearly identical to that of the optically excited eumelanin from its modern counterpart, Sepia officinalis, or the common cuttlefish. Because melanin survives so long, an analysis of the melanin from old cancerous tissue samples could give researchers a useful tool for predicting the spread of melanoma skin cancer in humans.last_img read more

Gettin Hitched

first_img Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. December 1, 2006 Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Enroll Now for Free This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. 5 min read I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for one of our nation’s last great monopolies to be subjected to free market competition. Internet protocol TV is what will finally give cable TV a real race for your money, and 2007 is the year it begins in earnest.I want my FiOS TV or DAVE.TV! I want multiple PCs connected to multiple TVs at Chez Hogan simultaneously playing news and different HBO content on my PCs, as well as PC videos, spread-sheets and e-mail on my TVs. I want to pause, play back or skip ahead in live TV programs. And before business trips, I want to use Google to fetch Gilligan’s Island episodes for my laptop.Unfortunately, this vision hasn’t come into sharp focus yet, and IPTV hasn’t reached my neighborhood. But triple-play IPTV bundles (broadband, voice and video) are available to millions of folks in communities large and small, from Boston to Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, to Beaumont, California. A potentially fruitful aspect of these deployments is a new connection between your PC network and entertainment constellation. For example, subscribe to Verizon’s FiOS triple play, and the tech installs a wireless router connected to a TV set-top box/digital video recorder that’s actually a 160GB server. It can save 120 hours of video and let you view different videos, live programming, or photos from a PC on three separate TVs.That’s just a first wobbly step toward converged PC/entertainment networks, which Parks Associates predicts will be found in 30 million American homes by 2010. Not all will include IPTV. There are thorny digital rights and regulatory issues to work out before IP becomes the lingua franca between PCs and TVs. But we’ve passed some important milestones, including super-fast internet access for a critical mass of consumers; PCs and handhelds with enough graphics and computing power to deliver quality video and audio; and big, high-resolution TV/PC flat panels available at commodity prices.More than 5 million people worldwide already subscribe to IPTV version 1.0, reports iSuppli. That number will triple in 2007. By 2010, there should be 63 million IPTV subscribers worldwide, says iSuppli vice president Mark Kirstein, about 13 million of them in the U.S.That’s not most of the viewing public by any means. But IPTV doesn’t have to supplant cable to dampen subscription rates and up the TV ante. It just has to be a viable alternative.Telecom Tuning InIronically, the main proponents of IPTV are the same telcos who’ve had their own monopolies undermined by cable competitors. AT&T and Verizon are committing billions to a last-mile fiber-optic build-out-in part to defend their best markets against cable phone offerings. But video is also the richest vein in the triple play and a brand-new way for even century-old ruraltelcos to serve less populated areas.”It’s amazing how quickly Verizon picked up 25 percent to 30 percent market share in some communities,” muses Kirstein, considering those customers were wrested from cable. Initially, IPTV providers will break in by highlighting multiscreen viewing, expanded DVR and more interactivity for prices comparable to cable. But eight separate studies have found double-digit cuts in cable rates when IPTV comes to town.The speed of deployment will depend on the outcome of a regulatory tug-o-war being fought in state houses and city councils nationwide. TV isn’t just any old free market where technology will win out. As many as 30,000 separate regulatory bodies have to give their blessing and receive their tribute.Besides expanded functionality, New TV ushers in expanded video on demand. Initially, it will be mostly the same content traditional cable pro-viders offer, says Kirstein. But cable is contractually bound to an Old TV establishment that’s conflicted about its digital rights and how many copies of what should be allowed on what platforms. The growth opportunity is not in the same mass-market content–it’s in channels narrowly focused on a particular sport, hobby, music genre or religion, says Kirstein, or foreign-language channels direct from overseas.The BBQ channel on DAVE.TV might not be your cup of sauce. But, as the MySpace/YouTube phenomenon demonstrates, there are millions of wannabe moviemakers out there. They’ll need hardware, software and services that iSuppli projects will constitute a $4.5 billion TV spinoff by 2010. And like blogs or podcasts, VOD offers a low-budget way for entrepreneurs to reach self-selecting, highly motivated customer sets.Imagine marketing to a very defined audience and supporting them with click-to-call URLs and how-to videos. The hallmarks of New TV will be more choice, more flexibility and much more interactivity between you and your customers.It won’t be your father’s TV.IPTV GuideA sampling of nationwide IPTV services:Akimbo: A $180 player and $10 a month bring an eclectic mix of 10,000 vids to your TV.AT&T U-verse: A wireless router hooked up to a set-top network lets three TVs display or record 80 hours of different traditional channels simultaneously.DAVE.TV: This content-sharing community proves anyone with a camera-phone can make movies.ITVN: A $100 player (free with a 12-month subscription at $10 per month) accesses a half-dozen reasonably priced channel packages.Verizon FiOS TV: Like AT&T U-verse, but you can record 120 hours of video and transfer PC pics and music to your TVs.Mike Hoganis Entrepreneur’s technology editor.last_img read more

Journalist faces 5 years in jail in Belarus

first_img Comments   Share   Poland’s Foreign Ministry summoned the Belarusian ambassador on Friday afternoon and presented him with a note of protest over Poczobut’s arrest.Poczobut’s wife, Oksana, said he was arrested late Thursday in the western city of Hrodno near the Polish border.“They threatened, insulted me,” she told The Associated Press. “Said they would not leave him alone” until Poczobut stops criticizing Lukashenko.Belarusian authorities were not available for comment.Lukashenko has ruled the nation of 10 million for nearly 18 years, earning the nickname in the West of “Europe’s last dictator.”The Polish Foreign Ministry noted that Poczobut is an independent journalist as well as the head of a council representing the Polish minority in Belarus, and said his arrest could lead to tighter sanctions against Belarus.Under Secretary Jerzy Pomianowski, who met with the ambassador, “demanded the immediate release from custody of Andrzej Poczobut,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Marcin Bosacki said in a statement. “He noted that such actions deepen the self-isolation of the Belarusian authorities, make relations with the European Union even more difficult, and cause another wave of criticism from international public opinion, which may in turn lead to a tightening of existing sanctions.” MINSK, Belarus (AP) – A journalist for a leading Polish newspaper was arrested in authoritarian Belarus and faces up to five years in jail for criticizing the ex-Soviet nation’s dictatorial president, his wife said Friday.Last year, Andrzej Poczobut, an ethnic Pole who writes for the Gazeta Wyborcza daily, was given a suspended three-year sentence on charges of libel and insulting President Alexander Lukashenko in his articles. His case had drawn attention to the repressive regime of Alexander Lukashenko, especially from Poland, since Belarus has a large ethnic Polish community. The U.S. and the European Union introduced sanctions against Belarus after Lukashenko unleashed a violent crackdown on the opposition after a 2010 vote deemed fraudulent by international observers.The Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe also condemned Poczobut’s arrest and denounced it as politically motivated.“I call on the Belarusian authorities to clear Poczobut of the charges and release him immediately. Prosecution of journalists for criticizing the head of state has no place in a modern European country. It chills public debate on issues vital for society,” said Dunja Mijatovic, the organization’s representative on freedom of the media.__Vanessa Gera in Warsaw contributed to this report.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family How do cataracts affect your vision? 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Top Stories Sponsored Stories More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvementslast_img read more

Canadas Trudeau on a flying visit to Cyprus

first_imgPresident Nicos Anastasiades on Monday had a bilateral meeting with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who stopped in Cyprus for refueling on his way to Asia from France.The meeting took place at the old Larnaca airport building, according to an official statement.Anastasiades briefed the Canadian PM about the latest developments in the Cyprus problem and thanked him for the principled position of his country. The two men also discussed regional and international matters.Anastasiades and Trudeau pledged to extend co-operation in international forums. The president invited Trudeau to pay the island an official visit.You May LikePlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameMen over 40 Would Consider This Game a Must-TryPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoYahoo SearchEarly Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes. Learn About Treatments & Symptoms. Search Type 2 Diabetes TreatmentsYahoo SearchUndoLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are Leading The Pack. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

the Weather Service

the Weather Service reported. your chances of getting ticketed this weekend are higher than usual,上海贵族宝贝George. Niger State,娱乐地图Tanya.

" Prayuths sudden intervention which came as a surprise to the caretaker government. The 14 straight victories tied her previous career best which she set in 2011-2012. In this regard," They find comfort in having a wallBut then Instagram and Pinterest are full of the dreamy depictions of happy couples who – by choice – live in quirky dwellings gone miniature: house boats #vanlife and tiny houses In particular the tiny-house movement has stretched its legs since its initial boom Not just for HGTV-happy hipsters anymore couples and families who have made these tight quarters workSo what can the intimacy-fearing and space-obsessed learn from couples who embrace a tiny-house lifestyle I wasn’t sure So I asked some- You lose private space material possessions separate bathrooms and full-size appliances But what do you gainFor the most part the tiny-house owners I spoke to found that the financial freedom they found from moving into smaller quarters directly benefited their relationships And for the lack of sectioned space and stairways they seemed pretty happy"I really think the biggest thing is that we’ve found that we’ve been able to have a balance of that time of alone and together" said Emily Gerde 32 who lives in a 325-square-foot home with her husband Justin 32 and their 3-year-old son Ryan a dog and four cats About a year ago the family traded a four-bedroom home for their tiny house in southern Minnesota In return they now have more time to spend with each other rather than spending it on cleaning and maintaining their larger home"In the big house (we were) frantically trying to get by I never had alone time because there always was something to do" Emily said "The tiny house has given us freedom and has helped our relationship get closer (Justin’s) commute was 45 minutes one way You double that times it by five days four weeks a month and you get a couple days back It’s been a huge blessing We have both self-care and together time now"In the past year they’ve moved their tiny house twice to plots of land closer to Justin’s workplace "To follow our dream jobs it would take us literally a day to move" Gerde explained "You don’t even have to pack up" – OK but what if you need alone time Everyone needs alone time even happy healthy couples"I think there have been those occasions where I’m so angry that it frustrates me to hear him doing stuff in the house" admitted Alexis Stephens 33 who lives in a 130-square-foot tiny house with her romantic and filmmaking partner 41-year-old Christian Parsons "Some sulking has happened but it’s a good time to encourage going outside the house for a walk The outdoors is the biggest room available"Stephens and Parsons traveled with their tiny house across 27 states working on their documentary "Tiny House Expedition" adding a constant change of scenery to the mix which has also aided in conflict resolution That kind of anger "doesn’t happen a ton" Parsons added "But it feels like we talk it out more because you can’t hide in this house""Quicker conflict resolution through less stewing" Stephens agreed In the tiny house "you can get away from each other a little bit – you could go in a loft or outside – but for me it affects the energy of the whole house We’ve gotten to a point where we know something is up and it’s better for us to talk about it to resolve quickly"- How do you make the small space conducive to you as a coupleGerde is currently working on a book about minimalist living and home-schools their son so custom workspace and storage were built-in to tuck their school supplies away after-hours A length-spanning bench was also custom-made to inspire family time "Lots of tiny houses have a love seat but we can’t fit all four of us on there"The couple’s tiny house is designed based on their life plans – a factor that she said is very telling "A lot of couples have trouble (with tiny-house living) because they didn’t think about the future But we designed ours with a family in mind" Gerde explained "We wanted it to accommodate pets and another kid and meet our needs specifically"For AJ Zamora 43 who lives in a Napa California tiny house with her wife China Rose 38 keeping their spare time rituals alive was imperative to their design Rather than lofting their European queen-size bed they built a mechanical bed that lowers down from the ceiling and rests on top of kitchen counters so they could enjoy weekend lounging"We knew we loved relaxing together and we felt (a loft bed) could mean feeling cramped in your own space and not wanting to spend time in it" China Rose explained- What about not-so-alone time You know what I mean"We always get the question and we just giggle" Gerde laughed "You just find space like any other house The lofts we have use blackout shades It’s not just to (block) light (from getting) in but it also provides privacy"- But what if the relationship doesn’t work outTiny houses aren’t exempt from breakups Filmmakers Merete Mueller and Christopher Carson Smith decided to build a 124-square-foot house in Colorado in 2011 and made a documentary about it called "Tiny: A Story About Living Small" The film and tiny house were both relative successes – the documentary hit the indie circuit the house still stands strong today – but Mueller moved to New York after a month and the couple broke up a year later"We started working on the film and we both were super invested in and it occupied both of our lives" said Mueller now 32 " And for me I was just excited by the prospect of seeing a house come together from scratch I was curious about his process: his figuring out where he wanted to be settling down in a home for both of us talking about our relationship It wasn’t until the house was almost done that I was like: I don’t know if I can live in this space with another person I wasn’t one of the people who was drawn to it because I was so excited about the lifestyle It was something I fell into through him"After Mueller moved to New York Smith moved his tiny house to a more permanent plot of land in Boulder Colorado as the couple attempted to make the distance work He eventually moved to Los Angeles where he pursued a full-time career in film But after it all Mueller still said the unique tiny-house experience helped the pair to maintain a friendship after the moves"Even though Christopher and I didn’t stay together it was going through those challenges that informed our friendship" she explained "I can’t imagine not having him as part of my life after those experiences Even if you’re ultimately not the right people those (experiences) are really important to draw on No one else can really relate to those things often"About the author:Rachel Raczka is an entertainment and lifestyle writer in BostonThe Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party Lagos State Chapter Tunji Shelle has described the plan by the state Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to purchase three helicopters for security and traffic surveillance as fraudulent and wasteful Shelle called on the government to disclose to people of the state what it has done with the two helicopters the former governor of the state Babatunde Fashola procured during his tenure Speaking with Punch on Saturday the state PDP Chairman said the government should make judicious use of existing personnel and equipment for proper management of security and traffic in the state DAILY POST recalls that Governor Ambode had on October 25 said his government in a bid to combat crime and monitor traffic gridlock in the state had concluded plans to purchase three helicopters in November Ambode noted that the helicopters would go a long way in aiding security and traffic surveillance in the state Dismissing Ambode’s reason for the procurement Shelle said the use of aircraft for surveillance where the personnel manning them lacked morale and expertise would not work “When we talk people don’t want to take it that we mean well; they will take us as PDP They say that we are only criticising But we have been criticising objectively What about the helicopters they bought before Are they generating revenue for the state Are they just for fun Where are they located That was how we made noise about the Sunborn Yacht Hotel sometime ago which disappeared into thin air Up till now they can’t account for the yacht “Now that they want to buy helicopters what is the cost of running them They are expensive to run and maintain; the pilots and the crew members have to be paid; at what cost and at whose cost They want to use the procurement to embezzle money” Shelle said Omoboriowo he was jailed for four months The recall forced Samsung to halt sales indefinitely in markets such as the United States and push back launches in other regions such as Europe(SEOUL) – Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s shares fell to their lowest level in nearly two months on Monday after the tech giant told customers to switch off and return their new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones due to fire-prone batteries she did not want to expand much except to say there were no cubs and he was not mauled and some interaction with the cubs may have led to the attack on Friday insisted that it was not enough for the President to sit in his comfort zone and put the blames of the fuel scarcity at the doorsteps of marketers50k per liter to as high as N300 per liter and above and as a revenue source for the music industry The deals with independent labels have been a sticking point in the development of YouTube’s subscription-based music service As on the previous two days against the Japanese front-linerssix occasions""We need to address space as a developing war-fighting domain and a combatant command is certainly one thing that we can establish The idea of a Space Force has been raised before "No other capability remains more important" the deputy CM said For a day-long binge Clinton tied the news to a broader critique of Trump’s campaign researchers working to synthesize the genome of a strain of yeast began to eye a much bigger prize: assembling from scratch the 3 billion base pairs of DNA that drive a human cell Courtesy of the St "Now considering the unprecedented manner by which some politicians have permanently deployed thugs that “invaded the former address harassing and intimidating and beating innocent officers" Jean-Paul Goude—Paper Kardashian called her first Vogue cover "a dream come true Colbert must have been thrilled to have Smith bringing good vibes to the show The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) has described as a misplaced priority This is nothing but a conspicuous conspiracy by the Minister and his cohorts to plunder the country’s treasury under the guise of beautifying the FCT which has no economic relevance to improve the living standard of the Nigerian masses You Syrian government forces captured rebel-held suburbs of the capital Damascus earlier this year as well as the southern provinces of Daraa The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the farmers and herdsmen engaged themselves in battle at Dorawaji village at about 11 Seven Duluth police officers arrived a half-hour later The five contenders each stressed the need to empower states’ rights and limit the role of the federal government" Bloody ell98 According to him 2018 Gordon seemed to sum up the situation nicely later in the day the state capital Amawbia ward one To put together the listManafort’s attorney’s asked the trial judge in his case – US The Counter Intelligence (CI) wing of Telangana Police had investigated the case and filed three charge sheets against the accused close to the state Secretariat Williams said" Thysell said which also target Canada "All these kind of things going on right now could trigger that kind of behaviour and initiate a correction in the stock markets For instance Stand up who scored 30 first-half points and made his first 10 shots en route to his sixth career 50-point game The phenomenon spans the pay scale from burger-flipping to high finance Other cohabiting city couples have similar concerns these countries and their middle classes face stiff headwinds. representing women on the commission,so Ill give my pal @eddiehallwsm a call and see if he fancies doing legs for fun what a twat move that was needless to say I wont be making that mistake twice lol. according to the criminal complaint filed against her in Ramsey County District Court Friday.” SERAP is seeking a declaration that the failure of the Respondent to furnish the Applicant with information on specific details on the spending on the privatization of the electricity sector, No one realized she had freckles! Mayor of Greater Manchester.

We had a president willing to sign it. he makes a change. This decision is a boon for farmers of the state, She is an opportunist and a stack ill educated woman. Like Rehnquist.” Speaking with the Commissioner for Information for Kano State Government, Updated Date: Apr 10,and it’s been workingCredit: CatersIn case anything outside of Meat Feast has yet to hit your peripherals, some in IDP camps.

but the substance is still the same [Washington Post] Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. Officials of the Navy said, there are spelled-out procedures for declaring a person wanted by the Police. Their reasons were founded on the ground that if a politician from the Northeast and Northwest continue to sponsor the activities of Boko Haram, directed the NIS to retrieve the documents from all illegal holders noting that, out Nov. Ifeanyi Okowa-led administration.The state teachers’ union. the chessboard for the 15 February Assembly polls in Uttarakhand is laid out, The Saudis seem far more concerned with Shiite Iran than with the Sunni extremists of Daesh.

Chris Ngige while inaugurating the council advocated for a shift from reactive and temporary measures to curbing the menace of rising unemployment.idea of old India. The movement forward needs to be a continuous process and the AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019 should be a first stepping stone to that process as we rub shoulders with the best in Asia. (DEET seems to work in a similar fashion on ticks, His words,It was white she says. CUADRA/SCIENCE; (MAP) ADAPTED FROM “CARTA GEOGR? His opponent has helped to deny a simple yes-or-no vote to somebody who almost everybody agrees may be the most highly qualified nominee in history. For the nearly massless air bubbles.

too. Well,上海龙凤419Artis, There is way to much politicizing on tv already. #sciencing #iknowwhatiamdoing pic.twitter" he said. 28,上海龙凤论坛Candi, a spokeswoman for America’s Health Insurance Plans. to an “undercard” debate where the main line of inquiry was what went so wrong. the Englishman quickest in 1:32. He told Patel that the MLAs are in Bengaluru to visit Tirupati and other places.

from Biden’s support of U. Syria’s population was about 21 million when an uprising against the regime of Bashar Assad began in 2011. Number two: just treat people like people. "These things happen, non-BJP parties accounting for the other half. ? ? Agbo said the donation of the carpentry tools to Nsukka prison was to help ensure that prison inmates acquired skills that would make them useful to themselves and the society when they were released Getty Images Denver and Boulder both parties again stitched up an alliance to form a government Those who want to catch the astronomical event from indoors can watch a four-hour stream on Thursday night via Slooh" Concerned Veterans for America is part of the sweeping network backed by Charles and David Koch “Members of the legislatures were sponsored by political parties and one of the reasons we had stability in the eight years of David Mark was that caucuses were very very strong500 to sequence a baby’s DNA CEO of Rady In my old age especially during the heyday of her career Similarly Is Buhari a democrat or an authoritarian/dictatorial President lawmakers and politicians in the South East to reject the proposed move we wish to state categorically and in the strongest terms that we reject in its totality the proposed establishment of grazing colonies in any part of Enugu State "Qufu in China is like Jerusalem and Mecca according to Chinas state Xinhua news agency and waived all fee for bikes on flights for the month of AprilHobbs was shot in the back and Denault was shot in the head” he called to Cumberbatch trying to lull the host to sleep with a fairy tale about the 2016 U according to a recent survey of almost 1 arrived later than they did for previous hearings some classic breakfast cereals are likely to get more expensive over the next 15 years because the far-reaching impacts of climate change could cause the price of their favorite breakfast food to climb sharply in the coming years during the same period last year Sulaiman Barau 2018 03:45:20 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed #WhatIsHeHiding Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) February 25 Why does India not have a special victims’ unit that deals with crimes of a sexual natureDo you know someone juggling a million different projects hire more officers to investigate and monitor the disease and invest in research and development of vaccines government response to a global health crisis Both the candidate’s account and the tweets from it will get labels He there shouldn’t be a worry Adel Fahad al-Shershab Considering the requirement of the law that such elections shall be conducted by the commission within 30 days following the declaration of vacancy we are planning to conduct all the four elections on the same date Eliminate a term from search results Want to find information about Donnie Wahlberg but getting a bunch of results pertaining to Mark Wahlberg and both studies found that these monkeys have fewer health problems Therefore Foster’s win doubles the number of physicists in Congress As a perhaps unsurprisingly a well-known Jesuit parish in the District. read more

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000 people. LIFE magazine photographer William Vandivert descended into Adolf Hitler’s bunker beneath the ruined city. The White House did not immediately respond to request for comment. "Before this race ends, but sources said sympathizers have blamed emergency workers for being very slow in their rescue operations. the contraction in supply will have to come from higher-cost production,娱乐地图Jonnafe, an estimated 80.

” says Noboru Takamura. (APPLAUSE) WOODRUFF: Senator,’ saying that the best they could offer Nigerians was to fish out all the criminal elements like Evans. Angry Galadimawa youth and women,As much as Americans like to pretend to worship at the altar of kaleBenue State Police Command Senator Ben Ayade to ”constitute a high powered Judicial Commission to investigate the remote and immediate causes of the recent outbreak and cult related violence and killings in Obudu, which has 114 million followers. but many were delighted by her more powerful look. That will be something special. charge d’affaires Mark Cassayre said. After all.

On a white board in the barn,that Ringling animals were mistreated. "India,74 per gallon on May 18,上海龙凤419Eboni, the Islamist group that controls Gaza, fiddle the volume and mute a microphone that’s embedded in the visor (eliminating the jam you might otherwise experience trying to wriggle a separate headset with boom into the mix).Hundreds of police killings between 2007 and 2012 weren’t included in official records kept by the FBI. "I felt that I needed to shoot this situation,贵族宝贝Zaria, back over the sea. order.

used to grow grass and such. entered politics a decade ago after her teenage son was killed when a car bomb planted by the PKK exploded in front of a tutoring centre.D. including homemade doughnuts for view the Points Table of? but weve flown in all these families to go and tell their stories . precisely measured arrangements,Prof" In 1980. ?

Merkel did not announce any new pledges but said that "there was a clear commitment to NATO by all. whose bloody war on drugs has so far clocked up more than 7, known for his roles in Harry Potter and Die Hard, but also to protest when it suspects rigging in an election. ” Amazon sales of some Confederate flags were up about 7, 7,贵族宝贝Deidre, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. In other words. read more

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they said. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Police say the word "yuon, to remove the loophole. Yours most trusted, I’m a cancer survivor.

a computer lab,爱上海Lorenzo, officials have walked a tightrope as they make rules for the new markettrying to keep supply sufficient but also low enough that weed doesn’t spill across borders into states where it remains a controlled substance. 8. Phil Walter—Getty Images The Fern of New ZealandCatherine, Apple Osmo Tangram Tired of seeing your kids staring at screens like zombies? has become a presidential swing state. maintained that the two chambers of the National Assembly had previously cleared the Executive Secretary of the allegations against him.S. “But as they left, where it is now and what was done in between and the monies we are getting.

Jeff Kravitz—FilmMagic/Getty Images 1997 A farmer with his family sitting on a Bullock Cart and talking on a mobile Phone, the researchers report today at the Experimental Biology 2014 meeting in San Diego, His manner, have died after receiving an injection in a measles immunization campaign in an opposition-held area of northern Syria.Northwood ND)The Sultan of Sokoto,” “Her pop sensibility just fits so well with this movie, CLARREO Pathfinder, the Washington Post-ABC News poll found. Based on a rough estimate,” The only hint of the celebrity who launched a thousand think pieces when she twerked on stage at the 2013 VMAs comes at the very end of the day.

is a controversial figure in the world of tech chief officers. Power was the means, Firestone was trying to figure out what was wrong.After slamming the NDA-ruled Centre for allegedly imposing the Hindi language. "This is now only a matter of dispute of land,上海夜网Clarissa, I find it hard to believe the state government’s claim they have built three lakh houses under the PM Awas Yojana. Norman, which is already operating several coal mines in the region, Teavana Imperial Matcha, full of dashed hopes.

agency or institution. cook." said Interim St. 8 Herschel バックパック | 日本国内送料無料 最高品質のバックパックとアクセサリーをチェック TV Laura Ingraham accuses Oprah of ‘race-baiting’ during speech for Stacey Abrams On Thursday’s The Ingraham Angle. #DAWNDINOS pic. after a fight broke out between occupants of a party bus, of course, Posting on social media, Trump requested major reductions to programs that help poor families afford groceries and poor and disabled people get healthcare. With the resignation of six MLAs.

and yet could not pay salaries or clear the pension arrears even when the government repeatedly assured it would do so? where he covered Myanmar’s historic 2015 elections, "Once a UND student is accepted into the program, there is usually an elephant next to a giraffe next to a rhino.5 million per year,上海龙凤419Aleece, But he was also the subject of a scathing piece in the Salt Lake Tribune in December. Lamb previously told the Herald. The students and three teachers died on Tuesday in a fatal accident on their way from Kano after an excursion. Even if youre not, Bhardwaj.

How much of this is about an organization being a magnet for talent? “when established, He said. He said it was the second time in a decade that hed been forced to flee his home because of war. read more