Leary Vies For Miss Indian World Crown

first_imgBethel resident Megan Leary is heading to Albuquerque, New Mexico later this month to vie for the title of Miss Indian World. The former Miss Cama-I is preparing and raising money for her trip.Download AudioEach contestant competes five areas: public speaking, personal interview, traditional presentation, dance and essay. Leary says she’s exited to represent Alaska.“There will be girls from all across the nation and Canada and Mexico – different indigenous girls, young ladies my age that will be going and competing. They’ll be going and competing and showcasing their culture, their traditions and their background, where they’re from and their talent and just their knowledge of who we are as indigenous people.”Leary grew up in Kalskag and Napaimute, and graduated from Bethel Regional High School. She was Miss Cama-i 2013 and went on to become Miss World Eskimo Indian Olympics, or Miss Weio. She says she’s putting the finishing touches on her regalia.“I’m still beading and sewing some of the last of my regalia. You know I made myself an Athabascan dress. I beaded for that. I’m making a pair of Athabascan style mukluks, cause I’m Yup’ik and Athabascan and I have a lot of the Yup’ik regalia already cause growing up here on the Kuskowkwim and so there was a lot of the Athabaskan stuff that I had to make. So there’s a lot of that that I’m still doing and I’m polishing my talent.”Leary’s talent is skin sewing. She’ll have three minutes to present it to judges.“I’ll talk about he importance of it culturally, and why we do it and what it means, like your stiches. And the types of materials that you use and what it means to me to be passing this skill on and teaching other people to do it cause it’s something that’s dying out off now that we can just go to the store and buy snow pants or a warm jacket.”Leary says she is raising money to fund her trip.“You can go to go fund me dot com and type in my name, Megan Leary, in the search bar and it will pull up my little account and you can just click in there and donate money right there directly through your debit card or bank account.”Leary will compete in the Miss Indian World Cultural Pageant April 22ndthrough the 26th at the annual Gathering of Nations Powwow in Albuquerque. She’s raising $3-thousand dollars to cover, airfare, lodging , transportation and other pageant expenses. She’s raised over 1-thousand dollars as of Monday April 14th.last_img read more

Connecticut state Senate rejects what would have been the first openly gay

first_imgThe rejection of Andrew McDonald for Chief Justice of the CT State Supreme Court is a clear demonstration that the GOP is the party of Donald Trump,as they do not give a damn about anything but their own power.— Neil P Mehta (@NeilPMehta) March 29, 2018 Governor Dannel P. Malloy (right) announces his nomination of Justice Andrew J. McDonald to serve as Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court in January. Today is an excellent day in #Connecticut. No one cares that Andrew McDonald is #lgbtq. We do care about his liberal activism. We don’t need judges legislating from the bench or infringing on our #liberty.#CTDems #CTPolitics— Unapologetically Pro 2A (@Conservative2A) March 28, 2018 — Max Reiss (@MaxReiss) March 28, 2018 Here’s the full exchange with reporters where Gov. Malloy accused those opposed to Andrew McDonald of being homophonic and specifically addressed Democrat Joan Hartley who voted against the nomination in the Connecticut Senate. pic.twitter.com/SRIrYNneF1 I hate both parties in this state. I’m a liberal independent (Uconn grad) that saw a 2010 Malloy debate. I only voted Foley because Malloy is horrible. I’m even gay & I’m fb friends with Andrew McDonald. But our states crisis made me leave to VA for multiple years.— Brian (@BriansHotRead) March 29, 2018 @ToniBoucher Shame on you for voting against Andrew McDonald as Chief Justice. We will remember this when we vote you out this November.— Indivisible CT-4 (@indivisiblect4) March 28, 2018 @senatorhwang I need you to give me one solid reason right now why you voted against the confirmation of Andrew McDonald, or I’ll be campaigning for whoever runs against you in the next election. #confirmMcDonald— Jason Zetoff (@Junipurr26) March 29, 2018 I’m furious about the @CTGOP’s decision to block Andrew McDonald’s confirmation, and you should be too. Here’s my statement. pic.twitter.com/RBd92No8lz— Will Haskell (@WillHaskellCT) March 27, 2018 I stand with Andrew McDonald. @CTSenateGOP, #dotherightthing #VoteYes.— Michael D’Agostino (@MCDforCT) March 27, 2018 The Connecticut state Senate recently shot down Supreme Court Justice Andrew J. McDonald’s bid to lead the court. The vote was lost at 19-16. All 18 of the chamber’s Republicans, plus one Democrat, voted to reject McDonald.McDonald, who is openly gay, would have been the first out Chief Justice in the nation.Homophobia?On Monday, 26 March, Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced the Republicans’ plan to reject McDonald. Malloy hinted that some of the opposition might be because McDonald is gay.The Republican state Senators who rejected McDonald said his homosexuality had nothing to do with their votes, rather what they deem to be McDonald’s ‘liberal bias.’ McDonald angered many Republicans when he supported a Supreme Court decision to get rid of the death penalty back in 2012.‘This is not about Justice McDonald’s personal views on how he wants to run his personal life,’ said Republican Senator John Kissel. ‘The story is about a handful of judicial cases. We don’t want an activist chief justice driving this branch of government. It’s a dyed-in-the-wool Democratic background that Justice McDonald has.’Support of the stateStill, McDonald had the support of various Connecticut-based legal establishments, including the state’s bar association, law school deans, and more.In a statement, McDonald wrote:‘To the LGBT community, particularly its youth who I know have been closely watching this process, I want you to understand that every minority group in history has faced setbacks. In the fullness of time, those setbacks usually end up becoming a source of strength.’ReactionsMany citizens and politicians in Connecticut expressed their anger and disappointment at the Senate’s decision. Others were happy with the outcome and took to Twitter to explain why.I thought the standard was that we confirmed Chief Justices who were QUALIFIED. Andrew McDonald is already ON the CT Supreme Court. Are we suddenly saying he isn’t qualified??? Or are YOU #LenFasano #JohnKissel & #CTGOP just homophobic? I think the answer is clear.— Nicole Lauren (@Nicole1515) March 30, 2018center_img This type of partisanship and bigotry has no place in the nomination and appointment of a judge. Andrew McDonald is qualified, period. https://t.co/ilwy8XU9cu— Dita Bhargava (@ConnecticutDita) March 28, 2018 An absolute disgrace. Andrew McDonald is a good man. His power in deciding cases would have changed little if confirmed. Whether voted down for politics or something worse, Rs remain disgusting. VOTE. THEM. OUT.— Gern Blansten (@RealGernBlnsten) March 28, 2018 This all being said, if this isn’t resolved by the general election, and Connecticut (hopefully) elects a Democratic governor, they should renominate Andrew McDonald unless he declines the elevation. (Or he actually, somehow, gets confirmed before then.)— GVOLTTheGVOLTTheGVOLTTheGVOLTTheGVOLTTheGVOLTTheGV (@GVOLTT) March 27, 2018 GAYSTARNEWS- eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… My statement on the Senate Republicans’ decision to block the nomination of Justice Andrew McDonald. pic.twitter.com/jVNIWnXdRl— Chris Mattei (@ChrisMatteiCT) March 26, 2018 .@SenatorHwang Be better than party lines. There are too many legal experts and organizations who support Andrew McDonald to all be wrong. #confirmMcDonald— Laura Orban (@LauraOrban) March 27, 2018 Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Connecticut might make history with first LGBTI state Chief JusticeDoug Jones officially wins! Alabama rejects homophobe Roy Moore’s lawsuitAnger as Democrats back Trump judge despite anti-LGBT recordRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/connecticut-state-senate-rejects-first-openly-gay-chief-justice/last_img read more